Saikyou no Butouka 2-22

Chapter 22 –The beginning of demon lord game

     Lunch break. I had a strategy meeting with Nina-san at the cafeteria.

"I've said it many times, but I'm glad to have Ash-kun as my partner. If there's a problem, my contribution will be overshadowed, but it's still far better than losing the duel!" (Nina)

"I don't think I'm the only one who can play an active part in this practical exam, though." (Ash)

The blue ticket says: prepare xxx medicine within 120 minutes. This "xxx" part is hidden until the moment when the practical test starts. However, it doesn't mean we cannot do anything until the name of medicine is revealed.

"I brought a pharmaceutical dictionary so that we could procure the materials as soon as the test started." (Ash)

     I put a thick book on the table.

The material of the medicine, compounding procedure, and effect are recorded on this book. The time limit is only 120 minutes, and it's a waste of time to start looking for pharmaceutical dictionary after the name of the medicine has been revealed. That's why I brought mine in advance.

"You're well-prepared! But why do you have a pharmaceutical dictionary with you? I don't remember ever needing it in class...." (Nine)

"There's a lot going on." (Ash)

I had brought it not long ago to see if there was similar medicine to the degeneration medicine. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any, but I still find this book useful like this time.

"For now, why don't we decide the arrangement first? Like, where to procure the materials to make the medicine. I'm also thinking about preparing the medicine in the third laboratory." (Nina)

"I don't have a problem with the third laboratory. However, because we still don't know the name of medicine we should prepare, I don't think we can decide where to procure the materials yet...." (Ash)

"It's about who's going to procure the materials that can be obtained inside the academy and outside the academy." (Nina)

There are several greenhouses that grow medicinal herbs in this academy. If the materials needed are not available there, we have to look for them outside the academy.

"If that is the case, I think we both can play an active part in this practical test." (Ash)

"You're right. Then, can I be in charge of procuring materials inside the academy?" (Nina)

"No problem. I will be in charge of procuring materials from the outside of academy. Once we get the ingredients, we will gather at the third laboratory." (Ash)

“I understand! Let’s do our best!” (Nina)

     The strategy meeting has ended, and we started eating our lunch. The moment the chime at the end of lunch break rang, a golf-ball-sized eyeball appeared above us. This eyeball was created magically by the teacher who will be monitoring us during the practical test.

"The name of medicine has been decided! Prepare Power Drink within 120 minutes!"

Power Drink is similar to energy drink from my previous life that effective in removing physical fatigue and drowsiness. You can buy it at the drug store, and I've drank it several times myself. However, I've never been interested in the ingredients until now.

Of course, since we are being watched, we will be disqualified if we turn in the Power Drink we purchased from the drug store.

"Power Drink.... Power Drink.... Power Drink.... Found it!" (Nina)

     Nina-san opened the pharmaceutical dictionary to look for the page about Power Pill.

"The materials are: Full Moon Grass, Red-Purple Flower's seed, Cordoc Frog’s liver, Luchi Lizard's egg, and lemon juice……. Eh!? These are the ingredients of Power Drink? It was sour and sweet, so I liked it quite a lot. But after knowing this, I don't think I will ever drink it again...." (Nina)

     Nina was shocked when she found out the ingredients to make Power Drink.

"In any case, I think Cordoc Frog’s liver, Luchi Lizard's egg, and lemon juice can only be obtained outside the academy." (Ash)

"That means I'm in charge of procure Full Moon Grass and Red-Purple Flowers seed. I will go to library to borrow plant encyclopedia first." (Nina)

"I guess I will start with lemon juice. I can get it from the fruit shop after all." (Ash)

     Thus our practical test began.

     Two skeletons in red cloak and blue cloak stood in an open space deep inside the forest. Two demon lords --- Fire Emperor and Water Emperor, who just descended into this world few minutes ago, looked around.

[Even though we have followed the traces of their magical power until this place, the people in question are still nowhere to be found.] (Water Emperor)

     There was only a single, empty wooden house, and the two demon lords in that forest.

[This is indeed strange. But there's no doubt that these are the residual magical power of Dark Emperor and Light Emperor....] (Fire Emperor)

     The fact that there were traces of their magical power meant the aforementioned demon lords have visited this place at least. The time for reunion has come, and the other demon lords should have descended into this world as well.

[As long as we don't know their exact location, there's no other choice but to use summoning magic.] (Water Emperor)

     The location didn't matter when using summoning magic.

[Who will you summon first?] (Fire Emperor)

[Let's summon the other demon lords in ascending order.] (Water Emperor)

     Having said that Water Emperor raised his hands towards the sky.

[After 200 years, it's time for us to reunite! Now, respond to my summon --- Dark Emperor!!] (Water Emperor)

     Shortly after Water Emperor exclaimed so, a magic circle that shone a dazzling light was deployed on the ground. Then, from the magic circle, Dark Emperor appeared --- or that was how it should be. There was only a pile of white powder on that spot.

[What is that!?] (Water Emperor)

[Hmm, white powder?] (Fire Emperor)

[I know what is that! My question is why did it appear from the magic circle? What I summoned was Dark Emperor!] (Water Emperor)

     After shouting, Water Emperor suddenly came to a realization.

[D-Don't tell me that white powder is Dark Emperor!?] (Water Emperor)

[I don't think so. To call that white powder Dark Emperor, that's not funny even as joke.] (Fire Emperor)

[You're right. Although Dark Emperor is the weakest among us, he is still a demon lord.] (Water Emperor)

     Nodded in agreement, Water Emperor summoned the next demon lord.

[After 200 years, it's time for us to reunite! Now, respond to my summon --- Earth Emperor!!] (Water Emperor)

     The thing that came out of the magic circle was a skeleton without skull.

[What happened to his head!?] (Water Emperor)

[This is.... I can only think Earth Emperor has been killed...] (Fire Emperor)

[Not just Dark Emperor, to think they could even kill Earth Emperor....] (Water Emperor)

     The two were puzzled by the unexpected situation, but the demon lords in question were only ranked 7th and 6th --- just small fries. It was unexpected, but still understandable. Water Emperor activated the summoning magic again.

[After 200 years, it's time for us to reunite! Now, respond to my summon --- Wind Emperor!!] (Water Emperor)

     The thing that came out of the magic circle was a skull with limbs.

[What the hell is this!?] (Water Emperor)

[What happened to his body!?] (Fire Emperor)

     The two demon lords could understand the white powder and the skull-less skeleton. However, the appearance of Wind Emperor was too bizarre to comprehend. How did he die with his limbs attached to his skull? All they knew that Wind Emperor has been killed too.

[Such an unsightly appearance! He brought a shame to the demon lord's name even after death!] (Water Emperor)

[Calm down, we need only strong demon lords! It doesn't matter what happened to the small fries!] (Fire Emperor)

     Water Emperor nodded in agreement to Fire Emperor's words. Only strong demon lords needed for that plan. The small fry demon lords would only be a hindrance. Regaining his calm, Water Emperor activated the summoning magic once more.

[After 200 years, it's time for us to reunite! Now, respond to my summon --- Light Emperor!!] (Water Emperor)

     Once more, a pile of white powder came out of the magic circle.

[Wh-Why even Light Emperor turned into white powder!?] (Water Emperor)

[What's going on in this world...?] (Fire Emperor)

     It was understandable if the small fry demon lords were killed, but it was unbelievable for the ranked second demon lord --- Light Emperor, to be killed too. The two demon lords still couldn't comprehend their current situation, but they have come up with the same conclusion.

[There are overwhelming strong people in this world.... The ranked first demon lord --- Ice Emperor, is currently in the state equal to death, which means we are the only ones left.] (Water Emperor)

[Now then, what should we do about that plan?] (Fire Emperor)

[Because the other demon lords have been wiped out, instead sharing the first place, we have to decide the true first place. You and I, let's decide who will be the main body!] (Water Emperor)

[However, we can't decide who's better between us through a fight.] (Fire Emperor)

     Water Emperor nodded in agreement.

[The one who defeated the strongest one will have the right to be the main body. How does that sound?] (Water Emperor)

[That sounds good. However, will they appear before us?] (Fire Emperor)

[I have an idea. If they don't show up before us, just take all humanity hostage!] (Water Emperor)

[Hmm, that's indeed a good idea!] (Water Emperor)

     Imagining those human fell into panic, the two demon lords rang their teeth.

[Now then, we will let all the humanity know. The beginning of the demon lord game that puts the survival of this world on line!] (Fire Emperor)




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