Isekai Sagishi

The Other World Con Artist's Management Techniques

Oba Yashiro, the notorious con artist who made his name known throughout Japan.

His life burned out in bad luck, and he was reborn in a big city where you can't lie. In this world where liars are turned into frogs by the Spirit God who hates lies, Yashiro makes use of his silver tongue and the skills he cultivated as a con artist to rise up.

The story of a hero who was reborn in a different word, using his modern knowledge and quibble as weapons to help a big-breasted beautiful girl in rebuilding a destitute restaurant and improving the living environment of the bottommost district.


Author: Takumi Miyaji

Other Title :
Isekai Sagishi no Nanchatte Keiei-jutsu (WN Original)
Isekai Sagishi no Consulting (LN)