Saikyou no Butouka 1-17

Chapter 17 - My new classmates

     The advanced class was located at the end of the third floor of the east tower. I was heading there immediately after the homeroom ended.

It looks like I'm the only one from the lower class who was promoted to the advanced class in this promotion test. I have to part with all my classmates from F class who I finally get along with, it feels a little lonely….

"Yo, Ash-kun!"

     The moment I opened the door of A class's classroom, I was greeted by a cheerful voice --- Felmina-san's voice.

"You managed to stay in the advanced class, Felmina-san." (Ash)

I thought that she would be demoted to the intermediate class since she lost against someone from the lower class like me.

"Didn't I just tell you about it the other day? I have two things I'm proud of." (Felmina)

     Felmina-san was talking about that time in the cafeteria.

"The first one is that you have never lost, isn't it? (Ash)

"Yeah! Well, now I've lost to you though...." (Felmina)

     Felmina-san stopped for a moment.

"Oh, but don't mind it! Like I said before, I won't hold a grudge against you or anything!" (Felmina)

     Having said that, Felmina-san laughed.

"So, what's the other one?" (Ash)

"I'm smart!" (Felmina)

Oh, I see. In short, her practical test result was supplemented by her written test result.

"By the way, I got 92 points in the written test! How about yours?" (Felmina)

"100 points." (Ash)

"100 points!? N-Not bad, Ash-kun! You're officially my rival now! I won't lose next time!" (Felmina)


What a pleasant-sounding word....

Compete with each other to aim higher....

Together with Felmina-san, I'm sure I will able to reach a new height.

Though I said a new height, it will be just looks like a starting line for other people.

"Of course, I won't lose in the battle skill too. I will increase the intensity of my special training in order to defeat you!" (Felmina)

     Felmina-san clenched her fist to motivate herself.

Special training?

If I do a special training of a wizard from the advanced class, I might be able to learn some tips to awaken my magical powers.

"Say, can I join your special training?" (Ash)

"Of course! My magical power considerably increased after the duel with you! If I can train with you, I will become even stronger and stronger!" (Felmina)

Magical power and mental power are closely related. Felmina-san succeeded in strengthening her mental power by confronting me who was an overwhelmingly opponent, and thus her magical power increased.

In the same way, if I can fight against an overwhelmingly strong opponent, I might be able to awaken my magical power. However........

The Demon Lord Dark Emperor was supposed to be the strongest in the world, wasn't he? Will be there someone who is stronger than him out there?

I guess it won't be an easy road. I mean, he was killed by a single punch. I can't believe it that he was the strongest in the world.

This might be good idea to travel around the world during my free time to look for someone who is stronger than me.

"That's right! Let's exchange contacts!" (Felmina)

     Having said that, Felmina-san took out mobile cellphone from her pocket.

"Touch here! I will also touch your mobile phone!" (Felmina)

     You could register a phone number by touching the mobile phone and pouring the magical power into it. You then could always talk with that person anytime.

"Sorry, I don't have a mobile phone!" (Ash)

"Oh, that's too bad! Even though I want to be able to contact you. However, it's rare nowadays to see someone who doesn't have a mobile phone." (Felmina)

"I want it too, though." (Ash)

I have savings. I also received monthly living expense from Principal Phillip as a reward for saving the world. However, I have no magical power, and you can't operate mobile phone without magical power.

"I will buy one when I become a great wizard!" (Ash)

"Is the mobile phone that special!? Whoa, it's somewhat embarrassing since I asked my parents to buy it for me to celebrate I entered high school...." (Felmina)

     Felmina-san slightly flushed.

“What is it? Are you exchanging contacts?”

“Really? Then please add mine too!”

     The other classmates started to gather. Then, a contact exchange meeting was held to deepen the relationship with each other. I, the only one who didn't have a mobile phone, felt a sense of alienation, and decided to leave the circle silently.

That girl is....

     I walked towards the corner of the classroom because I saw a familiar face there.

"You managed to stay in the advanced class too, Noire-san." (Ash)

     I spoke to Noire-san who was sitting alone on the rearmost seat besides the window.

"....who?" (Noire)

"I'm Ash! Look, we met the other day in front of the arena building, I was together with your opponent for the practical test --- Nina-san." (Ash)

"....the person who fueled that girl?" (Noire)

Fueled? I just motivated her.

"Yes. That person was me." (Ash)

"So, what do you need from me?" (Noire)

"I just want to talk a little. I heard Noire-san specializes in ice element magic." (Ash)

"I won't say that I specialize in ice element magic." (Noire)

"Does it mean Noire-san specializes in other element?" (Ash)

"I can't say that I specialize in other element." (Noire)

"Then, doesn't that mean Noire-san specializes in ice element magic after all?" (Ash)

"I won't say that I specialize in ice element magic." (Noire)

Hmm, she's a hard-to-understand girl.

Oh well, putting that aside, there's no doubt that Noire-san is an excellent wizard.

"I have a question for Noire-san. Do you have some tips to be good at magic like you?" (Ash)

"I do not." (Noire)

"Don't be like that! Please, anything is fine. For example.... that's it, something that Noire-san does every day!" (Ash)

I want to praise myself from coming with that idea. If I imitate what my classmates in the advanced class are doing in their daily lives, perhaps my magical power will be awakened.

"If it's about that, I eat ♪crispy on the outside, ♪soft in the middle, ♪melted in the inside, the dream melo-melo melon bread." (Noire)

"I see, I learned from you. Then, from today, I will start---" (Ash)

"I lied." (Noire)

"Eh? But---" (Ash)

"I lied." (Noire)

     Noire-san stubbornly kept saying "I lied" to me.

Speaking of which, Noire-san wanted to stay in the advanced class because of the melon bread.

"Understood. I will give up on eating melon bread!" (Ash)

It's just for today, however.

Maybe I won't be able to get it every day, but I will absolutely try it sooner or later.

“I don’t dislike a person who understands the story!” (Noire)

     Noire-san said that to me with a somewhat good mood.




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