Maou-sama V2C8

Chapter 8 - Interrogation

"Mittor, my lunch. It’s already noon." (Fell)

"Look at the situation. It's not the time to talk about lunch, is it?" (Mittor)

    Mittor told me off with a tired expression.

No matter what situation is, eating is important. Or are you telling me that elves can live without food? Then again, I understand his point. I don't want to be told that demons are selfish. Let's be patient a little while longer.

    The elves handcuffed the three sisters and gathered them in one place. The two who fought me haven't regained their consciousness. The other one that the elves defeated was still conscious. However, her face suddenly turned pale when our eyes met.

    Looking around, I saw the appearance of three human men who were put on the trial with me had changed to that of elves before I knew it.

I wonder if it was some kind of illusion magic. Though their appearance has returned to its original state, it seems like their consciousness has not. Perhaps a mental interference magic was also used.

"Captain, what should we do now?" (Mittor)

"First carry the real elders to the bed in the nearby vacant house. I will think what to do with the humans later. For the time being, let's put them inside the Millennial Tree prison. Get ready to go back!" (Captain)

"What about Fell?" (Mittor)


    Hearing Mittor's question, the captain guy seemed to be thinking about something. His eyebrows suddenly furrowed.

He looks rather displeased….

"It's pointless even if we put her inside the prison. Take off the handcuffs and let her be for the time being." (Captain)

Even if my magic power is being suppressed by the effect of the handcuffs, I can still use teleportation. Did he finally realize that it was pointless?

    Following to the captain guy's order, Mittor searched for the keys in the clothes of the elders. He then removed what was left of the handcuffs from my wrists.

I don't know whether the handcuffs were invented by the human race or by the elf race, but they sure came up with something interesting. Let’s tell the Development Department about it later. I wonder if the captain guy will let me have the handcuffs I broke….

"All right, now go prepare my lunch, I'm starving!" (Fell)

"You're really persistent. Just be patient till we get back to the place where we had spent the night yesterday." (Mittor)

That's quite far! Hasn't anyone ever told you that you can't go to the battle on an empty stomach? The battle is already over, though.




    We returned from a place called Eternal Garden to the place where we had spent the night yesterday. Immediately, I made Mittor prepare a meal and ate it.

His cooking tastes so-so like usual, but it helps. I can eat in peace without worrying about my facial expression.

Now then, what will happen to me after this? I believe I have proven my innocence. In the first place, who are those three sisters? Maybe they're the ones responsible for the withered World Tree. If that’s the case, then what exactly did Maou-sama do to the World Tree? The questions are piling up one after another.

"Do you know who those humans are?" (Fell)

"No, I have no idea. I feel like I've seen them somewhere, though." (Mittor)

    Mittor tried to remember something, but nothing came to his mind.

He is useless.

"I just need to make them talk. I’m going interrogate them." (Captain)

This captain guy is pretty savage for an elf. No, maybe he's like this because his sense of responsibility is just too high. Those human should be extra careful. Something seems to have been accumulating inside his head due to the matter of Thought Guidance.

"Hey, I know that you are awake. Now answer my questions!" (Captain)

    The captain guy spoke to the three sisters inside from outside the prison. The two people I defeated seemed to have regained their consciousness as well.

"Who are you? You are not just apple thieves, right?" (Captain)

"Do you really think I will answer that question?"

    One of the three sisters, the sword user, said so with a provocative smile on her face.

Maybe she’s the eldest sister. I got the leader vibe from her, after all.

"Then, it's death penalty. But are you fine with that?" (Captain)

Do they like death penalty so much? I dislike blood-loving elves. When I read about them in the book, elf was described as a race that loved to play with fairies and spirits. Is there dark elf's blood mixed in them?

“Since we will be executed anyway, we have more reasons to not give you any information.”

Either she isn’t afraid of death or she’s confident that she can safely escape from this place. It's likely the later.

"By the way, the demon over there, can you tell me your name?"

Her interest seems to have changed to me. But before asking people to introduce themselves, you should introduce yourself first. Well, nothing will proceed at this rate. Let’s introduce myself first.

"I'm Fell. What's your name?" (Fell)

"Do you think I will tell you?"

Is she making a fool of me? Even though I tried to be polite towards her. Yeah, I will just see it myself. I don't need to be reserved since she is an enemy.

"Your name is Ur, huh." (Fell)

    After a moment of surprise, Ur began to think hard about something.

"Was that analytical magic...? No, I didn't feel a flow of magic power from her. Then, Appraisal Skill? Now that's troublesome...." (Ur)

It's neither, but I don't want to bother correcting her. In any case, it's time to collect some information. First I need to find out if they really have a way to escape from the confinement.

How about using Shadow Movement? Nah, that can only be used to move the user, and the distance is also limited. Hmm….

Hold on, why do I care if they run away? I realized it during the fight, this is a problem between the elves and these humans. I'm unrelated party and I'm not interested either. It doesn't make a sense to work harder than the elves to solve this problem.

Yeah, let’s not get involved with them. Just in case, I will put marker on these humans using my search magic.

"Now that I think about it, I'm just an outsider here. Do whatever you want with them without involving me." (Fell)

    Everyone made a stunned expression after hearing my declaration.

"So, are you saying you couldn't care less about them even after they tried to kill you? You are really something else, Fell." (Mittor)

    Mittor exclaimed amusingly.

"They wouldn't be able to kill me with that level of ability in the first place. I don't consider them as a threat, so yeah, whatever." (Fell)

    Hearing that, Ur bit her lips in frustration.

She might be considered strong in human standard. However, that level of strength is nowhere near enough to defeat a demon in one-on-one battle. If her opponent is me, she must be as strong as that hateful woman at least.

"She is right. This is a problem between the elves and these humans." (Captain)

The captain guy seems to have agreed with me. Even if we are incompatible, I guess we can still come to an agreement sometimes.

"I will ask once again, who are you people?" (Captain)

“Like what I said before, I will not give you any information.” (Ur)

"Fine. I will decide what to do with you after the elders wake up." (Captain)

I want to tell him to make a decision before the elders wake up, but since I'm just an outsider, I will refrain from saying it.

"Captain, what to do now?" (Mittor)

"The elders apparently won't wake up until tomorrow. Okay, we are going to stay overnight here today. Make preparations for setting up tents. To prevent the humans from running away, three people.... no, four people should always keep an eye on them." (Captain)

    The elves nodded and started the preparation. Just as I was wondering what to do, the captain guy spoke to me.

"Your charges have not been cleared yet. However, since it looks like you have no intention of running away, we won't restrain you. Just make sure to stay within our field of vision. Mittor, you're in charge of her!" (Captain)

"I won't run away as long as you feed me properly. However, if you guys are neglecting my meals, maybe I will start rampaging." (Fell)

    The captain guy uttered "heh" and then laughed for some reason.

I didn't say anything funny, did I?

"It's rare for Captain to laugh. I saw it for the first time." (Mittor)

Is it rare? That doesn't make me happy, though.




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