Monster Girl 007

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Chapter 7 – Please be Gentle Because This is My First Time

Yeah, impossible. This is too much!

When I was a high school girl in my previous life, I was an otaku with a history of not having boyfriend = age. I also never had boyfriend when I was a saint, but instead I had a fiancé --- the hero.

I was planning to dedicate my very first time to him. However, he cheated on me with that bitch junior of saint apprentice. As if it was not bad enough, now I'm about to be violated by a horde of bee monsters.

The pollen from an unknown male flower would enter my body, make its way to the ovule inside my stomach, and pollinate me. After that, the seeds that would become my offspring would be conceived, and then my life as an Alraune would come to an end.

No, I absolutely hate it!!!

Even when I was betrayed by my companions and killed, I somehow managed to survive, although with the cost of me becoming an Alraune. So, this time, I should manage to survive from the predicament again. Yeah, I'm sure everything will work out somehow in the end.

    I increased the length and the number of my vines using recovery magic. Next I coiled them around my whole body like a cocoon.

Here is the strategy: Treasure Your Life! I mean, against this number of opponents, there's no better strategy than putting everything on the defense.

No matter how many vines increased, I'm not confident I can take on hundreds of Zornbienes at the same time as expected. I might be managed to do something if it's just dozens of them.

    The horde of Zornbiene came clinging to the cocoon of vines just I had predicted. I could also hear the sound of them started gnawing on my vines.

No problem. This is still within my calculation. I can just keep growing them back and fill the gap. This should be enough to prevent the Zornbienes from reaching my body. Let's turn this into a battle of endurance. I won't give up my chastity so easily.




I'm getting thirsty....

Instead of magical power, this body of Alraune seems to consume water to cast recovery magic. I get thirsty every time I regenerate my vines because of that. I need some water. I wonder if it will end soon....




H-Hey, how long are you going to do this?

I have a feeling it's already been a few hours. Just give up and go home. The queen bee, your lord, is surely waiting for you to return. Go home early and have dinner with your family.




Say, isn't the situation kinda bad!?

There is not enough water. The number of my vines is less compared to the beginning, and their re-growth rate is gradually slowing down as well. It's only matter of time before the defense of my vines cocoon get breached.

What should I do? Even if I start to go on offensive now, I don’t see any chance of winning. Forget about defeating all of them, I lose if even one of them touched my body.

How can I make them go home while preventing them from touching my body at the same time? Go think of something, Me!

To begin with, how did I end up in this situation? I guess it was all started when one of them got lured by my honey. In that case, wouldn't they be satisfied and go home if I just give it to them?

    I brought one of my vines to my mouth and smeared it with my honey using my tongue. When I stretched this honey-smeared vine out of the cocoon, I could feel the swarm of Zornbienes flying towards it in ordered manner.

Oh!? Their reception is better that I expected.

Great, let’s keep this up!

    I made another honey-smeared vine, I stretched the honey-smeared vine out of the cocoon, the Zornbienes started to gather around it to collect the honey --- and so it went on like an infinite loop.

    Then, when the water and honey in my body all dried up and my vision started to spin, I noticed that the signs of life outside the cocoon had disappeared. I fearfully peeked the outside to check the situation and found out that the sky had turned completely dark.

It’s already night before I knew it….

The Zornbienes…. are nowhere to be seen…. I survived…?

Yeah, I did it!

I made it out of the crisis unscathed.

My vines are indeed in tatter after being bitten, stabbed, and licked all over. However, since my main body --- this female body, is unscathed, it’s not exaggerating to say this is my complete victory.

Anyway, I'm so tired I'm getting sleepy. But above all, I'm very thirsty. I wonder if it will rain soon….

    With such thoughts in mind, I closed the corolla in preparation for going to bed. I fell asleep not long afterwards due to all the tension left my body. I had no idea at that time that the crisis was not over yet.




    The next morning, when I opened my corolla as I woke up, I found several Zornbienes were already waiting for me.

G-Good morning, everyone….

I haven't seen you since yesterday. I mean, I have never expected you would come to see me again this soon. I guess you like my honey so much that you couldn’t stop thinking about me. I feel honored, but I don't want to see you ever again if possible.

I wonder if I should just accept my fate and let them to pollinate me….

    As my last-ditch struggle, I smeared some honey on the vine, stretched it towards the Zornbienes, and joined my hand together in front of my chest to implore them to go home after this.

    The Zornbienes started collecting the honey quietly. When the honey on my vine had been cleanly collected, they stayed in the air as if waiting for something. Then, something unusual happened.


I didn't know Zornbiene could make such a sound. I mean, are you perhaps talking to me? I don’t understand bee language. My guess is they’re asking for more honey.

Sorry, but I'm already exhausted. You can see the corolla I'm so proud of is waning and losing its brightness. Even the bulb of my lower body is shriveled and its mouth turned into a frown.

    I didn't know if my full-bodied wounded appeal had gotten through. The Zornbienes quietly went deep into the forest.

So, umm…. am I saved…?

    When I was wondering why I wasn't attacked, the Zornbienes came back.

Already!? It's only been a few minutes. I can't produce honey even if I want to because I still haven't recovered yet.

    The Zornbienes suddenly dropped something in front of me who started to panic. That solid object hit the ground with a thud.

This is.... a wild boar...?

    What the Zornbienes dropped was a boar monster called Wahnschwein.

Are you giving this to me?

Does that mean it's a present?

    When I turned my troubled gaze to the Zornbienes, they floated up and down as if nodding.

I wonder if they want me to eat this so I can get well soon and give them honey again. This is unbelievable. However, given the situation, I can't think of any other intention.

    While suspecting it was actually a trap, I decided to eat the Wahnschwein with gratitude.


Yeah, there doesn't seem to be any problem.

    The Zornbienes who saw me swallowing the Wahnschwein left somewhere with satisfaction.

Speaking of which, I've read about the coexistence between bees and flowers in nature. When bees are collecting nectar and pollen from flowers, they are helping the flower to pollinate. I'm sure it's called a symbiotic mutualism. I guess the same can be said for the bee monster --- Zornbiene, and the plant monster --- Alraune.

The Zornbiene feed on my honey. So rather than forcing me as an enemy to squeeze it out of me, they have chosen to establish a friendly relationship with me. However, since they already know that I don't want to be pollinated, they give me food instead in return for the honey. I can only think so.

I wonder if my honey has that much appeal.

There must be something that only I couldn't understand.

    The Zornbienes came back again and then started swirling around me.

Oh, are you perhaps guarding me? This makes me feel like a princess guarded by knights

Speaking of princess, when I was a high school girl in Japan, I remember that there was a girl student who was treated like a princess by her fellow club members because she was the only girl member in that club. That's the kind of image I have right now.

I don't want to be a princess of the club, but if it's a princess of the forest, I might consider it. I mean, even I look like this now, I'm still a former duke's daughter, a genuine princess.

    And so, on the condition I provide them with my honey, I and the Zornbienes established some kind of friendship.

This is the first time I made friends since I became an Alraune. They are bees, though.




PS: Please keep in mind that our heroine can't use magic, so her recovery magic is actually not a magic, but some kind of ability.


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