Saikyou no Butouka 1-16

Chapter 16 - The promotion test result

     One week has passed since the promotion test. On the morning of that day, my classmates were restlessly waiting for our homeroom teacher to come.

"I'm going to stay in this class again, I guess...." (Nina)

     Nina-san said those words to me with a voice mixed with sigh.

Nina-san also seems to be restless because the promotion test result is going to be announced today.

"Putting aside the result, you've tried your best during the promotion test, right? You will get another chance next time!" (Ash)

     Hearing that, Nina-san showed a faint smile.

"Thanks, Ash-kun! Though Noire-san instantly defeated me, I was able to face her without running away.... Speaking of which, are you confident with the result of your written test?" (Nina)

"I think I did a decent job at least." (Ash)

"In that case, there's also a chance that you will be promoted to the advanced class! Since you have defeated that Felmina-san, I'm really sure the promotion to the intermediate class is already in your hand!" (Nina)

     Nina-san said so excitedly.

"I'm glad that I managed to defeat Felmina-san. However, I was also having fun during the duel since I had a chance to see her using Flame Devil spell." (Ash)

The giant fireball was cool, but the flame devil was many times cooler. That was such a magical sight. I also want to be able to use that kind of magic in a row someday!

"Felmina-san who's able to cast Flame Devil spell is indeed amazing, but Ash-kun who defeated her is more amazing!" (Nina)

"You think so? I think Felmina-san is far more amazing than me though...." (Ash)

I did win the duel against Felmina-san, but I didn't use magic at all. I won it because of my physical ability. Everyone believed that what I did was magic, but in fact, it was all pure physical power.

Because this school is a training facility to produce excellent wizards, I think Felmina-san should be evaluated more than me.

"Your magic is amazing, Ash-kun. I still remember of what happened in the physical education class last time!" (Nina)

"Hmm!?" (Ash)

"I'm talking about the Teleport spell!" (Nina)

     Nina-san continued on.

"Other than you, there's no second year student who could use Teleport! I've never thought there would be a student who uses Teleport for shuttle run --- even the teacher was surprised in many ways!" (Nina)

"Oh, yeah, it did happen...." (Ash)

[Because the magical power could be amplified by training the mental power, push your body to the limit to strengthen your mental power!] --- said the PE teacher at that time. Because of that, I decided to do a shuttle run during the class.

Of course, I did it seriously!

I who can reach a destination where it takes more than a day by airship, in few hours --- when I run seriously, it will look like a teleportation from the other people's perspective.

"After that, the teacher warned you; That was indeed amazing, but it has no meaning to use such a spell during the physical education class." (Nina)

     Nina-san then smiled at me.

"But it certainly has no meaning. I mean, Ash-kun already has a really high magical power after all. Even if you strengthen your mental power, it probably won't increase anymore!" (Nina)

".... eh!?" (Ash)

Seriously? I mean, it won't increase anymore!? She’s talking about my zero magical power, right?

B-But.... thinking about it carefully, I certainly won't be able to strengthen my mental power with such a gentle exercise anymore. I mean, I've been doing more rigorous training since I was little.

That being the case, it might be better to look for ways to awaken my magical power other than training my mental power. Or rather, that's the main reason I entered this magic school.

"Eh!? Did I say something wrong?" (Nina)

     Seeing me who suddenly turned silent, Nina-san was flustered.

"Of course not! Thanks to Nina-san, I came one step closer to my dream!" (Ash)

If it’s not because of her, I might keep doing a shuttle run until I die without making any progress towards my dream.

“Re-Really? I don’t understand what you’re talking about though.” (Nina)

     Our homeroom teacher finally came in right after Nina-san said so. He then put some document on his desk.

"Good morning, everyone! Let's get to the point, I will announce the result of the promotion test right now. Come forward according your attendance number!"

It's here....

     While feeling nervous, I received an envelope and returned to my seat. I then slowly opened the envelope and read the content.

  • Written test : 100 points
  • Practical test: A
  • Result: Promoted to the advanced class -- A class

“------ the advanced class!” (Ash)

     I was so happy that I said it out loud. Hearing that, my classmates congratulate me one by one. But more than anything, I was so glad to receive their blessing.

"Congratulation, Ash-kun! If you become a famous wizard in the future, He's my friend! --- can I boast to other people like that?" (Nina)

     Nina-san looked happy as if she herself who was promoted to the advanced class.

Everyone here thinks that I’m a wizard, but in reality, I’m a martial artist.

However, thanks to being a martial artist, I was able to save the world from crisis, I was able to enter this school, and I was able to be promoted to the advanced class.

Then again, I'm not going to remain as a martial artist forever.

My dream in this second life is to be a wizard after all.

In order to make it happen, I have to find a way to awaken my magical power in the advanced classes.




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