Saikyou no Butouka 2-21

Chapter 21 – The time limit

This is not good….

     I was holding my head inside my room where the warm sunlight entered through the window. That day was exactly three months since I had turned back into a three-years-old. In other words, I would return to my normal self anytime that day.

"This is weird. Even though I'm supposed to have awakened my magical power by now...." (Ash)

I have actively participated in events that could make me growing mentally, such as crossdressing, fighting strong enemies (demon lord x 2), and conquering a haunted house. And yet, there's still no sign Magic Spot appears on my butt.

The Magic Spot normally appears on someone at the age between 3 to 4 years old. I have the opportunity since I'm a three-years-old now. However, that opportunity is limited to today....

Then again, I'm not going to give up just because I'm no longer a three-years-old. The chances to awaken magical power at my real age are simply far lower.

"Now that it has come to this, I have no other choices but to use my ultimate weapon...." (Ash)

     I grabbed the ultimate weapon I had hidden under the bed --- panties with an animal print from Ai-chan.

Today is the time limit, the day of the promotion test.

Only a pervert would wear a girl underwear during the important test.

If I wear this, I will be attacked by a tremendous sense of shame.

By overcoming it, I will grow mentally for sure.

"Okay, let's do it! I will wear this in order to become a wizard!" (Ash)

     I raised my fighting spirit and wore the panties with animal print. It was perfectly fit.

"Your complexion doesn't look good, Master. Did you catch a cold?" (Effa)

     The moment I entered the classroom, Effa threw such a question at me worriedly.

My complexion doesn't look good because of shame, it's not because I'm sick. If Effa who yearns to be like me find out that I'm wearing a girl underwear, I wonder what kind of eyes will she see me with....

I was attacked by a wave of anxiety by simply imagining it. In other words, I must be growing mentally at overwhelming speed right now!

"It's just there's something in my mind. Well, it will likely be solved today." (Ash)

That's right. Hopefully, I will finally be able to use magic today. Once that happens, I will be one step closer to my dream of becoming a full-pledged wizard. To that end, I also have to stay in the advanced class.

"It's rare to see Master worrying about something. Is this about the promotion test? I'd like to stay in the same class as Master even in my third year if possible...." (Effa)

"Oh, that's okay. I've been studying properly, I'm confident I can maintain my grades. It's a bit too soon, but I'm looking forward to studying in the same class as you in the upcoming semester." (Ash)

     When I told so, Effa smiled brightly.

"Me too!" (Felmina)

"Yeah. I hope we can be in the same class again!" (Ash)

     Felmina, who had just arrived in the classroom, joined the conversation.

Effa is a perfect student except for her motor nerves, and Felmina-san is an all-rounder. The problem is....

"Noire-san, you look pale. Are you all right?" (Ash)

     I asked Noire-san who had dark bags under her eyes.

"I'm sleepy." (Noire)

     Having said that, Noire-san yawned big.

I'm sure she has been studying all night long. I hope her efforts will be rewarded.

"I wonder if it's possible to get 30 points in the written test." (Noire)

     Noire-san seemed uneasy.

"You have been working hard. I sure it's possible." (Ash)

"That's right. I'm confident that I can get more than 30 points in the written test." (Noire)

     With sleepy eyes, Noire-san made a strong declaration and then turned her attention back to the textbook in front of her. The written test began shortly after.

From the 3rd person’s POV

“Begin!” (Erina)

     Following after Erina's words, Noire looked over the questions sheet while holding back her sleepiness. There were 50 questions. The time limit was 120 minutes. Each question worth 2 points, so she had to answer at least 15 questions correctly, in order to get 30 points.

I want to make sure I can continue eating: ♪crispy on the outside, ♪soft in the middle, ♪melted in the inside, the special melon bread.

     For Noire, melon bread and Ash are everything in the world. If she were demoted from the advanced class, she would lose both of them at the same time.

I won't let that happen!

     Keeping good results in the written test and the practical test so that she could protect these two important ones --- that was all Noire had in mind.

First of all, I must get at least 30 points in the written test.

     Noire took a deep breath, raised her fighting spirit, and began to solve the problems.

The first question: "Draw a rune to cast flash magic correctly."

     Noire skipped it because she didn't know the answer.

The second question: "Draw a rune that has the same effect as a Confession Drug."

     Noire skipped it because she didn't know the answer.

The third question: "Draw a rune to cast Ice Lance correctly."

Oh, I know this one!

     Ice Lance was Noire's signature magic. Drawing its rune was a piece of cake.

To think such a problem appears in the written test, it seems luck is on my side today.

Yeah. I can do this!

     For melon bread and Ash, Noire continued to solve the problems without giving up until the end.

     The written test was over. Because we were free until the pairs for the practical test were decided, I was chatting with Felmina-san and the others in the classroom.

"How was your test?" (Felmina)

"It was easier than the last time. I'm quite confident I can get 100 points again this time. How was yours, Felmina-san?" (Ash)

"There was one problem I wasn't sure the answer, I guess." (Felmina)

"You both are amazing. I'm not even sure if I can get 90 points." (Effa)

"In any case, we have broken through the first hurdle. If we can get good results in the practical test, we can stay in the advanced class." (Ash)

The pairs for the practical test are determined by the lottery drawn by lower class students. I had a duel against Felmina-san last time. I wonder what will happen this time....

"I wish I could fight a strong person like Ash-kun again." (Felmina)

"I prefer the cooperative task. I will feel sorry for my opponents if it's the duel." (Effa)

If it's red ticket, we have to duel against the other party. If it's blue ticket, we have to cooperate with the other party to complete a given task, and the points will be give according to our contribution. I like the duel because it's easier to understand, but the cooperative task sounds interesting too.

"Which one do you prefer, Noire-san?" (Ash)

     I asked Noire-san.

"The red ticked. I want to finish it early and go to sleep." (Noire)

Noire-son is exhausted. If you she is serious, she will be able to finish it right away. Noire-san had instantly defeated Nina-san in the previous practical exam, after all.

Speaking of which, what's Nina doing now?

My former classmate Nina-san had duel against Effa two times in row before, and had a duel against Noire-san last time. She lamented that her luck has always been bad. I wonder what will she get this time....

     The ticket arrived at me while I was thinking about Nina-san. At the same time, the tickets also reached everyone in the classroom.

"Yeah, it’s red ticket!" (Felmina)

"I received the ticket, too." (Noire)

"I got blue ticket! Oh, Master also received the blue ticket! Who's your partner?" (Effa)

     I checked the name written on the blue ticket. My partner for the practical test was Nina-san.




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