Maou-sama V2C2

Chapter 2 - Proposal

I thought we were going ride a carriage or something, but it looks like we will go there on foot. I'm fine with that, but I hope they can do something with the handcuffs. It is hard to walk with both hands aligned in the front.

The Elven Forest should be located in the west of the Sodogora Village. However, we're heading southwest along the road for some reason.

"Hey, we're not going straight to the west?" (Fell)

"The Elven Village is protected by a magic barrier that can only be entered from a specific entrance. This time, since we are bringing you, we won't use the normal entrance. We don't want you to learn its location, after all."

Are you still on guard against me? The elves seem to be pretty strong, so I don't think they have to go that far. I guess elf is a very cautious race.

"Those humans seemed to care deeply about you. Have you gained their trust in mere few days? Or maybe you used some kind of magic to charm them."

Don't group me together with the Goddess Religion. I won't do something like brainwashing. However, I can't say that the main reason I gained their trust in a short amount of time is because I always smile when having meals. Yeah, not a chance!

"I didn't do such things. It's all because of my virtue." (Fell)

"You seem to be hiding something. Just so you know, even if it worked on humans, it won't work on us. If you try to do something suspicious, you will be decapitated immediately."

Yeah, smiling is banned. I don't want the elves to see my face when having meals either. I should be careful.

"Thanks for the warning." (Fell)


    Ending the conversation like that, he increased his walking pace and left me behind.

Oi, don't leave the suspect behind! Still, just walking is boring. I have been wandering in this forest for several days before. There's nothing I haven't seen around here. Is there anyone who can chat with me?

"Hey, missy. You came from the demon world, right?"

    One of the elves, different from before, turned around and asked me such a question with an over-friendly attitude. Brushing his shoulder-length golden hair to the back, he flashed his white teeth a little.

I'm not good at dealing with this kind of people….

"Yes, what do you need?" (Fell)

"Are there many beauties over there? Introduce them to me!"

Seeing him reminds me of Dia, but in a difference sense of annoyance. Then again, he seems to be the only one among the group who wants to chat with me. I should not waste this chance.

"I can't do that, but I can answer your questions. However, for each question I answered, I want you to answer my question, too." (Fell)

"Sure thing. Then, for a start, are there many beauties over there?"

Well, I wonder.... I've never seen my fellow demons with that kind of thought. If anything, I only look at their strength.

"To be honest, I'm not sure how to answer that question. I think there are a lot of beautiful demon. However, what matters to us is strength. The stronger you are, the better looking you are." (Fell)

"Does that mean I will become popular as long as I can show them that I’m strong?"

"Yeah, we demons respect the strong ones regardless of their race. I don't know if you will become popular, but everyone will be conscious of you at least." (Fell)

Then again, can he beat a demon in duel? Putting the hero aside, I have never seen anyone who seems to be strong enough to defeat a demon in duel since I came here. In other words, he can't be popular. Too bad.

"Now then, I have answered two of your questions. Next is my turn to ask two question." (Fell)

"Two? But I only asked one question."

"You have asked two question. First was whether there were many beautiful demon or not, and the second was whether you could become popular or not. Or am I wrong?" (Fell)

"Whoa, that's sly!"

"There's nothing sly about it. Okay, this is my first question; what do you mean by the World Tree has withered?" (Fell)

"No idea."

Yup, can I hit him now?

"Are you breaching the agreement?"

"No, seriously, I really don't know. I mean, a low ranking elf like me can't even see the World Tree."

Does this mean the World Tree isn't something every elf can see? If that's the case, isn't it impossible for a demon like me to get a permission to go there? Putting that aside, maybe Maou-sama is really unrelated to this case after all.

"So, who can see the World Tree?" (Fell)

"The elders."

The elders? I’m going to meet them, right? They’re usually the bad guys behind the incident. I often come across such scenarios in books.

"I have answered two questions. Now it's my turn again."

You only answered 'no idea' and 'the elders', though. I was a fool for expecting some useful information from you.

"This is not really a question, but can you tell me your name?"

"You didn’t hear it when one of the villagers called my name before? No, never mind. I'm Fell, and you?" (Fell)

"I'm Mittor, best regards! Speaking of which, who is the cute girl who called your name? Please introduce her to me next time. The girl next to her also cute…. Oh, the beastfolk girl, too!" (Mittor)

I guess he's fine with anyone as long as the other party is a woman. I don't recommend Dia, though. You will be used to earn money for her.

"What are you guys making noise about? Don't waste any more time, keep moving!"

    The elf who I thought went ahead, came back and scolded us.

"We're talking about women, it's not a waste of time!" (Mittor)

How could he say it with such a serious face? Oh, his head got smacked. That looks painful.

"This kind of behavior is the reason our race lose its dignity. You have been corrupted by the outside world."

"Does Captain plan to spend your whole life inside the forest? You should go to the outside world to broaden your horizon for once!" (Mittor)

"I have a duty to protect the World Tree."

"The World Tree has withered. There’s nothing to protect anymore." (Captain)

He hit where it hurts the most. Even I understand there are things you should not say in this world.

    The elf Mittor called Captain made a bitter expression and then looked at me.

"This is why we caught this demon. We will dedicate her to the World Tree to restore it." (Captain)

He also said the same thing in the village. I don't know what this being dedicated means, but I feel like the situation will only get worse if he dedicates a demon to the World Tree. Also, he talked as though it has been decided that I was the culprit. I hope he didn't forget the reason why I agreed to go along with them.

"Will it work?" (Mittor)

"We wouldn’t know until we try." (Captain)

The elves don't seem to understand the World Tree that well. There’s no way Maou-sama caused the World Tree to wither. However, Maou-sama is probably more knowledgeable about the World Tree than them.




    I kept mulling over it as I walked. When I noticed it, the sun was already on its zenith.

I’m hungry….

“Everyone, halt! Let's take a break and have lunch here.” (Captain)

I guess that's enough for now. Let's eat lunch. I brought bento with me, but maybe the elves will prepare my share too?

"How about my lunch?" (Fell)

    I asked the elf who was called Captain.

"Mittor, get it ready!" (Captain)

    Having said that, he left to somewhere.

His attitude is so unpleasant, but I will forgive him as long as he gives me food.

"Sigh.... I want to eat some meat.... There are only vegetables and fruits in the village..." (Mittor)

Meat is good, but you’d better eat balanced diet.




Is that vegetable soup? Looks good, but the amount is not enough.

"Should I ask Captain if I can take off your handcuffs?" (Mittor)

"I'm fine. Just give it to me!" (Fell)

Umu, I think it's delicious compared to the food I usually eaten in the demon world, but something is lacking....

No, I have no complain about this soup. He made full use of the ingredients to create a simple but not plain taste. It's just this vegetable soup is few steps lower than the vegetable soup cooked by Nia.

AH!? I forgot that he was watching. D-Did I get found out?

"Hey, I won't ask for compliment, but don't eat while furrowing your eyebrows like that. I think the soup is not that bad...." (Mittor)

I'm not smiling...? Even the food from the demon world was enough to make me smile unconsciously before. Perhaps, I have become a gourmet because I ate Nia's cooking every day. Yeah, I've decided it. I will only eat his cooking while I'm in the Elven Village.

"Hey, cook for me while I'm in the Elven Village!" (Fell)

"Is that a proposal? It's not easy being handsome and all. I'm sorry, but I want to marry more glamorous woman." (Mittor)

    I wanted to punch him, but because the handcuffs were in the way, I kicked him instead.




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