Maou-sama V1C6

 Chapter 6 - Restraint

"Now then, shall we depart? If we follow this road, we should arrive at the human village." (Maou-sama)

Maou-sama looks more energetic than usual. Probably because he's got a good sleep yesterday.

"How long will it take to reach that village?" (Fell)

"Hmm, we should arrive when the sun goes down." (Maou-sama)

Maou-sama really knows everything. I wonder where did he get that information.

    For several hours, we kept walking down the road without something noteworthy happened. We didn't run across someone nor get attacked by monsters.

It’s a little boring….

"I thought we would run across a human or two if we keep following this road, but we haven't seen anyone so far." (Fell)

"I don’t think there’s much threat of monsters because there are elves in this forest. Nevertheless, it's still dangerous for humans. I think they're not using this road very often." (Maou-sama)

"Really?" (Fell)

"Yeah. Maybe only once a month." (Maou-sama)

Maou-sama even knows such details. I’m impressed!

"How did Maou-sama know that?" (Fell)

"Oh, sorry. That was just a guess. Look, even though the soil is quite soft around here, there are hardly any trace of footprints or carriage wheels. I just thought that this road wasn't used much. I don't really know if what I said was correct, though." (Maou-sama)

Maou-sama is so modest sometimes. No, perhaps it’s just an act to relieve me who seems bored? If that’s the case, it's success, Maou-sama. I'm not bored anymore.

"Maou-sama's strategy was successful!" (Fell)

"What strategy!?" (Maou-sama)

    After a few more hours of walking along the road, we finally arrived in the village just when the sun went down.

I'm not doubting Maou-sama in the slightest, but it’s a little scary when what he said is so accurate. In any case, I should check the situation before entering the village. I haven't forgotten our purpose of establishing a friendly relationship with the human race. I should be careful not to make them angry.

    I entered the village through a pitiful-looking gate. No figure of human could be seen around.

"Maou-sama, this village is rather desolate...." (Fell)

    Having said that, I turned around. Maou-sama had disappeared.

Eh? Where did Maou-sama go!?

"Hey, you!"

    There was a voice that was not Maou-sama's. I turned around and saw five humans armed with sword or axe heading to my direction. I thought of getting ready to defend myself, but I had to prioritize establishing a friendly relationship with them. I raised my hands to show that I was unarmed.

"A traveler? You came at the wrong time. Hey, tie up this girl and throw her into the women shed!"

Umm, may I hit them now? I want to ask Maou-sama's permission, but he isn’t here. I mean, it’s clearly a sexual harassment. I have no a special hobby of taking pleasure from being bound by rope.

Tying up a woman they've just met, these humans are really bad news. I wonder if Maou-sama has noticed that there were some dangerous guys and escaped. He should have told me, too.

    Thus I was tied and brought into a certain building.

Will I spend the night like this? I can't write a diary in this state. Let's ask him to untie me.

"Please untie me before you leave. I want to write a diary." (Fell)

"Diary? You said something interesting…. I can't do that. You won't have a time to write a diary anymore, so just forget it! "

    The man went out the shed while laughing.

Yup. I will hit this guy later.

In any case, Maou-sama is not here, but I’m sure he is waiting for me somewhere outside the village. I don't have to worry about him because those humans are not threat. I'm more worried about I lost my cool and hit them.

However, why did they tie me up? I should have not done anything wrong. Or is it because I'm a demon?

Because I haven't taken any hostile actions against them, it should be safe at least. It’s still possible to establish a friendly relationship with the humans of this village. Nothing has failed.

I guess this shed will be my room for tonight. There are straws that can be used as bed. Come to think of it, it's been a while since I was able to sleep in a place with roof.

I'm so tired. I will turn in early today. My dinner is only an apple, but it can't be helped. I will eat more to make up for it tomorrow.

Still.... isn't the durability of this rope too low? It snapped as soon as I applied a little force. What should I do if they told me to reimburse it?

Forget it. Let's write a diary while eating apple instead. It's slightly ill-mannered, but since Maou-sama isn't here, there’s no problem with it.




    I finished writing a diary. I wrote about how I met humans with a dangerous hobby. I thought about going to sleep, but something was still bothering me….

I wonder what are these human women doing in this shed. Are they going to sleep together with me here? In addition to being tied with rope, their mouths were also gagged.

However, what's bothering me the most is that they are so noisy since some time ago. I was surprised because they were surprised when I snapped the rope and took an apple and a diary from the subspace. The human race is full of surprise. It's not good for my heart.

Speaking of which, a long time ago, I read that human race has a lot of strange festivals and customs. I wonder if this is one of those. In that case, maybe they are noisy because I'm not supposed to break the rope yet. Perhaps there's also a good explanation why we are all here. No, the rope snapped on its own. It's not my fault, alright?

Yeah. I'm not familiar with the custom of human race after all. They can't blame me for what had happened. However, a courtesy is necessary in any situation. I should be polite even to humans.

"Good night." (Fell)

They seem to be trying to say something with their gagged mouths…. Oh well, I'm sure they're just returning my good night greeting. You should sleep too.


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