Saikyou no Butouka 1-23

Chapter 23 - Trying to make a harem

     After the feast, the quintuplets immediately wore the souvenirs (ribbon) they received from Effa, and invited me to play together in the garden. The game I played with them was....

"Hey, what is the meaning of this?"

"You better to have a good explanation for it!"

"What's so good about these ugly girl?"

"Hey, who are you calling ugly?"

" I'm talking about all of you! You all have the same face after all!"

     ....a playing grown up.

In any world, I guess children do the same kind of play. Still though, "a man (me) is being stormed by five girls (the quintuplets) who have a crush on him" --- I think this scene of carnage setting isn't suitable for children.

Oh well, it's all good as long as they're having fun.

By the way, Effa is spending a quality time with her parents in the living room, while Felmina-san is helping Silcy to study in preparation for the exam next year.

I immediately excused myself to try my magic wand after having lunch. However, I was caught by the playful quintuplets and was forced to participate in their playing grown up.

"Pl-Please calm down, everyone! I will decide who will be Ash-san’s legal lover according to the law! For now, let's calm down...." (Rhyl)

     The third daughter --- Rhyl, who was also forced to participate in the playing grown up as a judge, interrupted their conversation.

"All right, I'm calm! I really am calm!"

"Come on, say it quickly!"

"Who is suitable to be his legal lover?"

"Hurry up!"

"Depending on your answer, maybe I will be upset!"

"Umm...." (Rhyl)

     Tears started to gather in Rhyl’s eyes.

She received the most difficult role....

{Help me!} (Rhyl)

     Rhyl-chan has been asking for help with a low voice since a while ago.

I want to help her, but if I choose one of them, it will be turn into a path of carnage. In order to avoid that, I must make everyone happy by any means.

{Just tell them that I shall belong to everyone!} (Ash)

{Will they accept such answers?} (Rhyl)

{They're still five years old, I'm sure they will be convinced.} (Ash)

{I-I will tell them!} (Rhyl)

     Rhyl turned to her little sisters with a serious expression.

"I decide that Ash-san shall belong to everyone!" (Rhyl)

     The quintuplets opened their eyes wide.

"That makes no sense!"

"However, I will accept it!"

"Ash Onii-chan belongs to everyone!"

"I shall agree with it!"

"Then, let's divide him into five.... Yeah, let's do it...!"

Hey, I think I heard one of the quintuplets muttering something scary!?

     The quintuplets raised a scream and attacked me simultaneously with knifehand.

"His right arm is mine!"

"I got his left leg!"

"His head, please!"

"Ah~ His head... I want his head too...."

"Then, let's split it into two!"


"Eh, umm.... then, I will take the rest!"

     Thus my body was chopped into pieces by the quintuplets.

"Umm, I'm sorry...." (Rhyl)

     Don't mind it! --- I sent an eye signal to Rhyl who looked apologetic.

     Late noon on the same day.

"It's time to take a bath, girls!" (Effa)

     Effa came to the garden when I was still playing with the quintuplets.

"Ehh!? I still want to play!"

     Hearing the words of the leader quintuplets, the other four nodded.

"The selfish girls need a punishment!" (Effa)

     Effa smiled while wriggling her fingers around.

"No! Onee-chan's punishment, I don't want it!"

"Tickling, nooo!"

"Effa Onee-chan, she won't stop even if we beg!"

"I don't hate it, but I don't want to be the only one who gets punished."

"I don't want to be punished!"

     The quintuplets ran into the house.

"Rhyl should join with them too. I still have something to do after this." (Effa)

"Understood. Umm... Thank you for playing with my little sisters!" (Rhyl)

     Rhyl-chan lowered her head to me and entered the house.

"It's the time!" (Ash)

     I took my magic wand from my pocket.

This is awesome! I feel like already being a wizard by simply holding it.

“Are you going to try it now?” (Effa)

     Effa, after seeing off his little sisters, asked me.

"Yeah. Is there any open space around here?" (Ash)

I remember all sorts of runes, but I have never actually drawn them with a magic wand. It will be bad if I made a mistake and accidentally activated a dangerous magic.

"In that case, I have an ideal place in mind. I used to practice magic there as well." (Effa)

"Let's go there immediately!" (Ash)

     I followed Effa to the town outskirt.




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