Maou-sama V2C1

Chapter 1 - Suspect

    The elves might come, so I woke up earlier than usual to make a preparation.

Maybe the elves won't come today? No, since Maou-sama said they would come today, they will surely come. I need to prepare provision just in case. I should be able to buy that bento thing from the inn. Let's order some together with the breakfast.

"Good morning, Fell." (Ron)

"Fell-sama. Good morning, ~nya." (Yato)

"Morning. I want to have breakfast now." (Fell)

    I returned their greeting before taking a seat. Yato was already in her waitress uniform and seemed ready to work.

Speaking of which, I haven't seen Yato in in her signature all-black outfit these days. You need a lot of courage to wear the waitress uniform all day, could it be she is a hero?

"Yato, are you a hero?" (Fell)

"Nywat!? Please don't say something ominous first thing in the morning, ~nya. In the first place, only human can become the hero, ~nya." (Yato)

I see. Yato is not a hero. I'm glad.

"Then, please enjoy your breakfast, ~nya." (Yato)

Today's breakfast is bread, bacon eggs, and vegetable soup. Milk is also added to the ranks. What a perfect lineup. There is no gap at all. Now then, where should I attack first?

Now that I think about it, if I were caught by the elves, I may not be able to eat Nia's cooking for a while. Let's savor the breakfast slowly.




"Fell-sama. Have you decided today's schedule, ~nya?" (Yato)

I wonder if she's still worried because I was fired from the waitress job. I overate and put this place into a difficult situation, she's not at fault.

"I haven't decided anything yet, but I might be away from the village later. I leave this place to you at that time." (Fell)

"Hey, are you going to leave the village!?" (Ron)

    Ron interrupted us with a surprised face. Instead of asking out of curiosity, he seemed to be genuinely surprised.

"Yeah, it's very likely. I don't want to go, but I have no choice but to go.... That's right, I want that bento thing. Please prepare some right now. If possible, I want something that will last long." (Fell)

I guess around ten bentos will be sufficient. I have no problem with money. However, I'm afraid I can't help myself and eat them all at once.

"So you're really going to leave. You will come back, right?" (Ron)

"Of course. I still have many things to do here. I just may not be able to return for a while." (Fell)

"It's fine, then." (Ron)

What's with him? I'm staying for free, so even if I'm gone, the sales won't drop. Oh, whatever!

     After waiting for a while, Yato came back with some little boxes. I accepted and immediately stored them inside my subspace.

I don't need to worry about my food for around three days with this.

    When I was relaxing in the dining room, my search magic caught a reaction from outside the village.

It seems they're coming with a reasonable number of people. Maou-sama's predictions always come true after all. Since I know what they're coming for, let’s wait until they arrive while enjoying my milk elegantly.

    Then, after a while, Via came in while running. Her breasts were bouncing around.


"Fell-chan! Th-There's a group of elves looking for you!!" (Via)

"Okay, let's go there." (Fell)




    There were about ten elves were waiting at the village square, with the villagers surrounded them.

"I’ve kept you waiting." (Fell)

    I said with a dignified voice.

I'm here as substitute for Maou-sama. I can't have them look down on me.

"That's her! There's doubt!"

    One of the elves looked at me and exclaimed so.

If I remember correctly, he is one of the elves I met in the forest back then. Is he still angry about the apples?

"I'm sorry about the apples. I made some money here, so please let me pay for them." (Fell)

I start with an apology. I'm carrying various mission with me this time, after all. I can't have them look down on me, but I don't want to leave a bad impression either.

    The elves started discussing something among themselves.

Only talking among themselves and never listen to what the other party says, they're the same as ever. Even though I have apologized again, I got the feeling that they would talk about a death sentence again.

"The matter about apples doesn't matter anymore!"

Wh-What!? What in the world happened in just a few days? I thought they would be angry for hundreds of years. Is this Maou-sama's doing? Thank you, Maou-sama.

"You’re suspected of causing the World Tree to wither. If you can't return it to how it was before, you will be dedicated to the World Tree."

Maou-sama, did you perhaps do something worse than stealing apples? No, it's not decided that Maou-sama is the one who responsible for it.

"Hold on! How did you come to that conclusion?" (Fell)

There's a high possibility that Maou-sama did it, but I'm really not involved this time. Yeah, this is a false accusation.

"This had never happened before. And speaking of the unusual, I received a report from my subordinates that a suspicious demon suddenly appeared and asked about the location of the World Tree a few days ago. No matter how you think about it, everything led to you."

"Isn't that just your assumption? Show me the real evidence!" (Fell)

"There is no evidence, but we have a testimony. Three days ago, we caught a group of humans who was stealing our apples. When we asked if they were your companions, they said yes. When we asked if they did something that caused the World Tree to wither, they said it was you who did it."

“Why did you believe them? You were fooled. It’s clear that they were just trying to use me as a scapegoat." (Fell)

Who are those humans anyway? I hope they didn't drag me into their trouble. Or rather, are all the elves stupid? Don't be fooled by such a cheap trick! This happened because you kept shutting yourselves inside the Elven Forest.

     While I was mulling over it, the elves started discussing among themselves again.

"Okay, I will let you meet those humans first. Let's go to our village inside the Elven Forest. The elders shall judge you there."

Sure, I have finished my preparation here. I'm ready to go anytime.

"Okay, I will surely prove my innocence." (Fell)

Even if Maou-sama did something, I did nothing. Therefore, I'm innocent. Yup, it's perfect argument.

"Put that on!"

    One of the elves threw something at me. It was a silver handcuff with green gems embedded on it.

Is this emerald? Both the rings and the chain seem to be made of pure mithril.

"This is...?" (Fell)

"That's a magic tool to suppress your magic power. I don't want you to start rampaging in our village, after all. If you're really innocent, you should have no problem wearing it."

I don't want to wear it regardless of whether I'm innocent or not. However, I won't get permission to go to the World Tree unless I gained their trust. There's no helping it.

For the time being, let's put the handcuff on.... Certainly, my magic power is being suppressed now. If it's now, I won't cause damage to the surroundings when creating water using magic. In any case, I hope their suspicion will be cleared up soon.

"Fell-chan!" (Via)

    I heard Via called my name. Next to her, Dia was looking at me with a worried expression, and Yato who was ready to jump at the elves.

No, stop it! Everything is within my expectation.

"Don't worry. I'm innocent. I will go for a bit to clear my name." (Fell)

Now depart to the Elven Forest!




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