Maou-sama V3C1

Chapter 1 - The Usual Morning

    I woke up feeling refreshed.

I feel like I've slept pretty well last night. Even goats (baphomets) could do the job, after all. I didn't have nightmares either. In any case, I should get ready to go out and look for a job.

    I looked at my clothes and found them quite dirty.

In the end, I forgot to charge Ur for the laundry fee. I wonder if Charlotte would let me use her laundry service free of charge. That seems a bit difficult. There's a change of shirt, and my pants are still fine. I will only ask her to wash this shirt and my jacket.

Then again, it's also a problem that these are the only clothes I have. There's the waitress uniform, but it doesn't count. That uniform is a cursed item that inflicts mental damage to the wearer.

I'm kind of worried, but maybe I should ask Dia to make clothes for me later. If I brought her the materials, she said would do it free of charge.

Does Via sell cloth in her store? Oh well, I can just check it later. Let's have breakfast first.

    I went down the stairs to the dining room and found Nia there.

"Good morning, Fell-chan." (Nia)

"Good morning. I will have breakfast now." (Fell)

"Sure, please wait a moment" (Nia)

It's only been a few days since I came to this village, but this usual exchange makes it feel like I've been living here forever. Maybe it's because I had no choice but to eat Mittor's cooking when I was in the Elven Forest? Even though the me before would have found even his cooking delicious, I seem to have become a gourmet now. Nia's cooking is so sinful.

“Fell-sama, good morning, ~nya.” (Yato)

    Yato, cladded in waitress uniform, came and greeted me.

"Good morning. Do you start working already?" (Fell)

'There's nothing much to do, so I'm practicing waitressing, ~nya. I want to master it as soon as possible, ~nya." (Yato)

Yato has always been a serious type even in the demon world. She didn't cut corner in doing her job as a waitress. In addition, she said it yesterday that she was aiming to improve the status of beasfolk race in this world. This might be part of that. Though I have no idea how she could achieve her goal by working as a waitress.

"Well, good luck with that." (Fell)

"Yes, ~nya." (Yato)

    Yato started cleaning up while humming.

The more surroundings change, the more person changes. Yato had this wild image when she was still in the demon world. I won't say this change is a bad thing, though. That jerk won't bother the demon world again. From now on, I also have to do something more productive than fighting.

That reminds me, I wonder when the livestock I requested will arrive from the demon world. I guess I will contact them again later.

"Thanks for waiting. Here is your breakfast!" (Nia)

Today's breakfast contains bread, milk, salad, and some kind of thick yellow soup. It's not made of sunflowers, is it? Those guys refused to give me their seeds.

Perhaps this soup made of corn? I've been told that corn tastes good when it's roasted, boiled, or eaten raw. It's still fresh in my memory, I almost went on a rampage before because they didn't let me to try it.

"Let's dig in!" (Fell)

    I scooped the soup with a large spoon and brought it into my mouth. Even though it was a soup, I chewed it a little before swallowing it.

They got me! If this were a war, this would have been a two-stage attack. I thought it was just corn, but there was an ambush. Hidden inside the slippery texture and sweetness of corn soup, there were chopped dried meat and sautéed onions. The right amount of salt and pepper further strengthened their ranks. The temperature of soup is also perfect for my cat's tongue. Everything is to my liking. The proof that Nia had studied me thoroughly. The information can change the tide of a battle, indeed.

“And here it is, the apple juice you talked about yesterday.” (Nia)

Further reinforcements? They’re definitely coming to crush me.

“Nia, I surrender. This is my complete defeat. Seconds, please!” (Fell)

“I don’t get it, but there will be an extra charge if you want another serving.” (Nia)




Money is great. You can eat such delicious meal twice with it. I’ve started to understand about Dia’s obsession of money. Now then, let’s find Charlotte first.

    Leaving the inn, I spotted Charlotte near the entrance. I handed over my shirt and jacket and asked her to clean them.

[One big bronze coin.] (Charlotte)

"I need to pay, too!?" (Fell)

[I don't allow exception.] (Charlotte)

That's fine, but I also want you to remember that you're my familiar and all. Nevermind, let's go to the guild next.




    The moment I entered the adventurer guild building, I was welcomed by the smiling Dia at the reception desk.

"Welcome, Fell-chan. There's still no requests." (Dia)

"See you later." (Fell)

"W-Wait, Fell-chan! Tea, come sit and have a cup of tea with me! I really have nothing to do!" (Dia)

    Dia leaned over the reception desk and grabbed my clothes.

Stop, my clothes will stretch! It's none of my business that you have nothing to do. Besides, you are just too lazy to do your job. Then again, I am a little attracted to the free tea offer.

    I sat on a chair at the other side of reception desk.

Normally, this is where to proceed the acceptance or to report the completion of the requests.

"Hurry bring out the tea." (Fell)

"You sound like a robber." (Dia)

Is there a robber who asks for tea instead of money?

    Dia went to the back room and returned with tea set after a while.

Hmm, it’s good. I wonder if I can grow tea tree in my field. I want to bring this back to the demon world, too.

"Did you come looking for a job?" (Dia)

"I wouldn't come here otherwise, but that hope was shattered in an instant. I'm going to go around the village to find a job after this." (Fell)

"I heard there are a lot of job at the Leanne Town's adventurer guild in the east. Most of them are monster subjugation requests, though." (Dia)

Speaking of which, that's where Nost and his group came from. Putting that aside....

"Why isn't there monster subjugation request here? Even though this village is located in the middle of forest." (Fell)

"No strong monsters come out during the day around here, and if it's weak monsters, the village's hunters can handle them. There are pretty dangerous monsters that come out at night, but since this village have never been attacked, there's no need to start the conflict by putting subjugation requests." (Dia)

Maybe the hunters in this village are pretty strong?

"I've heard that there are quite a number of monsters in the surrounding area of Leanne Town. If you go there, I'm sure you'll get a lot of requests from the guild. However, don't take them since it won't make money for our guild." (Dia)

    Dia said with a serious face.

Aren't they in the same organization? In any case, I might get a job if I go there, but will it be all right? I am a demon race, after all. The people in this village accepted us, but the other humans might be hostile to us. I won't go there unless I have a good reason to.

"I'm a demon race. If I go to the city, I'm afraid I will get dragged into some kind of trouble. I guess I will look for a job in this village for a little longer." (Fell)

"Oh, that's right! I forgot that Fell-chan is a demon race." (Dia)

"Look at my horns properly! There aren't many demons with such fine horns even in the demon world." (Fell)

“The human race does not understand such values.” (Dia)

Speaking of which, I didn't really get it when Yato said that her tail was splendid. I wonder if humans see demon's horns like that.

"Dia, are you here?" (Priest)

    I was surprised to see someone came to the guild, but it was just the old man priest.

"Oh, Fell is also here. This is a perfect timing." (Priest)

Even if the timing was perfect for you, what about me? Well, I have nothing better to do. If it's a work, I will accept it. Just don't bring me the troubles.




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