Isekai Sagishi C10P2

Chapter 10 - A Test For Ginette (Part 2)

"See? I told you, didn't I?" (Estella)

     Estella, who had come to Hidamari-tei just before noon, said to Ginette with a smug face.

"However, I still feel a little sorry for Yashiro-san...." (Ginette)

"It's fine. Don't worry about it. This is a good medicine for someone like him. Besides, when someone does something bad, you need to reprimand them or something --- he himself said that, didn’t he?" (Estella)

"That's right, but still...." (Ginette)

     With apologetic eyes, Ginette stared at me who was resting my head on the desk motionlessly. My body was sluggish. I didn’t even have strength to look at them.

"By the way, the same device has been installed at Ginette's room as well, so don't approach it carelessly." (Estella)

"What!? Then how should I sneak in!?" (Yashiro)

"Umm, that, Yashiro-san, you should not sneak into my room...." (Ginette)

Damn! Even though we live under the same roof. I was planning to sneak in casually in the middle of the night when we got to know each other a little better.

     I looked at Estella with a hateful gaze. However, she completely ignored me and turned her attention to Ginette instead.

"By the way, Ginette-chan. You like imagawayaki, right?" (Estella)

"Yes. I love it!" (Ginette)


"You got imagawayaki here!?" (Yashiro)

"Yes, it's sweet and very delicious. I love it!" (Ginette)

Since wheat and adzuki beans also exist in this world, I guess it's not surprising if such a sweets was also developed here. Even so, to think it has the same name....

No, hold on. Maybe this is just the effect of Forced Translation Magic. Somehow, it feels kind of weird to hear a name of traditional sweets from Japan in this different world.

"Actually, I brought imagawayaki for Ginette-chan." (Estella)

"Eh!? For me?" (Ginette)

"Yes. I've got a free lunch for a week so this is the least I can do for you." (Estella)

"However, that's the reward for opening the garbage collection guild...." (Estella)

"It's Yashiro who will benefit from the establishment of the garbage collection guild, right? However, it's Ginette-chan who will do the cooking. Thinking about it, I feel like he wins alone and I don't like the idea. Therefore, I want to give you some kind of present." (Estella)

"How about mine?" (Yashiro)

"Hah!? I don't see any reason to give you a present." (Estella)

This girl....

That is not good.

Giving a preferential treatment will only lead to bullying.

You don’t get it.

"Still...." (Ginette)

"I will be happy if you accept it." (Estella)

"Happy? Oh, that’s right…. I will gladly accept it then." (Ginette)

"Good." (Estella)

     Ginette accepted the paper bag and then bowed deeply to Estella.

From the bulge, and assuming that the contents are the same as imagawayaki that I know, there is only one piece inside. Cheapskate!

For this kind of thing, you should bring as many as you can and say: 'Please share it with everyone.' --- that's called a common sense.

"Then, I'll have it after the meal." (Ginette)

     Having said that, Ginette put the paper bag contained imagawayaki beside me.

"Don't steal it!" (Estella)

"Don't say such disreputable things! You make me sound like a bad guy here." (Yashiro)

I'm a con artist, not a thief.

"So, Estella-san. May I take your order now?" (Ginette)

"Hmm, let's see.... I'm fine with anything Ginette-chan recommended." (Estella)

"In that case, we have a new menu starting today, I will prepare it right away." (Ginette)

     Having said that, Ginette went off to the kitchen.

That’s right, she came here for lunch. In exchange for a little bit a favor, she shamelessly asked for free meals.



Cutting board!

"Wh-What's with that defiant look? You just reap what you sow!" (Estella)

"The worst part is that I was injured for something that wasn't treasure (panties). What is the point I went through such a painful experience for some rags?" (Yashiro)

"You should get rid of those dirty thoughts of yours!" (Estella)

"If you take them away from me, what will remain?" (Yashiro)

"Don't you feel sad for yourself when you say that?" (Estella)

You just don't get it. You don't understand how much dreams and hopes a pure-hearted boy can find in that little piece of cloth, how much one can be fascinated by it.

"Well, I hope you have learned your lesson and keep your hand off Ginette from now on." (Estella)

     Estella said as she peered into my face.

Yeah, I don't like this girl.

"Get out of my sight! You hurt my eyes!" (Yashiro)

     I turned away and pushed Estella out of my field of vision.

"Th-That's a terrible thing to say!" (Estella)

"Stop talking! You hurt my ears!" (Yashiro)

"This guy!" (Estella)

     When I said it coldly, perhaps it did bother her, Estella ruffled my hair to protest.

"Don't touch me! This feels somewhat pleasant!" (Yashiro)

"Isn't your words contradicting?" (Estella)

This girl, don't play with a wounded person. Why don't you just go home?

"Thank you for waiting~." (Ginette)

     Ginette returned with a tray of food after a while.

"Hmm? There is so much here…." (Estella)

     Estella took a long look at the contents of the tray. There were stir-fried vegetable scraps, simmered potatoes, a rice ball.

"Is this okay to serve so many dishes for free?" (Estella)

"No problem. This is the special daily set meal devised by Yashiro-san!" (Ginette)

"Daily set meal, hmm." (Estella)

"The price is also reasonable for this amount of food." (Ginette)

"By the way, how much is it?" (Estella)

"Only 25Rb!" (Ginette)

The price of stir-fried vegetables scraps is 20Rb. You can see how good deal is this from that alone. Not to mention the taste, the quantity and the price are perfect.

     Estella, who heard the price, turned her attention to me.

"So? Why is this so cheap?" (Estella)

"It's a trade secret." (Yashiro)

"Stingy!" (Estella)

"I will take it as a compliment." (Yashiro)

"Geez...." (Estella)

     Estella stared at the food on the tray and pondered.

"Daily set meal…. Daily set meal…. Oh, I got it! The key is this 'daily' part. In other words, by not stating what will come out, you will be able to use the excess ingredients of that day." (Estella)

"That’s amazing! You are correct!" (Ginette)

     Ginette admitted it easily.

I wonder if she understands what the meaning of trade secret is. That being said, Estella's reading was not entirely correct.

Well, it was actually just a simple story of using the leftover from food donation combined with the ingredients that have accumulated in the food storage, and offering it at bargain price. But still, no customers come today as well.

It's better to use the ingredients for cooking instead of leaving them rot away in the food storage. And it would be even better if people would be attracted by the bargain and go for the slightly more expensive menu. If the price per customer goes up by using ingredients that would otherwise have to be disposed of, we already made a huge profit.

For Ginette, we are increasing the amount of food served to the customers. However, I’m simply disposing the accumulated ingredients in the food storage. I'm planning to buy vegetables in bulk from nearby farmers, including Mormatt, so we will be able to continue serving the same amount of set meals in the future.

"So, what is this black thing?" (Estella)

     Estella pointed to a mixed rice ball.

'Black' is going too far. Call it dark brown, instead.

"That's called rice (okame)." (Ginette)

"Ginette, that's called rice (gohan)." (Yashiro)

We are not served the rice uncooked, after all.

When I was rummaging through the food storage, I found a large amount of rice there. In this city, bread is mainstream while rice is not that popular. There are some districts where rice is a staple food, but it seems to be almost unknown in the 42nd District. Even rice in Hidamari-tei seemed to be reserved for chicken feed, what a waste.

From among them, I sorted out the good ones that are acceptable for human consumption and polished them. Even so, the smell was not good at all. I just couldn't pass it as white rice. Therefore, I turned it into mixed rice.

I selected beans, wheat, and other grains from the food storage that had a nice aroma and sweetness, and cooked them with the rice. There are adzuki beans mixed in it so the color has become a little darker.

The taste was a few steps lower than that of Japanese rice, but it was still passable. Above all, it’s much better than the hard ass black bread that can be used as a blunt weapon.

I mean, what the hell was that? I won't be surprised if it appears in two-hours suspense movies as a weapon used to kill. 25Rb for that kind of thing is a totally scam!

"Such a mysterious scent…." (Estella)

"In the near future, I will sign a contract with a rice farmer to secure a supply of white rice." (Yashiro)

"White rice? Is that good?" (Estella)

"Freshly cooked white rice is the truth of the world." (Yashiro)

From the moment I learned that white rice existed and was available for consumption, my heart was set on it. I will definitely obtain it. I'm going to eat the freshly cooked rice by all means! Ginette's cooking is delicious, but I can't give up the taste of Japan.

"Oh, it's delicious!?" (Estella)

     Estella rounded her eyes after taking a bite of the rice ball.

"The more I chew, the sweeter it gets. Yeah, the aroma isn't too bad either." (Estella)

"Don't talk while eating. This is why poor people are...." (Yashiro)

"Umm, I'm sorry for being poor...." (Ginette)

     Ginette hung her head after receiving a collateral damage from my sarcastic remark for Estella.

"Don't pick on Ginette-chan!" (Estella)

"It's not my fault." (Yashiro)

That was just Ginette's paranoia. Even so, this girl sure tried to make me the bad guy at every opportunities she's got.

"If you are done, then go home quickly." (Yashiro)

"Could you not make it sound like I'm in the way here? You should be happy to have a customer like me comes here." (Estella)

"Those who don't pay are not customers." (Yashiro)

"E-Even if I don't come as a customer, wouldn't it be nice to see me every day?" (Estella)

     Estella made a gesture of ruffling her hair while stealing glances at me

I'm not sure what kind of gag this is.

"If you want to please me, make them at least E-cup." (Yashiro)

"Why are you suddenly talking about breast size!?" (Estella)

    Estella stood up as she slammed her hand against the table.

"Estella-san, please calm down {/ochitsuite}!" (Ginette)

“Poking her boobs {/o chichi tsuite}?” (Yashiro)

“’I said 'calm down’! Yashiro-san, please be quiet for a moment!” (Ginette)

Why am I being scolded? I did nothing wrong.

"Estella-san, there’s no point in worrying too much about physical appearance. It doesn't matter who you are, everyone is unique in their own way, there is no better or worse." (Ginette)

"But, I'd like them to be a little bigger if possible...." (Estella)

"You shouldn't think like that. Besides, is having big breasts really that important?" (Ginette)

""IT'S VERY IMPORTANT!!!"" (Yashiro / Estella)

     I and Estella raised our voice in agreement at the same time.

"Why, even you, Yashiro-san!?" (Ginette)

I never thought I'd see the day when I'd agree on something with this girl. I don't like to admit it, but maybe we are actually kindred spirits?

     I extended my right hand towards Estella for a comrades’ handshake.

"I vehemently refuse!" (Estella)

This girl is stubborn until the end….

     Estella threw a mouthful stir-fried vegetables scraps into her mouth in a rough manner and moved her puffy cheeks up and down.

If I say a really funny joke right now, it will become a great spectacle.

     ---or so I thought. But Estella who sensed something, was glaring daggers at me.

Tch, this girl has no sense of humor.

     Estella, after chewing the stir-fried vegetable scraps for a while, she swallowed it while making an audible gulp, and brought up a different topic as if trying to change the mood.

"So, how are the negotiations going with the other farmers and fishermen?" (Estella)

"It's not something that can be completed in a day or two." (Yashiro)

"Too slow! Speed is the essence in business negotiations." (Estella)

Well, you have a point. However, in my case, speed is the essence when it comes to making money.

"Ginette doesn't have much free time, after all." (Yashiro)

"Why don't you go there by yourself then?" (Estella)

"I don't see how anyone will listen to a total stranger who say; sell your goods to me without going through the commerce guild." (Yashiro)

"True." (Estella)

In that respect, Ginette is very helpful in this matter. In addition to being harmless both to human and animals, her ability to unconditionally arouse people's desire for protection makes Ginette extremely popular with the neighbors. There's no way I will not take advantage of this.

I'm looking for a good time for her to take a day off from her works so she can accompany me around to meet the producers. Still, just like I said before, it's not something that that can be completed in a day or two.

"If you want to go somewhere, I also can cooperate with you." (Estella)

"Are you trying to get free food again?" (Yashiro)

"It's not a bad deal, isn't it? You can get a reliable helper like me in return." (Estella)

Reliable, huh? Maybe it’s not a bad idea. This girl understands how dirty human can be, and won't hesitate to make her enemies suffer either. In a sense, she has the 'cold-bloodedness' that is close to me.

"Then, lets we all go together!" (Ginette)

     Ginette clapped her hands and smiled happily.

It seems she misunderstood if for some kind of fun event. Maybe it's better if I bring Estella along instead of Ginette.

“On second thought, let’s not bring Ginette along.” (Yashiro)

“Why!? I also want to help!” (Ginette)

That's exactly what worries me the most.

"You're so easily fooled, and you're so quick to embrace the disadvantages." (Yashiro)

"That's not true. I'm a very cautious person!" (Ginette)

What!? Are you for real?

"Then, I'm going to give you a test right now." (Yashiro)

"A test?" (Ginette)

     I picked up one of the rice balls from the tray of the daily set meal.

"Hey, that's mine!" (Estella)

"Don't be stingy! I will just borrow it a little." (Yashiro)

"I'm not being stingy!" (Estella)

"It's not like it's going to decrease." (Yashiro)

"It's going to decrease, definitely!" (Estella)

"I guess it can't be helped." (Yashiro)

     I gave up on rice ball and reached for a paper bag contained imagawayaki.

"Inside this paper bag is your favorite imagawayaki." (Yashiro)

"Yes." (Ginette)

     I take out the content of paper bag and found a familiar round piece of sweets.

"Let's say you will share half of this imagawayaki with me." (Yashiro)

"Half of it?" (Ginette)

"That's right. However, you love imagawayaki, do you?" (Yashiro)

"Yeas, it's my favorite sweets!" (Ginette)

"You want to eat the whole thing by yourself, don't you?" (Ginette)

"Yes, I do. I know it's selfish, but I want to eat the whole thing by myself...." (Ginette)

"But I’m not going to let that happen." (Yashiro)

"Eh!? Why??" (Ginette)

"Because it's a test, of course." (Yashiro)

     I looked at Ginette in the eyes and slowly explain the rules.

"Your objective is 'to eat more than I do', okay?" (Yashiro)

"More that Yashiro-san? Yes, I understand." (Ginette)

     Ginette nodded as she braced herself.

No, calm down. It's not going to be a brawl.

"I'll split it in half and choose which one I will eat. Are you fine with that?" (Yashiro)

"Yes, no problem." (Ginette)

“Are you really fine with that?" (Yashiro)

"Hmm...? Ah!? Since it’s half, we both will receive the same amount…. right...?" (Ginette)

Does this girl really believe I will split it evenly?

"I wonder if I can give some hints…." (Estella)

     Estella, who couldn't stand seeing Ginette's struggle, was about to say something but then stopped.

Well, if it’s just a hint or two, I guess that's fine.

     When I prompted her to continue, Estella took a rice ball from the tray and broke it in half. The rice ball was split into a big chunk and a small chunk.

"You can also call this half and half, right?" (Estella)

"Ah!?" (Ginette)

     Ginette stared at the rice ball as if the scale were falling from her eyes.

"I see, so that's how it is.... That was dangerous. I almost suffered a ‘loss’." (Ginette)

“If things proceed as they are.” (Estella)

Estella was able to find out that at the first presentation, and Ginette was not aware of it at all until she was told. The gap between these two is tremendous.

"There you have it, Yashiro-san. I can't accept that suggestion." (Ginette)

     Thinking it was a test, Ginette told me in a firm tone.

If she is sure that the other person won't get hurt, she can speak her mind clearly. I wish she would do that in any situation.

"Then, I will split it in half and then you choose. How about that?" (Yashiro)

     Upon hearing my next suggestion, Ginette immediately looked at Estella.

Think for yourself!

     Estella’s gaze fell on the two chunks of rice ball in front of here as a deep creases appeared between her brows.

If you split the imagawayaki into two and there is a clear difference between their sizes.... If Ginette chooses which one to take, then she will be able to eat more.... and so on --- I'm sure she has reached such conclusion right now. Or rather, she can't think of any other conclusions.

However, since she knows that I won't came up with something that simple, the creases between her eyebrows are getting deeper and deeper

"So, what are you going to do?" (Yashiro)

"Umm………" (Ginette)

     Ginette began to panic as she looked at me and Estella alternately.

"Ten seconds left...." (Yashiro)

"Eh!?" (Ginette)

"Nine.... Eight.... Seven...." (Yashiro)

"Ah, umm, that...." (Ginette)

"Six.... Five.... Four....Three...." (Yashiro)

"O-Okay, I agree! Let's do it like that." (Ginette)

"Two... Good, it's decided then." (Yashiro)

     Perhaps the countdown put a great strain on her heart, Ginette held down her chest as she tried to stabilize her breathing.

Whoa, it's sinking!

"You...." (Estella)

     I was a little startled when Estella suddenly called out to me when I was observing Ginette's right hand which was sinking.... I mean, swallowed by her boobs. However, her eyes were telling me that her attention was somewhere else.

"You are not planning to split it evenly so that we can tell who ate more, aren't you?" (Estella)

"It's going to be bothersome if we couldn't distinguish between black and white clearly." (Yashiro)

"Then........ Oh, I got it!" (Estella)

     Estella seemed to have figured out my trick as she made a smug face.

"The victory condition given to Ginette-chan is 'to eat more than you', correct? So, if the amount is exactly the same, that means you would have eaten more!" (Estella)

"Ah!? You are right!" (Ginette)

     Ginette’s expression completely changed upon hearing Estella’s explanation.

I see, that's an interesting logic. You can approach it like that, but not this time. I'm going to show you how gullible Ginette is in a more obvious way.

"Well then, I will split it." (Yashiro)

     I said it lightly and split the imagawayaki into two parts. The result was....

"Huh!?" (Estella)

"That...." (Ginette)

     Estella and Ginette exclaimed at the same time because the Imagawayaki I split had a clear difference in size. The one on my right hand was clearly two times bigger.

"Hahahaha! You messed up big time, Yashiro!" (Estella)

"If it's like this, even I can defeat Yashiro-san easily." (Ginette)

     The two laughed merrily. Convinced of winning, Ginette pointed to the larger chunk of imagawayaki in my right hand.

"I choose this." (Ginette)

“Then this one is mine.” (Yashiro)

    The moment Ginette uttered those words, I threw the bigger chunk of imagawayaki in my right hand into my mouth.

Yup, it's as good as I remember it.

"Eh!?" (Ginette)

     Then, I handed the smaller chunk of imagawayaki in my left hand to Ginette who was still in daze.

"I choose.... for Yashiro-san...?" (Ginette)

       Ginette stared at the small chunk of imagawayaki in her hand with tears.

"See? You are so gullible. I’ve never mentioned anything about who would you choose for" (Yashiro)

"Uhhh, yes, I'm sorry...." (Ginette)

Ginette looks very sad. That shows how much she loves imagawayaki. Well, if she doesn't receive this much damage, she will never learn. This is a good medicine.

"Ginette-chan. I'll give you another present, so please don't cry!" (Estella)

"No, it's fine. I brought this upon myself...." (Ginette)

       Ginette seems to have reflected on her stupidity. I’m quite satisfied with the result.

"I mean, Yashiro! Does this means Ginette-chan had no chance of winning from the start?" (Estella)

       Estella vented her misplaced anger on me after seeing Ginette half-crying.

"Of course, it's possible for Ginette to win this using the simplest and straightforward approach!" (Yashiro)

"Then what was she supposed to do!?" (Estella)

Now then, I'll teach Estella and Ginette, who don't seem to understand, this very simple answer.

"It's simple, she should have refused the test. The imagawayaki was hers, there's no need to share it with me in the first place." (Yashiro)

"Ah!?" (Ginette / Estella)

"If you only see the world that exists within the field that your opponent has set, your own world will be turned upside down." (Yashiro)

       Estella and Ginette turned silent as they listened to my valuable lecture. The only thing left was a sweet lingering aftertaste that spread in my mouth.

Let's go eat the freshly baked one next time.



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