Monster Girl 003

Chapter 3 - I'm a Former Saint Plant Monster Girl and This is Honey-Loving Perverted Bear

Laubbär --- that is the name of bear monster in front of me. A ferocious monster feared by humans with the characteristic blade-like horn growing from its forehead.

It's said that Laubbär's sharp claws can easily cut down large trees and its jaws are strong enough to bite through the armor of armored soldiers.

Laubbär is supposed to be as big as a dump truck and taller than the surrounding trees. However, this Laubbär is smaller and shorter, so perhaps it's still a cub.

    Still locking on me, the Laubbär twitched its nose and drooling like a dog.

My guess is that this Laubbär was lured by sweet honey from my body. Maybe it smells so delicious that it couldn't help but looking for the source. I wonder if I can make a living in the city as a honey seller. That's if I'm not subjugated as a monster.

Anyway, isn't the situation really bad? This bear is completely looking at me as a prey. Please spare me from being licked all over.

Though this bear came for my honey, there's no guarantee it won't hurt me. The problem is even if I want to escape, I can't escape because I don't have legs. Being a plant is so inconvenient at times like this,

    I tried to threaten Laubbär by opening the bulb's mouth wide.

Yeah, this bear won't stop.

I can tell from this distance that this bear's eyes full of madness. I can also feel his determination to get the honey no matter what it takes. Does my honey smell that delicious to you? If nothing is done, my body will be preyed upon by this honey-crazed bear....

Alright, I've made up my mind. Let's fight this Laubbär!

From what I know, Alraune uses the nectar that springs from its body to lure humans and animals into captivity and then prey on them for sustenance. In other words, there must be a way for an Alraune to fight the enemies.

The only weapons I have right now are the vines that extend from the bulb. Let's try to restraint the Laubbär's for the time being.

Go, vine muscles!

    I tried to attack the Laubbär with my vines like a certain pocket monster, but it could be avoided easily.

This bear is faster than I thought. But the main reason my attack missed is because I still haven't mastered the control of my vines yet.

    The distance between us was gradually reduced.

If I can't compete in speed, I will make this Laubbär stop moving and then catch it.

My house in the previous life was in the countryside. When I was little, I used to go on adventures in the back mountain, or go fishing with my dad in the river.

So here is the plan; I will use my vine like a fishing rod to catch the bear. The bait is of course my own honey.

    I brought one of my vines in front of my face and smeared it with my drool.... I mean, with my honey. When I extended that vine toward the Laubbär, it became docile and started licking my honey-smeared vine like some kind of drug addict.

This is quite off-putting as expected….

That honey is technically my drool. I don't have that kind of fetish. In addition, my vines also tactile. The feeling of being licked is unpleasant.

In any case, let's restraint this honey-crazed perverted bear while I have the chance.

    However, the perverted bear desired more honey and started thrashing around like a child throwing a tantrum. Its sharp claws tore through the epidermis of my vines, sending the chloroplasts inside flying through the air.


    There was no blood, but a sensation of pain was transmitted to me. However, maybe because it was just vines, the pain was not severe.

This is the first time I've ever felt pain with this body of Alraune. That caught me off guard.

    Perhaps because of that, purple powder was sprayed from the corolla around my waist. The purple powder danced in the air for a while and then rained down on the perverted bear who had become a tyrant.

    Then, to my surprise, as if a baby had fallen asleep from exhaustion, the perverted bear suddenly collapsed while spewing foam from its mouth.

Oh, are you perhaps tired? Good night........

I mean, what the heck!?

The purple powder from before is poisonous pollen, isn't it?

That's scary!

I apparently have poisoned this perverted bear to death. Maybe I'm stronger than I thought? I'm feeling a little more confident now.

The crisis is gone. Next is what to do with this perverted bear corpse. Speaking of which, I'm feeling strangely hungry from all the physical exertion.

    Lack of nutrition. Not enough energy. My wild instincts were telling me to prey on the perverted bear.

I guess the answer is already clear. The carnivorous plants catch insects and prey on them, so there's no reason for Alraune, a plant-type monster, to not doing the same thing. However, my ego as a former human is refusing to do it.




This is not good.

My body seems to be under-nourished more than I imagined.

There's no other choice.

I'm sorry, Mr. Perverted Bear.

    While apologizing in my heart, I used my vines to drag the perverted bear body into the bulb's mouth and then swallowed it whole.

Now that I have secured the perverted bear inside my stomach, all I need to do is to wait for it to dissolve in digestive juice.

The perverted bear's body is covered with poison, but since the poison came from my own body to begin with, it won't harm me. There's nothing to worry.

Even so, I've never thought of eating a bear raw when I was a human, but now that my body has become a plant monster, I don't feel as disgusted as I used to be.

The fact that the perverted bear is not chewed by the human mouth, but swallowed by the bulb's mouth, is probably the biggest factor. I don't feel like really eating it.

    I felt that the body of perverted bear gradually melted and being absorbed as nutrients.

It's okay, Mr. Perverted Bear. I was once covered in digestive juices like that before, so I understand your feeling. Your body will melt and disappear, but don't worry, you will live in my memory.

But this is still not enough….

This hunger cannot be satisfied with just one bear cub. I’m also still under-nourished. My guess is it used a lot of energy when a body of human and a body of plant monster fused. This makes me realize once again that I’ve quit being a human.

I wonder what would everyone in the kingdom think if they found out that I was doing this kind of thing to live. I'm sure there would be a lot of things to say.

Oh well, it doesn't matter anymore. I can't accept all of the reality yet, but I do understand this much:

I'm a plant and a monster.

I'm no longer a saint, but an Alraune.

From now on, I will live modestly like a plant.

Calm, gentle, and graceful like a flower.




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