Saikyou no Butouka 1-1

Chapter 1 - I was reincarnated into another world

What is this place?

     When I opened my eyes, I was lying in an unfamiliar place. I forced my hazy head to recall the memory before I went to bed.

Let's see, after finishing my daily training, I did a serious match with over ten disciples at the direction of my father, took a bath, watched the late-night anime I recorded, and then....

Hmm, what did I do after watching the anime? Or rather, did I even watch it until the end?

………… no, I did not.

Speaking of which, when the magical girl released her special move towards her destined rival, my vision suddenly went dark.

Hmm, why did that happen? Maybe it was because I accidentally banged my head during the training. I felt nauseous when I was taking a bath, and I guess I fainted in the middle of watching anime.

In other words, this place is a hospital, right?

I'm sure Dad or Mom found me unconscious in my room, and then brought me to a hospital. They must be worried about me. I have to tell them that I'm fine.

     I tried to raise my upper body to look for a call button. However, my body felt so heavy and didn't move as I wanted.

How should I explain this, it feels as though it’s not my own body.

I guess I cannot use the button to call a nurse. There's no other choice, it may be a nuisance to the person in the room but I have to shout.

"Ugya! Ugya!"

Oh, what a strange voice!? No, wait a second, was my voice always like this!? I'm sure my voice was heavier, wilder, and....

Oh well, putting aside the matter about my voice, I noticed more serious change. My hands have gotten really small!

My big hands that were strong enough to leave a fist mark on iron plate I punched, had become very cute.

What a minimum size! Their movement are dull but they move according to my will. I mean, these are really my hands!

This feels too real to call it a dream. It’s hard to believe, but this must be that --- I died when I was watching anime and was reborn as a baby.

Yeah! I was reborn! The beginning of new life! --- of course I wouldn't think so….

Oh, come on! I mean, I died....

Their only son died, my parents would be sad for sure.

I really respect Dad who was always strict like a demon during the training. I also respect Mom as much. I feel sad when I think that I won't be able to eat her cooking anymore.

The fellow disciples who attended our dojo were quite close with me. Even though most of them were older than me, they showed a respect to me. When I think that I've saddened those important people who colored my life, I feel bad.

However, I can't keep being depressed. Though it was a bad luck that I died, it's a good luck that I was reborn. This is the so-called blessing in disguise.

Since I was reincarnated and all, I don't want to waste this chance. Let's enjoy my second life so there won't be any regrets later!

     I clenched my small fist and made a promise to myself.

Two years have passed since I was reincarnated into another world. Being able to walk on my own, I was blessed with the opportunity to get out of the house several times.

However, even if my mental age already exceeded 20 years old, I'm physically still a two-years-old boy. My parents were always with me.

Well, anyway, I was able to see the outside world with my own eyes and learned various things.

First of all, I asked a question: "Do you have the memories of your previous life?" --- to the kids who were in my friendship range (0-12 years old). However, their answer was just a confused face.

There were some kids who answered it with another question, such as: "Ash-kun (this is my name here), have you gone crazy?" --- Well, I guess it’s just a natural reaction.

In short, I couldn't find other reincarnated person like me.

Next is the martial arts that I trained to death (in a literal meaning) from my previous life, my body memorized it perfectly. I couldn't leave my fist mark on iron plate like before though. This is just a two-years-old's body that lacks of muscles after all.

Since this body have no problem with simple combat skills, I've never lost a fight against other children of the same generation. That being said, winning against them just felt empty.

Well, anyway, in this other world called Hexmagos, I have no intention of devoting my life for martial arts again. There's only one reason, that is because magic exists here.

Moreover, magic is nothing special here. All humanity is a wizard, and magic is used on a daily basis in this world!

In my previous live, I had been practicing martial arts since childhood, and anime was the only entertainment for me who was born and raised in a dojo. I loved to watch all kind of anime, but fantasy genre has a special place in my heart.

Seeing the anime characters who use flashy magic to defeat their enemies, I began to have a strong longing to be a wizard too, someday.

I even practiced magic in secret when I was a child. But of course, when I entered elementary school, I understood that wizard was just a fiction.

However, the situation is different now. Magic can be used by anyone in this world!

I don't know how to use magic yet, but I've seen a scene where a five-years-old child using magic to lit firewood. Apparently, magic is something that would be learned naturally around that age.

     While I could hardly wait for that time to come, I spent another day with only eating, pooping, and sleeping.

Five years have passed since I was reincarnated into another world --- Hexmagos. I'm sitting on a chair and look over the window that's dimly colored by the sunset. In the outside, there's a kid living next door who's playing with water using magic.

Though he's one year younger than me, he could use magic already. I'm burning in jealousy!

However, it's not like he's someone special, the other children could also use magic like him. It's only me, five-years-old kid who couldn't use magic in this town. Then again, it doesn't mean I don't have a talent for magic.... Yeah, that's right, I'm sure of it!

I don't know how magic works because I do not attend school, but I know that I need a magic wand to use magic.

In theory, it seems that it’s possible to use magic without using a magic wand. However, there's no record of such people in history so far. Much more, there’s no reason for children around my age could use magic without using magic wands.

Well, anyway, if I have a magic wand, I should be able to use magic too!

I'm an adult inside, so I've never asked my parents to buy me this or that while throwing tantrum like the other children.

However, today is my fifth birthday. I have but one desire since I was reincarnated into this other world --- I want to use magic. Therefore, for the first time after I was born, I will act spoiled like my physical age.

"Umm, you see, I want a magic wand.... won’t you buy it for me?" (Ash)

     I begged while looking as cute as possible. Then, somehow, Father and Mother made a seemingly awkward face.

What's wrong? If you don't have the money, you can just say that it's impossible.

       I tried to say that, but ---

".... I'm going to buy it tomorrow, so go to bed for today." (Father)

       --- Father said so.

Eh, really?

Are you really going to buy it for me?

Hell yeaaaaaaaah!!

Finally! Finally, I will have a magic wand!

I mastered martial arts in my previous world, but in this world, I will master the magic!

I will be the greatest wizard in the world!

     While I was excited, wondering what kind of magic wand I would receive and how much the budget would be, I slipped into my bed. I was too excited so it took a while before finally I fell asleep. Slowly, I entered the world of dreams.

"Until the end, 【     】 didn't appear on Ash...." (Father)

"It seems he will never have 【     】." (Mother)

"There's no helping it, a child who doesn't have 【     】 will have a hard time in life. He even wouldn't be able to find a decent job." (Father)

"I've never thought the child I gave birth would be like this...." (Mother)

"It's not your fault. Let's give up, thinking that it's a fate." (Father)

"I'm sorry for being a bad parent...." (Mother)

     I felt like I could hear my mother's cry, but I didn’t know whether it was a dream or a reality.





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