Maou-sama V1C23

Chapter 23 - Beastfolk

It's time to work as waitress again....

Yeah, don't mind the uniform, just focus on my job!

Speaking of which, the level of my Cleaning Skill has increased to level one. My cleaning ability has also improved because of this. However, something is still bothering me. I thought I would learn High-speed Cleaning or Filth Detection when it leveled up. However, I learned a sub-skill called Great Wheel instead.... is this also a skill for cleaning?

Great Wheel.” (Fell)

    The tip of mop in my hand rotated, splattering the water and dirtying the surroundings.

"Hey, Fell-chan. You might be still angry about the car ears, but please do your job properly." (Nia)

No, I wasn't playing around. I've learned a strange skill and I just tried it. I mean, what is this for? I don't think it's a skill for cleaning.

"Do we serve two kinds of dishes again today?" (Fell)

"Yeah, it's meat or fish again today. However, since I got a wild boar from you, the price of meat dish is only two big copper coins this time. Your dinner will be extra special, of course." (Nia)

"I'm looking forward to it.... Hmm...?" (Fell)

    I saw something approaching this place with an incredible speed.

"Welcome. You don't need to rush like that. The food won't run away after all." (Fell)

    The one who entered the diner was a beastfolk with black hair, black clothes, and red muffler.

I feel like I’ve seen her somewhere before….

"Fell-sama, it's been a long time, ~nya. I, Yato of the black cat tribe, at your service, ~nya." (Yato)

Oh, that's right, she's Yato. Come to think of it, I remember that she could use search magic and space magic.

"Yato, long time no see. I didn't expect they would send you here. How are you doing?" (Fell)

"I'm doing fine, ~nya. However, the department I belonged to underwent restructuring and I was transferred to another department, ~nya. I work for the Transportation Division of the Production Department now, ~nya." (Yato)

"I see.... Thanks for coming all the way here. Take it easy and stay at this inn today. I have a job here, so don't worry about the money." (Fell)

I should have enough money to rent another room for one or two nights at least

"Are you working with humans, ~nya? Weren't we going to annihilate the human race, ~nya?" (Yato)

"No, it's been decided that the future policy of demon race is to establish a friendly relationship with human race. I'm in the middle of campaign to raise the image of demon race right now. The same is true for all the beastfolks of demon world. In addition, the humans of this village are good people. I won't let anyone harm them as long as I'm here." (Fell)

"Establishing a friendly relationship with human race, ~nya? Is that the decision of the demon king, ~nya?" (Yato)

"That's right." (Fell)

"....understood, ~nya. I and everyone in the demon world shall follow that decision, ~nya." (Yato)

"I will receive the goods after work. You can relax until then." (Fell)

    Yato bowed to me and then took a nearby seat.

"Fell-chan, is she your friend?" (Nia)

    Nia approached and called out to me.

"Hmm, that's not quite right. Yato is one of the beastfolks who live in the demon world, so maybe a subordinate is more correct." (Fell)

"Is that so?" (Nia)

"Yes. By the way, I want you to prepare a room and meal for her. How much will it cost?" (Fell)

"She must be tired from a long journey, and since I also want to thank you for the wild boar meat, she can stay for free tonight." (Nia)

Nia is really nice person. Why did she become Ron’s wife?

"Yato-chan, was it? I'm Nia the proprietress of this inn. I'm really indebted to Fell-chan in various ways. Now then, about the dinner, there are wild boar meat and river fish dish, which one do you prefer?" (Nia)

"....then, I choose fish, ~nya." (Yato)

"Got it. Please wait a moment!" (Nia)

    When Nia went to the kitchen, Yato immediately came to my side through my shadow.

"!?" (Fell)

Don't use Shadow Movement for something trivial like this! You surprised me there.

"Why did she call you Fell-chan, ~nya? Are you not going to complaint, ~nya?" (Yato)

"Here I'm called that for some reason. Don't sweat the small details. You're called Yato-chan too, now." (Fell)

    Yato held her forehead as if suddenly being attacked by dizziness.

Does she have a low blood pressure?

"Fell-sama seems really serious about wanting to get along with humans, ~nya. I'm sure everyone in the demon world will be surprised after hearing this, ~nya." (Yato)

"Since you're now working for the Production Department, I'm sure you know about our food situation better than me. It's no longer possible to survive by ourselves. In addition, human technology is amazing. You can tell after eating the dinner here.'" (Fell)

"I understand, ~nya." (Yato)

"I don't want to attract unnecessary attention, so don't address me using '-sama' here." (Fell)

    The dizziness seemed getting stronger. Yato used a nearby table to support her body.

"Please let me call you Fell-sama at least, ~nya...." (Yato)

Her head seems full of unnecessary worries. I'm also having a lot of worries myself, yeah.




"What is this, ~nya!?" (Yato)

    Yato suddenly cried out during a meal.

"Yato, keep it down! You're disturbing the other customers. Well, no customers have come yet though." (Fell)

"Do humans eat such delicious foods every day, ~nya!? I thought my cheeks would fall, ~nya!" (Fell)

Don't worry. Your cheeks are still in place. You don’t look like a zombie. That expression is already old, by the way.

"Nia's cooking skill is outstanding even among the humans. Just by their cooking, I find the human race interesting." (fell)

"I agree, ~nya! It’s not the difference in ingredients, it’s the difference in cooking skills, ~nya. I would like to bring back this technology to the demon world, ~nya." (Yato)

Good idea. Maybe I should call someone who's good at cooking from the demon world to learn from Nia. However, I couldn't think of anyone who fits that criteria.

“Thanks for the meal, ~nya.” (Yato)

    Yato had finished her meal before I realized it.

“Have you finished already? Oh my, there’s no bone left just like Fell-chan.” (Nia)

“I didn't know such a way of eating, ~nya.” (Yato)

Well, it's fine to eat everything if you are not skillful enough to separate the meat from the bone.

"By the way, do you think the villagers will accept Yato? I heard the beastfolk race was persecuted by humans." (Fell)

I don't know about now, but that’s how thing is in the past. However, since everyone in this village accepted a demon like me, I don't think they will do such things to Yato.

"I won't let such things happen. If anyone dares to do that in my store, I will kick them out and forbid them from coming here ever again." (Nia)

Nia is really reliable. Yato was surprised, but looks happy. Especially her tail.

    The fields work seemed to be over. The customers started coming one after another.

"Oh, I'm tired.... Fell-chan, dinner and booze for five! By the way, do you serve two kinds of dishes again today?"

"Welcome. Yes, there are two kinds of dishes; meat or fish. However, the price of meat dish is only two big copper coins today. The meat was provided by me, so be grateful." (Fell)

"I see. Thank you, Fell-chan. In that case, meat dish for five people please!"

"Understood. Please wait for a moment." (Fell)

    I reported their order to Nia in the kitchen, and poured the liquor from barrel into wooden cups after that.

The pouring method is perfect. Before, I was scolded because I challenged the limit of cup until the liquor overflowed. I will never make the same mistake again.

"Your liquors. Drink in moderation because I don't want to take care of drunk costumers." (Fell)

"Fell-chan, can I ask you something?"

"What? The price of liquor is still one big copper coin a cup." (Fell)

"No, it's not about that. Who is the lady sitting over there? She's looking at us since a while ago."

Instead of looking, I think calling it observing is more correct.

"That's Yato, a beastfolk from the demon world who came to deliver a package for me." (Fell)

"Is she your acquaintance? This is my first time seeing a beasfolk, and I was captivated by her beauty. She doesn't look different from humans, except her cat ears and tail."

"There are the differences in appearance even among the beastfolk of the same tribe. There are those who look exactly like cats, too." (Fell)

"I wonder if I will be able to meet a lot of people like her if I go to Ugen Republic. Well, anyway, I want to buy her a drink. Booze.... No, please bring a cup of milk or something to her table."

"Got it." (Fell)

Even though I've been living in this village for several days, no one ever buys me something. What's with this difference of treatment? This must be because everyone knows that the inn provides me with meals free of charge. Yup. I'm sure it has nothing to do with my charm as a woman.

"Fell-sama. What is this, ~nya?" (Yato)

"The guy over there bought you a drink. He said he was captivated by your beauty." (Fell)

    Everyone raised their cups while smiling when I pointed at their table. Seeing them, Yato also raised her cup.

"I have never dreamed there would be a day where I have a toast with humans like this." (Yato)

Yup. I understand your feeling. I have never dreamed there would be a day where I work as waitress like this, too. I want to wake up from this nightmare soon.

“Fell! Is it true that your beastfolk acquaintance has come!?” (Ron)

    Yato was surprised by Ron who suddenly ran towards us in excited state.

It’s going to be troublesome....

"Yeah, it's her." (Fell)

"I'm Yato of the black cat tribe, ~nya. Thanks for always taking care of Fell-sama, ~nya." (Yato)

    Yato stood up and bowed to Ron.

You don't have to do that to this guy.....

"Ooh~!!!" (Ron)

    Ron raised his hands high, got on his knees, and looked up towards the heaven.

Is this Goddess Religion's prayer pose or something? It looks like a pose of someone who got shot from behind in the battlefield.

"I've been waiting for someone like you all this time. Please work as waitress of this store by all means!" (Ron)

Hey, the waitress of this store is standing right in front of you!

"Working as waitress, ~nya? But the uniform that Fell-sama's wearing won't look good me, ~nya." (Yato)

 Yato keeps stealing glances at me for some reason. Does she want to wear this kind of clothes?

"Don't worry! After all, it looks good on Fell. I'm sure it will look great on you." (Ron)

I suddenly feel an urge to punch Ron....

He better to watch his back!

"However...." (Yato)

Her eyes seems to be asking for my permission. I guess she just wants to dress up once in a while.

"Ron, do you have another waitress uniform?" (Fell)

"Yeah, I have actually prepared another sets for my wife, but she didn't want to wear it...." (Ron)

The second half was said in low voice. Normal people would feel reluctance to wear this kind of outfit as expected. Yeah, I will keep that in my mind.

"Yato, everything is an experience, and we are in the middle of campaign to raise the image of demon race right now." (Fell)

"Well, since it's Fell-sama's order, I will work as waitress wholeheartedly, ~nya." (Yato)

No, look, I'm not ordering you....

Oh well, it doesn't appear on her face, but her tail looks genuinely happy.




"How is it, ~nya?" (Yato)

Yato's uniform has more frills that mine. However, its defense is about the same as mine.

"Cat ears, tail, and wording. Everything is perfect!" (Ron)

No, look, she was asking about the uniform. You also make it sounds like I lack of something.

"Then, your salary will be 15 big copper coins per hour." (Ron)

"Hold on, what's with the difference of salary?" (Fell)

“Well, she has cat ears, tail, and end her sentence with ‘~nya’, after all.” (Ron)

I really want to punch him right now. However, punching him twice a day might bring undesirable results. I guess I will honor the cat ears and back down this time. Perhaps Yato's cat ears have some kind of charm effect, I should investigate them later.




    Thanks to the cheaper meat dish, we've got a lot orders. In addition, the presence of Yato was also playing a big role. The diner was livelier than usual. However, since the male customers only wanted to be served by Yato, I felt somewhat lonely.

What’s with those guys? Fine, it’s not like I care. I’m just going to wash the plates in the back tonight.

    Dia rushed in when I was feeling a little blue.

Now what? Did you also come for the cat ears?

“Fell-chan, please help me!” (Dia)

You came for me!? Okay, I will help you with 50% more enthusiasm today!




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