Maou-sama V1C24

Chapter 24 - Escaped

"Uncle! Can I borrow Fell-chan for a bit? Even if you don't give me permission, I will still take her with me." (Dia)

Then why did you bother asking!?

"Sure." (Ron)

Hey, be a little hesitant at least!

"What happened?" (Fell)

"I will explain it at the adventurer guild later. Let's go!" (Dia)

Is there a new request for me? However, I don't think there will be any villagers who submitted a request to the adventurer guild this late at night.




    When we arrived at the adventurer guild, I saw a group of men armed with spear and shield, were already waiting for us.

I've never seen them, and I don't think they're the people of this village. Considering their appearance, perhaps they're the soldiers from the city.

"Is she the one who subjugated the bandits?"

"Y-Yes!" (Dia)

Dia is strangely jumpy for some reason. I wonder what happened.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Nost from Leanne City in the east. I'm the captain of this unit." (Nost)

"I'm Fell of the demon race. I'm currently working as waitress in this village's inn."

    Hearing my introduction, the men in the back started making a ruckus.

Well, I guess their reaction is normal.

    When Nost raised one of his right hand, the commotion subsided. The soldiers were well-disciplined.

"First of all, I have to apologize. All the bandits you caught have escaped." (Nost)

Oh well, it doesn't matter what happened to the bandits. It’s their fault that the bandits escaped, but there is no need to apologize to me.

"Therefore, we can't give you the reward." (Nost)

"Hold on, isn't it your responsibility that the bandits escaped? I've done my part properly." (Fell)

"No, about that...." (Nost)

    Nost glanced at Dia who who was trying to blend into the background

"Umm.... about the soldiers who came to pick up the bandits yesterday, it looks like they were actually their friends. The process of handing over the criminals was invalid because of that." (Dia)

I see. This means the bandits ran away while they were still under our responsibility. However, I have no way to prove whether those guys from yesterday were really part of the bandit group or not. There's also a possibility it’s just made-up story because they don't want to pay the reward.

I couldn't care less about the reward, but the story is different if they're actually trying to trick me. My goal is to build a friendly relationship with humans, but I won't let them look down on demons.

    Nost continued the talk when I was deep in thought.

"Ah, please don't blame her. I heard that they presented a guild card as a proof of identity, and it has been confirmed that there was no crimes record in it. I've also seen the confirmation record myself. Probably, there was someone who kept his hands clean among the bandits for this kind of occasion. I will arrange a pursue team, but I don't know if they will be able to find them. Once again, I'm sorry." (Nost)

No, actually, I was doubting you guys. I've never thought that it was Dia's fault.

"Will I receive the reward if I capture them again?" (Fell)

"Of course, at that time, we will pay twice as much. However, it's already been a day since they escaped. They must have gone far away." (Nost)

"No problem. They were acting suspicious, so I put marks on them using search magic as precaution. They're about two hours away from here right now. I don't know whether that place is their hideout or they're just taking a break, though." (Fell)

"Is that true!? Alright, we're going there! Excuse me, could you please guide us to that place?" (Nost)

The soldiers seem to be all motivated. Maybe they are really not accomplice.

"Please wait! The forest is very dangerous at night. Those bandits probably won't move from that place either. In addition, since they're only two hours away, there's possibility they're going to attack this village again. I think it's better to head there tomorrow morning." (Dia)

Dia gave an unusual opinion. For some reason, she looks like a capable woman right now. No, wait, could it be she is....

"Dia, don't tell me that you are actually their accomplice...." (Fell)

"That's mean, Fell-chan! If I were one of them, instead of this village, I would target more prosperous place! Also, please don't group me together with those stinky guys! If you're still doubting me, let’s bet a dinner!" (Dia)

"No need. I believe in you." (Fell)

If she is going as far as betting a dinner, Dia must be white.

"Though it's just a small branch, she is still a guild master. Her past record aside, it's very unlikely that she has a connection to criminal groups right now. There's a magic to detect lies, and I'm sure her background has been checked thoroughly before." (Nost)

"Yes, I believe it." (Fell)

"My heart was hurt because you doubted me. You should treat me a meal to make up for it." (Dia)

    Covering her face with both hands, Dia stole glances at me through the gap of her fingers.

She's annoying!

"Okay, it's my bad, sorry for doubting you. I won't treat you a meal, but when my sunflowers are ready for harvest, I will share you some." (Fell)

"Y-Yeah. That's fine." (Dia)

Is that really fine? Well, whatever. There's something more important right now.

"Say, is the forest really dangerous at night?" (Fell)

I did set up a simple barrier before going to sleep, but there have never been any attacks from monsters when I and Maou-sama camped in the forest.

Were there really many dangerous monsters in this forest at night? Something like monsters that use stealth, monsters that can't be detected by search magic, monster that shoots red beams, monster that self-destructs when cornered, and so on.

“That’s right. I've heard it from the village’s hunters. There seem to be a huge wolf who led dozens of smaller wolves live in this forest. Wolf is nocturnal creature, so they only hunt at night.” (Dia)

Wolf. In a broad sense, they're dogs. Doggies. I always wanted to keep dogs since I was little.

"Come to think of it, I think I've also heard such a story before. There are monsters who known as the Lords of Boundary Forest, and one of them is a wolf monster." (Nost)

    Nost said so with his arms folded. He wondered whether he should go immediately or wait until tomorrow morning.

"Okay. I've decided that going out at night is too risky. Fell-san, I'm sorry, but could you come with us tomorrow morning?" (Nost)

"You wouldn't be able to find them without me, so of course I will go with you guys. However, if we capture the bandits again, you still have to double the reward." (Fell)

"No problem. Then, I will give you five small silver coins to make your preparation. The store is still open, isn't it?" (Nost)

He's so generous. I will buy something at Via's store using this money.

"I gladly accept it. Then, I will go to Via's store to shop now. You're going to stay at Forest Fairy inn, right? I'm also staying there. Let’s meet again tomorrow morning." (Fell)

"I understand. I will be counting on you." (Nost)

Okay, it's shopping time!




"Welcome.... Fell-chan, how about your job?" (Via)

"Well, the thing is I'm going to chase the bandits who have escaped tomorrow morning. I came here to buy some supply because I received war fund from the soldiers." (Fell)

"Is that so? Then, please be careful. Oh, do you want to buy potion for when you get hurt?" (Via)

Get hurt? I don't think that will happen. My defense is quite high so normal weapons wouldn't be able to hurt me. However, I received money to be used and I don't want to return it.

"Then, give me five bottles of potions. It's one small silver coin each, isn't it?" (Fell)

"Yes. Five small silver coins for five bottle of potions." (Via)

For now, let's put them in the subspace. If the bottles break, five small silver coins will go down the drain.

"By the way, how about your equipment? Have you prepared it?" (Via)

Neither weapons nor armor are needed. However, it would be very bad if I accidentally killed the bandits. After all, even my check punch almost killed one of them before. I might need a weapon that can restraint my power further. I wonder if such weapons exist....

Oops, it's still my working hour now. I better go back soon.




    There was no need for me to go back in hurry. Yato was working enthusiastically, and all customers were in high spirit.

“Welcome back, Fell-chan. Is there a problem at the adventurer guild?” (Nia)

"The bandits I caught have escaped. To be precise, it seems the people who came to pick up the bandits yesterday were actually their friends. I will cooperate with the soldiers to capture them again." (Fell)

"Eh? You are going out now?" (Nia)

"No, we will depart tomorrow morning. The forest at night seems to be dangerous." (Fell)

"Yeah. I've heard the story about the huge wolf from the hunters. You better go to bed early tonight. Fortunately, Yato is helping out, so we will be fine without you." (Nia)

I feel a little lonely for some reason.

"I understand. I will go to my room then. Yato, can we talk for a minute?" (Fell)

    Yato who was serving the customers came approaching me.

"Fell-sama, do you need something from me, ~nya?" (Yato)

"No, actually, tomorrow morning, I will go with the soldiers to capture the bandits who have escaped. I'm sorry, but please work for my share too tonight." (Fell)

"If that is the case, I will also go with you tomorrow, ~nya." (Yato)

"No, I can handle them by myself and it will be overkill if you also come with us. In addition, there's a possibility the other bandits will use this chance to raid this village. Your job is to protect this village while I'm gone." (Fell)

"I understand, ~nya." (Yato)

"By the way, Yato. Do you like working as waitress?" (Fell)

"It's normal, ~nya." (Yato)

    Her expression was flat, but her tail was wagging happily.

Well, if the person herself enjoying it, I have nothing to say.




    When I returned to my room, Maou-sama was there.

"Maou-sama, I've returned." (Feel)

"Welcome back. You returned quite early tonight." (Maou-sama)

"Yes. Because tomorrow morning I will go to capture the bandits who have escaped, I was told to rest early tonight." (Fell)

"Is that so? Well, please be careful." (Maou-sama)

Is Maou-sama worried about me? My loyalty is already at the upper limit, it can't be increased anymore.

"I won't get hurt because those bandits are not even a threat to me." (Fell)

"No, I mean, please be careful not to kill them." (Maou-sama)

My loyalty doesn't change, but it does hurt a little....

Well, anyway, let's write a diary, eat an apple, and go to bed.

Come to think of it, what about the weapons?




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