Maou-sama V2C5

Chapter 5 - Apple Thieves

    Several pillars of light poured down from above. I figured it was already morning and got up from my bed.

The sunlight is coming through the gaps between the branches and leaves --- such a fantastic sight. This would be perfect if there were fairies or spirits around. More importantly, I'm hungry....

"Oi, Mittor! It's morning. Give me a breakfast!" (Fell)

    I called to Mittor who was soundly sleeping outside the prison. Getting no response, I tried to look for stones or something that I could throw at him. However, there were no such things inside the prison.

"Hmm!? Fuaah~ Oh, Fell. You’re awake!" (Mittor)

    Unsteadily, Mittor got up while rubbing his eyes.

"I'm hungry. Prepare breakfast. I like egg dishes, by the way." (Fell)

"No one is asking about your preference! Fell is acting like a boss despite the situation you are in." (Mittor)

"I'm innocent, after all." (Fell)

Even if Maou-sama did something, I did not. I haven't heard anything from Maou-sama, so they couldn't accuse me as an accomplice either. I'm totally innocent in this case.




    I had finished my breakfast that tasted so-so.

I want to go back to the village and eat Nia's cooking. If no one was watching, I would eat the bento for breakfast. Now then, let's review today's schedule.

I was told that I would meet the elders today, but when is the exact time? My prediction is around noon since the elders had gone to sleep even before the sun set yesterday. I will confirm it with Mittor just in case.

"By the way, what are our plans for today?" (Fell)

"You and the apple thieves will be brought before the elders. The time will be before noon, I guess." (Mittor)

I still have a lot of time. Speaking of which, there was a group of humans who rubbed their sins on me. I wonder if they're also being confined around here.

"What kind of people those apple thieves are?" (Fell)

"I don't know much about them. My job was only to take Fell to our village, after all. I only heard the three of them were caught red-handed stealing apples." (Mittor)

I hope they're not thinking they will be left unscathed after defaming me. I won't go as far as killing them, but they must be prepared to taste some pain.

Putting that aside, this reminds me of my other objective. Perhaps it's possible to secure the supply of apples.

"You live outside the forest, right?" (Fell)

"Yeah. I'm usually based in a small town in the Ruhara Empire." (Mittor)

The Ruhara Empire? That's on the opposite direction of this forest.... Oh well, there's nothing to lose. I will try asking.

"Can you sell apples to the Sodogora Village?" (Fell)

"Hou? Do you want apples?" (Mittor)

"Yeah, they're delicious! I ate them without knowing that the apples belong to the elves. Just to be clear, I didn't mean to steal. If they're for sale, I will gladly buy them." (Fell)

There are quite a few small silver coins. I don't know the price of apples, but I should have enough money to buy some.

"Hmm, that might be a little difficult.... I do need money since I live in the human town. However, those who live in the Elven Forest don't need it." (Mittor)

I see. Money is useless for the elves. How about barter?

"I got it. Let's barter them with holy sword!" (Fell)

    Hearing that, Mittor made a funny expression before started laughing.

"The holy sword can only be used by the hero. It's meaningless for the elves since only human can become one." (Mittor)

I swear, this thing is really useless. I want to throw it away as soon as possible.

"In that case, what should I barter?" (Fell)

"Let's see.... I think they will be happy to exchange the apples with the other foodstuffs. The elves grow vegetables themselves and meat is not a popular ingredient. Those two are out of the question. I’m sure something sweet will be popular!" (Mittor)

I obtained good information. Sweets, huh? Let's ask Nia later.

"Next is jewelry and beautiful ornaments. The elves are basically skilled in handicrafts, but since we don't have advanced processing technology, hand-made ornaments or jewelry can also be used for exchange. However, not something flashy, but something that gives off a simple and rustic feeling. I'm talking from my real experience here. If you want to give presents to women------" (Mittor)

    I stopped listening halfway through since it was not important.

Speaking of jewelry, I remember a diamond named Hope. It's a beautiful diamond with a little curse that brings death to its owner. I didn't bring it this time, but I'm sure it was somewhere inside the treasure vault.

"Not right away, but I think I can prepare something suitable. At that time, will you come to the Sodogora Village to sell apples?" (Fell)

"There's a cute girl in that village, I don't mind being a middleman." (Mittor)

Yeah, I will close my eyes on his personality as long as I can secure the supply of apples.

"Well, everything depends on the elders' judgement today. I don't have the authority to sell the apples in the first place. You should get permission from the elders first." (Mittor)

I see. This might be a good chance. Normally, it will be difficult to meet with the elders, but since I'm going to meet them today, I will bring up about this topic while I'm at it and negotiate. I'm suddenly getting motivated.

"I'm sure you don't need to be reminded, but prove your innocence first. The talk about apples comes after that." (Mittor)

Oh, I forgot!




    When I was thinking about how to negotiate with the elders, the captain came with three men who were handcuffed like me in tow.

"These guys are the apple thieves. Do you know them?" (Captain)

I wonder what's going on with them. Their eyes look somewhat vacant as though their minds are somewhere else. But even if I ignore their conditions, I still don't know who they are. I've never seen them in Sodogora Village.

"I don't know who they are. By the way, did you do something? They look somewhat absent-minded to me." (Fell)

"I only put handcuffs on them to suppress their magic power, and nothing more. They have been like this since two days ago. I thought you did something to them." (Captain)

What could I have done? Don't go accusing me without proofs! Then again, their conditions are clearly abnormal. Did someone drug them? Okay, let's take a better look.


What does this mean...?


"Just to make sure, are these guys really the humans who stole apples?" (Fell)

"That's right." (Captain)

"Are you sure?" (Fell)

"You're getting annoying. There's no doubt about it!" (Captain)

"No, I mean, these guys are...." (Fell)

    The captain raised his hand, signaling me to not interrupt him. He then nodded on something.

Did someone contact him using telepathy?

"It looks like the elders are ready. If you have something to say, say it over there." (Captain)

Are you sure? I was about to say something very important just now. Never mind. It has nothing to do with me.... No, maybe it's not unrelated. I will just wait and see for the time being.

    Mittor unlocked the door, so I got out of the prison.

Now then, let's see how things unfold.




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