Maou-sama V1C21

Chapter 21 - Friendship

Maou-sama should be working on something in his room right now. Let's get out of the room quietly so as not to disturb him.

    I quietly left the room and went downstairs.

"Good morning, Fell." (Ron)

"Good morning. Please prepare the breakfast with extra milk!" (Fell)

"Okay, wait a minute." (Ron)

Speaking of which, Ron once said something about raising livestock, I wonder where did he keep them.

"I remember you said something about raising livestock before, where did you keep them?" (Fell)

"I keep them in a hut located on the north side of the village. Though it's not a big place, there are cows, pigs, and chickens. Feeding them costs money, but it comes in handy since they produce something indispensable to make good food." (Ron)

Is that alchemy? Maybe he's talking about milk and eggs. I wonder what pig is.

Now that I think about it, perhaps I also can raise livestock in the demon world to produce food. If I learn how to raise them from Ron, and bring that knowledge back to the demon world, it can be a solution to solve the food crisis.

"I'd like to raise livestock too, is that possible?" (Fell)

"Taking care of livestock is not an easy task. Not just the feed, cow, pig, or chicken are not free either. The initial investment is not cheap. Do you have the fund ready?" (Ron)

If it's fund, I can ask someone in the demon world to prepare it. This might not be working though. I should try it on a small scale first.

"I'll get some livestock from the demon world and give it a try." (Fell)

"I see. If there is something you don't understand, you can ask me anytime." (Ron)

I see Ron in a new light today. No, perhaps he is actually a good guy.

"By the way, Fell-kun. Can I have a minute?" (Ron)

Did he just address me using '-kun'? I smell something troublesome.

"Look at these!" (Ron)

    On the table, a hair band with cat ears and a belt with a cat's tail were placed.

"Today, I want you to wear these and end your sentence with 'Nya'------burgh." (Ron)

    For a moment, I lost it and punched Ron without holding back.

Sexual harassment is another form of power harassment. It’s a common sense in the demon world. Well, good thing he is not dead. I was saved because Ron was unexpectedly sturdy. But still, what does this mean? Does he want to dress me up as a cat? Even though I'm from the dog faction.

"What was the noise just now?" (Nia)

    Nia came out of the kitchen. After seeing the objects on table and Ron who was lying on the floor, she seemed to come to an understanding.

"I'm sorry, Fell-chan. Well then, do you have something to say...?" (Nia)

"Y-You've got it wrong! T-This is a request from the costumers! Yeah, I think it's a good idea to provide this kind of service once in a while...." (Ron)

"Okay, let's talk over there!" (Nia)

    Ron was dragged by Nia into a separate room from the kitchen. There was a scream as soon as the door closed, but I pretended I did not hear anything.

Now then, I guess I will go to the fields to check the sunflower seeds….




"Fell-chan, what is the meaning of this? Is this some kind of demon’s ritual?"

    The people who were working in the field suddenly called out to me. Looking at the direction that was pointed, there were birds and a big wild boar lying motionlessly in front of the scarecrow golem.

Maybe they tried to invade the fields but were defeated by the golem instead. I'm not sure though. I can talk to monsters, but I can't talk to golems.

"Maybe they were defeated by the golems when they tried to invade the fields. I think they will be just left alone like this. Let’s eat them with everyone instead! " (Fell)

"Okay, I will bring them to Nia!"

"Wait, Nia is busy talking with Ron right now." (Fell)

    Thus it was decided that the meat will be shared with everyone. One of the villagers who was good at dismantling, drained the blood and skinned the wild boar using magic.

It's possible to dismantle it manually. However, I heard it would be difficult if you did not do it as soon as the prey died.

Still though, I didn't know if the meat will become more delicious if we drained the blood first. I will also do that from now on….

Well, anyway, it seems today’s dinner will be a great success. I'm looking forward to it.

    I watered my field after everyone left.

The buds have already sprouted. I don't know in details, but it seems sunflowers grow fast. Or is this the effect of Fertility Dance? Whichever is fine as long as the sunflowers grow nicely.

    I left the fields and headed towards the adventurer guild.




"Welcome, Fell-chan! Do you like the cat ears? Uncle asked me to make them--- watchout!?" (Dia)

    Although I held back, Dia could easily dodge my attack, which was quite surprising.

"What was that for!?" (Dia)

"No, what were those for? The cat ears and tail." (Fell)

"They're cute, aren't they?" (Dia)

"Put yourself in my shoes! Never mind that. The case ends when Ron becomes a victim. Here is the request completion receipt. Hurry bring me the reward!" (Fell)

    Dia took three small silver coins and six big copper coins from the magic vault, and handed them to me.

I have.... a lot of money now. The calculation can be done this time, but it's still nowhere near enough.

"I hate to admit it, but you're quite skilled with your hands. I still have no intention of wearing those accessories though." (Fell)

“It's something like my side job. I'm pretty confident in my tailoring skill after all. Speaking of which, I made those from wild boar pelt.” (Dia)

Is it called tailoring? Oh well, I will come to her when there's a matter related to clothes.

"By the way, is there a new request?" (Fell)

"There is still nothing at the moment. Even though I've told everyone that Fell-chan has become an exclusive adventurer of this guild, it seems they couldn't decide what kind of requests to be submitted." (Dia)

    The words that I heard for the first time just came out. Those sounded like nothing but trouble.

"Hold on, what do you mean by the exclusive adventurer? This is the first time I heard it." (Fell)

"Eh? Fell-chan, are you planning to leave this village?" (Dia)

No, look, answer my question first! However, that's a good question. I don't know what we are going to do when Maou-sama has finished his business at the World Tree.

For the time being, my goal is to earn a lot of money to procure food, I don't think this village alone will be enough to realize that goal. In addition, I have to establish a friendly relationship with the human race. That’s impossible if I never leave this village.

Then again, perhaps I won’t be able to find a place that welcomes the demons like this village. In any case, I have never thought that far yet.

"I think I will be here for a while, but not forever." (Fell)

"No, please don't go! The guild will lose the only source of income!" (Dia)

"That's not my problem. Just explain about the guild's exclusive adventurer already." (Fell)

According to Dia's explanation, you can get various benefits from the guild when you become their exclusive adventurer. However, it's necessary to carry out the requests from that guild with the highest priority. If you’re going to be away for more than a month, you will need a prior report and a proof of survival at regular intervals. You will be penalized when you broke those rules. The benefits and penalties seem to be decided at the discretion of the guild master, and differ in each guild branch.

"Speaking of which, who is the guild master of this adventurer guild?" (Fell)

    Dia clenched her right hand, raised her thumb, and then pointed it to herself. Her smug face made me want to hit her.

"You are the guild master?" (Fell)

"It's natural since I'm the only one here. Being receptionist is just a disguise.... My real identity is the master of this guild!" (Dia)

Super annoying!

"Then, what are the benefits if I become this guild's exclusive adventurer?" (Dia)

"You can talk to me anytime and drink tea for free." (Dia)

"What about the penalty?" (Fell)

"Shoulders massage...?" (Dia)

Yup, I will crush her shoulder someday. No, hold on, I have to remain calm. If I think about it carefully, the penalty itself doesn't sound bad. Not that I care with the benefits.

"I understand. I don't know how long I will stay in this village, but you can think of me as this guild's exclusive adventure." (Fell)

"I will do so. For a start, work hard to raise your adventurer rank and contribute more to the guild. If you do that, my reputation will also go up!" (Dia)

I want to take back my words from earlier.

"It's already noon. I will go back to the inn." (Fell)

"Oh, a lunch? I will also eat at Forest Fairy today. Let's invite Via so the three of us can have a lunch together!" (Dia)

Don't go deciding it by yourself! --- or that's what I wanted to say, but stopped. I must endure it for the sake of establishing a friendly relationship with the human race. However, I feel like I'm going to get involved in various troubles if I continue hanging out with this woman.

"Alright, I will give you the right to treat your new exclusive adventurer." (Fell)

"The inn provides your three meals a day free of charge, right?" (Dia)

Well, yeah, but I have to pay if I want another servings.




    On the way, we stopped at the general store and abducted Via.

"Welcome.... Oh my, how unusual. Are you girls going to have a lunch together?" (Nia)

"Yeah. I think we should deepen our friendship once in a while." (Dia)

Just for your information, my favorable impression of Dia is continuously going down.

"I've had a lunch, actually. I came here because everyone insisted." (Via)

"Alright, I will prepare it right away. Please wait a moment." (Nia)

    Having said that, Nia wen into the kitchen.

Is she just going to start cooking right now? Will it take time?

"Speaking of which, the sunflower seeds I received from you have sprouted. They are growing nicely." (Fell)

This is a sunflower growth report. Since I got them from Via for free, I feel obliged to make a report.

"You sowed the seeds two days ago, right? Have they really sprouted?" (Via)

"The plants sure grow fast in the human world." (Fell)

"I wonder if that's really the case...." (Via)

"Hey, what are you talking about? Did Fell-chan start gardening?" (Dia)

"No, I'm growing crops. I heard from Via that sunflower seeds are edible. They won't fill your stomach, though." (Fell)

One or two seeds won’t be able to fill my stomach, but hundreds seeds will.

"In that case, why didn't you plant something that could fill your stomach? Like, potato for example." (Dia)

"Unfortunately, I couldn't find the potato seeds. I've asked some seeds from the demon world though. I don't know what seeds I will get, but they should arrive in two or three days." (Fell)

I wonder who will come to deliver the seeds. I couldn't think of a demon who could use search magic and space magic. There's a possibility they will send a beastfolk instead of a demon.

"Someone from the demon world? Is he handsome?" (Dia)

"I don't know what the information will bring you, but I don't know who's coming here. To begin with, it's uncertain if that person is a man." (Fell)

"No, I mean, maybe your boyfriend will be coming here." (Dia)

"T-Tell me the details!" (Via)

    Via bit on Dia's words with a great momentum. Her body leaned forward, and her eyes looked scary.

If I remember it correctly, boyfriend is someone who is more than a friend, but less than a spouse.... right?

"I don't have a boyfriend." (Fell)

"However, perhaps a person who likes Fell-chan will come chasing you here!" (Dia)

    Meanwhile, Via kept muttering something incomprehensible alone. It looked like she was completely lost in her own delusion.

"Putting aside who's coming, will they also stay in this village?" (Dia)

That's a good question. I wonder what are they going to do after delivering the items I requested. I guess they will return to the demon world. But this might be a good idea if they stay here for a while and learn one or two things. Then again, they will need money to live here.

"I don't know. I will ask the person in question later. However, there's no work in this village, and I can't provide their living expense for a long period of time either." (Fell)

"They should become adventurer then!" (Dia)

"Look here, there's no work at the adventurer guild." (Fell)

"Fell-chan!" (Via)

    Via suddenly grabbed my hand. Furthermore, her eyes were watery for some reason.

"I will raise your child into a great person, so don't worry!" (Via)

"What are you talking about!?" (Fell)

What happened to me inside her head? The food was delicious, but Via's delusion ruined it. In the first place, why do I have to leave my child to her and escape alone? But one thing is certain, everything is Dia’s fault.




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