Maou-sama V2C27

Chapter 27 - Dream

    On the way back to the inn, I looked towards the village entrance and found that the repairs had almost been completed.

That was quick! Moreover, the gate looks more splendid than before.... I mean, is that an arch? Never mind. I don't want to interfere too much. In any case, it seems the yellow moving plants have finished their work. Let's ask again.

    I called out to a yellow moving plant who seemed to be free.

"You there!" (Fell)

[Please call me Ground-to-Air Sunflower MK3.]

What are you saying? And what happened to MK1 and MK2?

    Out of curiosity, I checked the sunflower(?) in front of me with my Mystic Eyes.

I don’t get it, but there's no doubt that Ground-to-Air Sunflower MK3 is really this guy’s name. Or rather, a named monster? Normally, monsters had to go through process called evolution to acquire a name.

    When I was still confused, one mandragora and one alraune separated themselves from their groups and greeted me.

[I’m Alraune Type-98.]

[I’m Mandragora Wrath]

I wonder what kind of evolution they had gone through to become like this. Or is this the effect of the Fertility Dance? Is the meaning of fertility different from what I know?

    The three named monsters who introduced themselves to me appear to be the leader of their respective species. In addition, they're apparently fighting for territory in my borrowed field, and the Third Field War will be coming soon.

In other words, they've done it twice without my knowledge. I just hope they won’t invade the other fields. Oh well, everyone seems to be loyal to my slime's orders and listen to what I say for now....

Hmm, for now? I was the one who prepared the seeds, though. Never mind, thinking too deeply will only give me a headache. I will leave them alone

By the way, when I asked if I could get some sunflower seeds, I was told that it was no good because they were very important forces or something.

“*sigh*.... The food situation in the demon world doesn’t seem to be improving at all….” (Fell)




    I returned to the inn and decided to relax until dinner time. I was tired and didn't feel like moving my body too much. Via was in the same condition, so we chatted while killing time. On the other hand, Yato had started cleaning up the dining room as soon as he returned.

Yato is so full of energy.

    Then, after some time had passed, Dia arrived at last.

"Everyone is terrible! You can't just leave me alone behind!" (Dia)

"Listen, there are something called cause and effect in this world. Now then, think carefully about why did this happen to you." (Fell)

    Dia took a seat at our table and started massaging her legs.

Don't worry. They're not broken.

"I thought I could finally make a lot of money this time...." (Dia)

"Is there only money inside your head?" (Fell)

I don't say it's bad, but show a little restraint at least.

"Now that I think about it, Dia-chan always talked about earning a big money. What are you going to use it for?" (Via)

    Uncharacteristically of her, Dia showed an embarrassed expression.

How revolting.

“Should I tell you? Hey, do you want me to tell you?” (Dia)

Annoying. I'm not interested, but her face is clearly saying she wants us to hear it.

"You're irritating. Just hurry and speak up!" (Fell)

"Well, actually, I want to open a tailor shop. Being a beautiful receptionist at the adventurer guild is just a temporary job until I earn enough money for that." (Dia)

Don’t boldly call yourself a beautiful receptionist. Speaking of which, she said something similar in the Elven Forest. I don’t know whether she was being serious or just messing around.

“That’s amazing! I will definitely buy clothes from Dia-chan’s shop at that time!” (Via)

"Thank you, Via-chan. I will make it 10% cheaper with a friend discount." (Dia)

Only 10% discount? Don’t be stingy to your friends!

"Come to think of it, you're pretty good at sewing.... So, are you planning to sell ordinary clothes? Or maybe equipment for adventurers?" (Fell)

"I guess both. Oh, if you bring me some cloth or leather, I can use them to make clothes or equipment for you free of charge. This will also serve as practice for me." (Via)

First do your job as a receptionist properly! But we are talking about Dia here. Maybe she purposely came to the adventurer guild in this village because there’s almost no works here.

"Well, do you best as long as it's not causing me trouble." (Fell)

"Then, I will become a great wizard! I want help those who can't use magic like me!" (Via)

    For some reason, Via also started talking about her dream.

This flow.... is this where everyone tells about their dreams?

"How about your store?" (Dia)

"That was the only thing I could do before.... However, I'm different now! If I use the magic tools I created, I will become like a wizard!" (Via)

Via told me about the promise she made to her parents before. Well, good luck there, too.

“Hey, what about Yato-chan? What do you want to do in the future?”

    Dia asked Yato who was cleaning up the floor nearby.

Don’t disturb her work!

"The current policy of demon world is to establish a friendly relationship with the human race, ~nya. In line with that goal, I also want to improve the status of beastfolk race in this world, ~nya. However, I don't have any concrete ideas on how to do that at the moment, ~nya." (Yato)

I see. Yato is thinking about a lot of things as well. The demon race invaded this world in the past, so it's not strange if the human race still hostile toward us. However, from the beginning, the beasfolk race is being persecuted by the human race.

"Yato-chan, it's idol! You should become an Idol Adventurer! I will become your producer!" (Dia)

"Idol Adventurer, ~nya?" (Yato)

Yato seems to show an interest.... will she be all right? This is a suspicious business, after all.

"Don't worry! All you need is just a little courage! Furthermore, I know that Yato-chan is a diamond in the rough since the first time we met. You will shine after some polishing! I'm only saying this to you, believe me!" (Dia)

You said something similar to me before. Or rather, Yato was there, too.

"Yato-chan, the customers will start coming soon." (Nia)

"Yes, I'm sorry, ~nya! Then, the talk is over, ~nya. I'm going back to my work, ~nya." (Yato)

    Yato grabbed the mop and went back to cleaning.

"Please don't try to solicit my subordinate into your shady business." (Fell)

"This is not shady! This is a proper business!" (Dia)

That sounds like something fraudster would say. Oh well, Yato is a proper adult. I'm sure she can judge what is good and bad for herself.

"Okay, sorry, sorry. I got a little carried away. I won't force her, so don't worry. I just thought it was such a waste since Yato-chan has what it takes to become an idol. Well, anyway, it’s Fell-chan's turn to tell us about your dream for the future. Are you going to continue to work as an adventurer or conquer the human world?" (Dia)

Why do I have to choose between those two options? But speaking about my dream for the future, I've never thought about such a thing. My path had already been set in stone until a few months ago, after all.

I'm serving as Maou-sama's aide and a member of advance party to establish a friendly relationship with the human race right now. When this mission is accomplished, I wonder what would happen to me.

Speaking of dreams, they're something you want to do, right? Something I want to do.... Something I want to do....

I want to continue serving Maou-sama by his side, after all. However, if he ordered me to return to the demon world, I will obey and return to the demon world. In the end, it’s not something I can decide by myself.

"What's wrong, Fell-chan? You've been silent for a while now." (Via)

"I thought about what I wanted to do, but there was nothing in particular." (Fell)

"Eh!? Then, what about your hobbies? They say it's not good to turn a hobby into a job, but I don't care, I'm going to become a seamstress." (Dia)

Hobby? I like reading books, so I guess that’s my hobby. However, is there a job where all I have to do is reading the books I like? Something like a book critic, maybe? Let's try to look at this matter from a different perspective.

How about writing a book? I'm keeping a diary now, but it might be fun to put together a book about Maou-sama and distribute it in the demon world. This is not a job, but more like a mission, though.

"Maybe I will write a book." (Fell)

"You are going to write a book? That’s amazing! I will definitely buy it!" (Via)

Via seems to be looking forward to it so much, but I wonder if a human like her will find enjoyment from reading a book about Maou-sama. Or rather, this is not for sale. This is a book that honors Maou-sama, after all.

"I don't know when will it be finished, but when I have spare time, I will try to write little by little." (Fell)

My main priority right now is to establish a friendly relationship with the human race and resolve the food shortages in the demon world. On top of that, there are still many things I don't know about Maou-sama. I wish I could observe while serving him more closely.




    Dinner time. There was a small feast to celebrate our return. However, I couldn't enjoy the food since the villagers kept pestering me with questions about the elves. When I told them that the elves would be coming to the village soon, and they should ask the elves directly, everyone was extremely excited.

They may be get disillusioned after meeting with Mittor. That's none of my business, though.

    Finally released, I went back to my room.




    I sprawled on the bed after washing myself clean. I wanted to sleep just like that, but I still haven’t written a diary yet.

I want to write about Maou-sama, but nothing comes to mind. It's not like I have to write about him. However, this also serves as a training to write a book. Let's try a bit harder.

    I started writing while recalling the recent events in my mind

I've been able to gain a certain level of trust from the elves, and secure a route to procure apples at the same time. From the third party's perspective, this might look like a match-pump approach since we gained their trust by solving the problem we had caused ourselves.

I have to barter the apples for something the elves want next time. I will likely be able to buy them from Via as well, but I still don’t know how much one apple costs. I'll have to get a new job soon and make some money. I wonder if the bandits will come to attack this village again in the near future.

What is Dean and the group plan to do from now on? I'm not interested, I just want to make sure I won't get involved with them again. The problem is the strategic class magic tool. Should do something about it for the elves? If because of this the apples become unavailable, or the elves were killed, I won't be able to sleep peacefully anymore. This might be a good idea to at least gather some more information.

Finally, it's about Maou-sama. I was surprised that there was the Wise God in the World Tree, and he even defeated him. But the most shocking information is the Wise God was actually not a god. Maou-sama also said the gods do not exist in the first place.

In a book I read a long time ago, it was said that the world is divided into three; the demon world, the human world, and the heaven, which are managed by seven pillars of gods. I wonder why the god unit is called pillar….

In any case, Maou-sama have defeated two of them. Of the remaining five pillars, I only know three of them --- the Goddess, the Dragon God, and the Machine God. Maybe Maou-sama is going to defeat them as well?

There was also Maou-sama's comrade-in-arms in the World Tree. He was already dead when Maou-sama found him, but why was he there in the first place? Speaking of which, Maou-sama told me that the World Tree was built by the humans of the old world....

That's right, Maou-sama's comrade-in-arms looked like a human. Does this mean he is a human from the old world? I'm not really sure, but in the books I read, the so-called old world was the demon world before it was polluted. Let's look into this matter next time I had a chance.

I have a lot of questions, but Maou-sama has given me the honor of being his most trusted demon. First of all, I will do my best to make friends with the human race and gain their trust.

.....and done. Let's go to bed! My sleep was disturbed yesterday and the day before, and today's nap is not enough.

I heard you can fall asleep easily if you count the sheep while closing your eyes. Now that I think about it, isn't it just a charm to calm yourself down? I mean, if you count them in hurry, you will make a lot of mistakes. Never mind, let's try it.

One baphomet.... Two baphomets.... Three baphomets....


Baphomet is goat, isn't it?




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