Saikyou no Butouka 1-24

Chapter 24 - Is this magic?

"It's here, Master!" (Effa)

     We finally arrived at our destination after walking for some time. Before me, a wasteland extended to the other side of horizon. There were no buildings nor animals as far as the eyes could see.

Yup. If it's here, there will be no problem even if I messed up and accidentally activated a dangerous magic. Well then, let's try it right away!

“What magic are you going to try first?” (Effa)

     Effa asked such a question with a great interest.

"First of all, I would like to find out my line of expertise." (Ash)

"Isn't wind element your specialty?" (Effa)

"I said that during self-introduction, but I'm not particularly good at it. I mean, I believed that I have no magical power at that time, so I just made it up on the spot." (Ash)

However, if I can choose my specialty, I want it to be wind element.

The first magic I could use (though it was actually physical) was Wind Blade after all. Until Master told me the truth, I believed that it was a wind element magic. For this reason, I have some kind of attachment to wind element magic.

"I will try one of wind element magic." (Ash)

Speaking of the representative of wind element magic, it must be "that". It's also the magic that I wanted to try the most since I fell in love with anime in my previous life.

"Just to be safe, please stay away a bit from me!" (Ash)

"Roger!" (Effa)

     After making sure that Effa has taken an appropriate distance from me, I turned the tip of my magic wand to the sky. I drew the rune precisely and accurately while controlling my trembling hand. Then, like what Felmina-san did in the practical test, I swung down my magic wand.

"Hiat!" (Ash)

     In the next second, the ground in front of me was split into two.

"Whoaaa! Amazing! You're amazing, Master!" (Effa)

     Effa rushed to my side and showered me with praise.

"That was Wind Blade, wasn't it? To cut the ground all the way to the other side of the horizon, just how high magical power does Master possess? I'm sure no one would complain if I call you the strongest wizard in the world!" (Effa)

     Effa stared at me with eyes full of respect.

Stop! Stop it, Effa!

Don't stare at me with such sparkling eyes!

For a moment, I thought that the ground was split because of the crustal movement. However, this is definitely my doing!

The ground split into two at the same time I swung down my magic wand, so it makes a sense if Effa thinks that I cut it with Wind Blade.

However, the rune I drew is not Wind Blade spell, but Fly spell. Both of them are wind element magic, but their runes are totally different.

This means that the ground split into two not due to Wind Blade magic.

This also means that I really have no magical power.

     I, who tried to fly in the sky by manipulating wind, was kneeling on the ground because of shock, instead.

"Master, are you okay? Don't tell me that was...." (Effa)

     Effa seemed to have guessed my situation, so I weakly nodded at her.

"Earlier.... not magic.... it was.... something.... physical...." (Ash)

"But isn't that even more amazing?" (Effa)

     Effa said that to me with a serious face. Those were not consolation words, but her honest thought. I then stood up while staggering.

"No, that's not the point, Effa! It's not about amazing or not. The important thing is not the result but the means." (Ash)

There's no meaning even if I can split a mountain into two using my knifehand strike. I just want to be able to use magic even if all I can do is cutting a leaf into two.

"I guess it's too soon for me to use a magic wand." (Ash)

      That being said, I noticed that only the handle was left from my magic wand.

"Eh!? Where is the tip?" (Ash)

Maybe it snapped from the impact when I swung it down earlier.

     I checked my feet and my surroundings but couldn't find anything.

"Maybe the tip was burned down by the heat produced from friction with the air." (Effa)

"…. did I swing it down that fast?" (Ash)

Even though I intended to swing it lightly....

The only remaining part --- the handle, also has been compressed, and it looks like a toothpick now.

I don't remember holding it so hard, but.... maybe I've unconsciously put more power into my grasp before.

"Your hand moved so fast that I my eyes couldn't catch it at all! That was not a human's work! I want to quickly become a martial artist like Master!" (Effa)

Stop! Please stop it, Effa!

I don't want to hear anything related to martial artist right now!

Still though, I really can't blame her for that. I'm the one who should be blamed here, instead.

"I'm sorry, Effa! I've destroyed the magic wand from you...." (Ash)

"Don't mind it! I was shown something amazing after all!" (Effa)

     Hearing that, I felt a little better.

"By the way, is there really no town or human settlement on the other side of this wasteland?" (Ash)

"There is none." (Effa)

"I see. I can be at ease then." (Ash)

It would be really bad if there’s a town over there.

I'm still shaken after learning the fact that I have no magical power firsthand, but I simply returned to the starting line.

Let's work harder to find a way to awaken my magical power tomorrow!

     When I was trying to be positive….

"Oh, but if I remember it correctly, you can find a single building if you keep walking straight from this place." (Effa)

"....are you serious?" (Ash)

"I'm serious. It's probably has been abandoned though. There is no barrier beyond this point. I don't think someone will live in a place where you don't know when the monsters will attack. That building was a campsite for the knights during the time when the demon lord was still alive." (Effa)

My eyesight could perceive an object at 20 km distance at most, and the ground is split further than that.

There's a possibility that the aforementioned building was also split into two, and in the worst case, together with whoever lived in it….

"Sorry, Effa! I will see how far this crack continues!" (Ash)

"Roger that! Let's have dinner together when you're done! Mom has cooked a lot of food for dinner, you should eat until full later!" (Effa)

     I showed an awkward smile to Effa who tried to cheer me up.




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