Maou-sama V1C7

Chapter 7 - Bandits

    I was awakened by the sound of birds singing.

Noisy birds. I will grill you later!

    Then, slowly, I realized that it was the sound of a magic tool that Maou-sama had entrusted to me. Because Maou-sama couldn't use telepathy, he substituted our way of communication with a magic tool.

I'm supposed to press this button, right?

    When I pressed the button, the voice of Maou-sama was heard from the magic tool

"Fell? Were you still sleeping?" (Maou-sama)

"No, I'm already up!" (Fell)

"Anyway, I did a little investigation last night. This village seems to have been taken over by bandits." (Maou-sama)

"Bandits?" (Fell)

"Yeah. They're bad guys who kidnap and sell people to slave dealer." (Maou-sama)

"Does it mean I can hit them?" (Fell)

If I remember it correctly, the humans who break the laws aren't included in the agreement.

"Yeah, but try not to kill them. The image of demon race might be worsened if you do that. Well then, I leave the bandits subjugation to you. I've been staying up all night, so I'm tired now. I'm going to sleep." (Maou-sama)

"I understand. Good night, Maou-sama." (Fell)

It sounds like Maou-sama has been investigating this village all night long. He said I could hit them because the other party is bad guys. Then again, it would be bad if I hit the wrong people. I will confirm it again just to be safe.

There happen to be many women and children who are tied and gagged in this shed. I don't think they're part of the bandits. I guess I will ask them.

"I’d like to confirm it, but are you being confined here against your will?" (Fell)

    Everyone nodded in unison.

"May I assume that the people outside are the bad guys?" (Fell)

    Everyone nodded in unison again.

"I see. Then, I will go wild for a bit. Please wait here for a little more!" (Fell)

    The moment I finished saying that, the door opened and someone entered the shed. He was the man from yesterday.

"Hey, wake up! I'm going to take you to a niiiice place------ H-How did you break free?"

He is the guy from yesterday. Good, let’s hit him!

No, hold on.... isn't this guy too weak? He's going to die if I hit him seriously. I can hit him but I should not kill him. Even my normal punch seems strong enough to make a hole in his stomach. What a trap!

What should I do? What should I do to weaken my power? Losing an arm won't make him die, right? No, not good. I can't find a good solution.... That's right. He should increase his defense instead.

"You are too weak. Use magic or something to increase you defense first, You can also use magic tool." (Fell)

"What are you saying? No way, you can use magic!?"

    The man turned his sword at me.

He won't be able to hurt me with that sword. However, I would hate it if that sword cut my clothes. Or rather, I wish he realizes that I'm a demon before asking if I can use magic. Even though I have a pair of gorgeous horns on my head....

    I came up with a good idea when I was troubled with what to do.

That's it! I will cast a weakening magic to myself. There's time limit, but the effect can be stacked and I won't have to worry about accidentally killing my opponents anymore.

"Wait a minute, I will weaken myself; Strength Down, Strength Down, Strength Down." (Fell)

Good. He won't die in a single blow now. If he dies…. it's just an unfortunate accident....

"I kept you waiting. Now, come at me!" (Fell)

    The man was on alert and didn't move from his spot.

Normally, the weaker one would take the initiative during the battle. There's no helping it, I will test my punch first....

    The man lost his consciousness after receiving a light punch in the stomach.

How strange. We should have exchanged blows three times before I defeated him. My plan went down the drain because of that. I mean, is the human race really this weak? I heard they were weak, but this is more than I had expected. In that case, it's better to leave them to my slimes.

    I take out my slimes from the subspace.

It’s been bugging me for a while now. I mean, why do these slimes always strike a pose whenever they come out of the subspace? Are they practicing something? In addition, they also morphed their upper body into that of a little girl. Even though slime has no gender, looking at their appearances, I couldn't help but treating them as girls.

"Neutralize all the guys who aren't tied in this village. Don't kill anyone. If there's a strong opponent, immediately call me." (Fell)

    My slimes nodded and went out of the shed. I heard people screaming not long after that.

I hope they do not overdo it. In any case, let's untie everyone in the meantime.

"Th-Thank you very much."

"Think nothing of it. I'm Fell of demon race. I came to the human world to establish a friendly relationship with the human race." (Fell)

"Oh, I see........ a de-de-demon!?"

    Realizing that, everyone was surprised.

Not this reaction again. You can tell that I'm a demon by looking at the two gorgeous horns on my head. It's a characteristic of demon race after all.

Hmm? The screams have stopped. Maybe they're done.

    I went out of the shed. There were around 10 people piled up in the village square, and my slimes who looked somewhat unsatisfied.

No one is dead. Good, there should be no problem.

    When I was feeling relieved, the women I left behind came out of the shed following me. Some of them immediately ran toward the shed on the other side of village square.

Maybe the other villagers are confined there.

    Some time had passed. The women came out of the shed together with a group of men. Everyone looked happy. Then, from that group, a middle-aged man walked towards my direction.

"Oh, are you perhaps the one who saved us? I'm the village chief here. I want to thank you on behalf of all villagers."

"I'm Fell of demon race. I came to the human world to establish a friendly relationship with the human race. I hope we can get along." (Fell)

"I've heard it, but you are really a demon race…."

"We can talk about that later, what should I do with them?" (Fell)

    I pointed at the bandits piled up in the village square.

"There's a prison in the basement of adventurer guild, let's put them there for the time being. Everyone, please tie up those guys and throw them into the prison."

    Hearing the village chief's words, the men tied up the bandits and took them to a certain building.

Is that the adventurer guild? If I look carefully, I certainly see a signboard that tells so in front of that building. I'm a little curious because there's no adventurer guild in the demon world.

"Everyone should go home and take a rest. I will explain what we are going to do at the later time. Also, send the representatives of each family to gather at my house in an hour."

    The villagers returned to their homes after thanking me and shaking my hands.

"This way, Fell-sama. First of all, I'd like to hear your story in my house."

Okay, I've successfully taken the first step to establish a friendly relationship with the human race!




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