Maou-sama V1C20

Chapter 20 - Demon Race

    I returned to the inn.

"What's today's lunch?" (Fell)

"Grilled fish. I was able to catch a lot of fish in the nearby river. Nia will use them as main ingredients for lunch menu." (Ron)

You can catch fish in the river? There are also rivers and lakes in the demon world, but there are no creatures living there, not just the fish. I mean, you will melt if you touch the water.

There are fishes in the lake area of dungeon. However, they're really ferocious. It's either eat or be eaten. If I remember it correctly, it's a species called Megalodon. They have two to three head on a single body, and some of them can create tornado using wind magic and then ride on it. I wonder if Ron is talking about the same fish.

“Thanks for waiting.” (Nia)

Muh!? It's smaller than I expected. I wonder if it's the normal size in the human world. However, it's good, I can feel a crunchy texture inside my mouth.

"Normally, when eating fish, you leave its head, bones, and tail." (Nia)

"I don't know that way of eating. However, I heard bones have something called calcium that could make our bones stronger." (Fell)

If I keep eating fish bones, I might be able to learn Fractures Resistance Skill in the future.

"Is that how it is? Well, as a chef, I think it's a nice way to eat. I have no problem with it." (Nia)

Putting that aside, what should I do after lunch? I have to compensate for the bucket and ladle. I guess I will go visiting Via first.




"Welcome, Fell-chan. What can I do for you today?" (Via)

"Sell bucket and ladle to me. Two each." (Fell)

"You are buying something? I'm happy. They are two big copper coins each, so it will be eight big copper coin in total. You can choose the bucket from those piled up in the corner. There are several ladles hanging on the wall, so choose the ones you like." (Via)

Everything looks the same to me. In any case, let's take a better look just in case. I don't want to get a cursed item after all. In addition, I also want something with a high durability.

"I want these. Here are eight big copper coins!" (Fell)

"Thanks for your patronage. These are for the sunflowers field, right? Why two sets, though?" (Via)

"The bucket and ladle that I borrowed have turned into golem. The other set is for compensation." (Fell)

"I understand the words, but I can't comprehend them." (Via)

"You better not attack the scarecrow in the fields, okay? It will attack you back." (Fell)

"I will never do such things!" (Via)

    I left the general store and headed towards the fields to hand over the bucket and ladle.




"Are these for me?"

"I just bought them from Via General Store. Don't worry, they're not cursed or anything." (Fell)

"I have no such worries!"

"Speaking of which, it looks like you have been in the fields since morning, but what about your lunch?" (Fell)

"I bought a boxed meal called bento from Ron's place. The content is a simple dish made of bread and dried meat, but of course it's still delicious. His place also sells ingredients and seasoning, but I can't cook on my own. It's a bit pricey but Nia's cooking is worth the money. Those who are still single always buy bento before going to work."

Bento? I've heard of it before. I'm sure it's some kind of portable meal. I will ask Nia to prepare some when I go outside the village. Maybe I should ask Nia to prepare boxed lunch for Maou-sama from now on? No, that’s unnecessary. Maou-sama likes to hunt wild boars and eats their meat.

Now then, I have no business here anymore. Let's return to the adventurer guild to check if there are new requests.




"You came again, Fell-chan!" (Dia)

"I have nothing to do. Give me a work!" (Fell)

"It's important to take a break from time to time. I will prepare some tea, so please have a seat." (Dia)

Tea? Tea was delicious, but I went through bad experience at the village chief's house because of that. I wonder if there's something I can do about my cat's tongue. Will I get better if I learn Heat Resistance Skill?

    When I was having such thoughts, Dia came back with a cup of tea.

This tea doesn’t look so hot, but I should not let my guard down.

“Speaking of which, how do the demons in the demon world spend their day?” (Dia)

"Are you interested in demon race?" (Fell)

"I just thought that Fell-chan was different from the demons in the story." (Dia)

"Before that, I'd like to hear about the demons in the story first." (Fell)




According to Dia's story, the first thing about demons is that they are the enemy of human race. After all, until around fifty years ago, humans and demons were always killing each other.

The demons would attack humans on their sight without any pretense. Even when they were captured alive, they would never said anything or committed suicide. Therefore, nobody knew the reason why the demons were attacking them in the first place. The humans believed that demons would keep attacking until one side was wiped out.

However, fifty years ago, the demons suddenly stopped appearing. There was a speculation that the demon returned to their world to build an army for the next attack. Therefore, even now, the humans continue to polish their skills to fight against demons.

The fear toward demons is gradually fading after years. Those who have actually confronted the demons still harboring the fear deep inside their heart even now. However, the younger generation seems unable to fully understand the terror of demons that they had never seen with their own eyes.

"There hasn't been any news about demons in the past fifty years. Even though I was taught that the demon race has a pair of horns on their head, when I first saw Fell-chan in the shed, I was still uncertain whether you were really a demon or not." (Dia)

"While that story didn't mention Demon King or Hero, how are they conveyed to humans?" (Fell)

"Demon King (Maou) is the king of demon race, that's all I know. Hero is someone chosen by the goddess, a human with an enormous power. I don't know the details, but it seems the hero was very popular back then. If anything, the Goddess Religion itself that is popular. Hey, tell me what happened fifty years ago!" (Dia)

"Fifty years ago, the hero came to the demon world and defeated the demon king of that time. Not long after that, the hero also died. Because the policy of demon race couldn't be decided until the next demon king appeared, we laid low in the demon world." (Fell)

"Umm, are you sure I can hear this story?" (Dia)

"There's no problem even if this information be known. It's just a story of the past, it doesn't matter anymore. Your first question.... 'what the demons normally do every day', was it?" (Fell)

    Because the surface of demon world was uninhabitable, we lived inside a dungeon. Hunting, farming, I explained that it was the same as what everyone in this village did.

"The dungeon is underground, right? Can you grow something without the sun?" (Dia)

"I don't know the details, but according to the development department of demon world, there's a dungeon core in the deepest level of dungeon, and pseudo-sunbeam, or was it pseudo-sunlight? In any case, there's light inside dungeon because of the dungeon core. I didn't know what the sun was like until I came here. I was surprised when I saw it. Hey, give me the sun!" (Fell)

"Don't ask the impossible." (Dia)

    I talked a lot with Dia afterwards. I didn't care about who was dating who.




Now then, it's time to work as a waitress again. I will not lose!

I've gotten better at cleaning up, it won't be a surprise if my skill level will increase soon. Maybe I can use high-speed cleaning later. The storefront is only need to be swept clean. There's no more weeds since I've annihilated all of them to the roots. Still though, the broom is amazing, who thought this?

"Fell-chan, can we talk a little?" (Nia)

What is this? Did I make a mistake?

“Thanks to Fell-chan, the time for preparation and cooking has increased. Therefore, we decided to increase the number of dishes we offer today. The price remains the same, just ask the costumers whether they want to eat meat dish or fish dish." (Nia)

"Understood. Is there no half and half option?" (Fell)

"There is no such option. If the costumers couldn't decide, tell them to order both dishes." (Nia)

Ordering both dishes is such a tempting option. I want to have such a big feast once I saved a lot of money.




"Welcome. There are two kind of dishes today. Choose between meat dish of fish dish. The price is the same." (Fell)

"For real? Which one is your recommendation?"

"Both. Order both if you can't decide!" (Fell)

There are those who really ordered both dishes. How enviable. Why do they have so much money?

    My mealtime came at last. It was not the usual extra-large portion, but normal portions of meat dish and fish dish, one each.

What a wonderful day, I will write it in my diary. Let’s work harder during the remaining time.




"I've finished tidying up." (Fell)

"Thanks for the good work. Because there were those who really ordered both dishes, today's sales are exceptionally good. Oh right, this is your request completion receipt." (Nia)

"I also think it was difficult to choose one. Well then, I will go to my room, good night." (Fell)

"Yeah, good night." (Nia)

    When I entered my room, Maou-sama was already there. I wondered if he had waited long.

“Good work today.” (Maou-sama)

"No, I should be saying that. Thanks for the good work, Maou-sama." (Fell)

"I'm going to work inside my room all day tomorrow. I just want to tell you that." (Maou-sama)

"I see. How about your meals?" (Fell)

"I don’t need any since I've caught a wild boar. I want to concentrate on my work, so don't disturb me unless there's something really important." (Maou-sama)

"Understood. Even if the demon world is destroyed, I will not disturb you." (Fell)

"No, it's fine to disturb me for such matters." (Maou-sama)

    Having said that, Maou-sama entered the next room.

I must not disturb him tomorrow!

Now then, let’s write a diary, eat an apple, and go to sleep.

Somehow, there are fewer apples now.

What should I do?




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