Maou-sama V2C24

Chapter 24 - The Return Preparation

    Mittor and the captain guy came when I was preparing to go home.

"I’ve brought the apples and jams for souvenirs." (Mittor)

Oh, I've been waiting for this! I had to deal with that boring apology, but now it's worth it.

"Fell, you really saved us this time. I will make sure to pay this debt someday." (Captain)

I’ve had enough of the captain guy in ‘dere’ mode.

“Don’t mind it. I simply proved my innocence and helped in the process. But if you’re grateful, don’t forget to come to the Sodogora Village to sell apples.” (Fell)

"I understand. Mittor will handle it later. Just give us some time." (Captain)

"By some time, you don't mean several years, right?" (Fell)

The elves have a different sense of time from us. I need to be careful.

"You don't have to worry about that. I will dispatch Mittor and several other elves in the next few days. Since we have never done a trade before, I need to make various arrangements first. This won't take long." (Captain)

"Got it. I'm looking forward to it." (Fell)

"I was planning to take you back to the village, but you don't need escorts, do you?" (Captain)

"No, thanks." (Fell)

    I heard a commotion when I was still talking with Mittor and the captain guy. Looked around, I spotted my slimes came with an exceptionally big beetle in tow. I looked twice, but it was not an optical illusion.

I don't want to ask, but…. I need an explanation as expected….

    When I asked my slimes what it was, they gave me a simple answer:

[It's a beetle.]

Hmm, is there something wrong with the way I ask?

    When I asked what were they going to do with the beetle, one of my slime replied with:

[We caught it, so we will take it back to the village.]

Her answer is to the point, which is something I appreciate, but still…. it didn't really explain anything.

"I've never seen a beetle this big before…. This guy seems to be a stray. You can take it home if you want." (Captain)

Don't say anything extra!

    My slimes had already set up a loading platform to the beetle before I could say anything. In addition, they brought various foodstuffs from who-knows-where to be stored inside Yato's subspace.

Where did they get those? There are more souvenirs than what I got.

Yeah, it's better to not think it too deeply.

Let's pretend I didn't see anything.




    Then, as we resumed our preparation, Dean group came this time.

"Too bad we couldn't welcome the elves into our ranks. However, thanks to this we were able to make a connection with someone like you." (Dean)

"It's a bad connection, though." (Fell)

To be honest, I don't want to get involved with these guys ever again.

"Still, you are an adventurer, aren't you? She said you would do anything as long as I submit a request to the adventurer guild." (Dean)

    There was Dia at the end of Dean's line of sight.

I need to have a serious talk with her later.

"I will borrow your strength one day. Please take care of me at that time." (Dean)

"I refuse because it's too much of a bother. Besides...." (Fell)

There’s only us here. I guess I can say it.

“---it's a common sense to lower your head when asking help from someone. I don't know whether you are his body double or his servant, but this is not even worth a consideration." (Fell)

    Ur was surprised for a moment but then smiled. Meanwhile, the other members still had not regained their composure.

"You knew it, after all." (Ur)

Ur seems to be having fun for some reason. I don't get it.

"My apologies. Let's start over.... My name is Dean. Nice to meet you." (Dean*)

    Someone stepped forward and introduced himself as Dean.

Is this boy the real Dean? His age seems to be around 12-13 years old. He is not using illusion magic or the like. I guess it's safe to assume that this is his real appearance.

"He call himself Dean in public and act as my body double because I'm in a position where many people are targeting my life. I don't know where the information might leak, so this is something only the members who are present here know. Though we had tried to deceive you as a result, there was no ill intention whatsoever. I also hope you will keep this matter secret." (Dean*)

Speaking of body double, it's someone who is physically identical, right? These two don't look alike at all. Oh well, I'm sure they have their own circumstances. It's none of my business.

"I'm not interested, so I'm not going to tell anyone." (Fell)

"Thanks. Once again, I hope you would lend me your strength one day." (Dean*)

    Having said that, the real Dean bowed his head.

"I've also learned a lot from you this time. I will always keep your words in my heart." (Dean*)

"Suit yourself. Just remember that my answer is not the answer you are looking for. Whatever you do in the future, do it because it's something you have decided yourself, not because someone told you to do so." (Fell)

"I understand. Let's talk again when the opportunity arises." (Dean*)

"Prepare tasty food. That a prerequisite." (Fell)

"I will remember it." (Dean*)

    Dean smiled a little, turned around, and then walked away. The other members followed him from behind.

This smells like a trouble. I hope I will never get involved with them again in the future. Speaking of which, I forgot to ask about their purpose of going to the World Tree. Oh well, it doesn't matter anymore.




Now then, it looks like everything is ready.

    Everyone was already on board. My slimes who were acting as guards, were also already in their positions, surrounding the loading platform.

Guess I'm the last.

"Thanks for your hospitality. We are going home." (Fell)

"Yeah. I will deliver the apples to the village later, so see you soon." (Mittor)

"Take care." (Captain)

"Hohoho. You can come again at any time."

    The moment I boarded the loading platform, Anri immediately moved to my lap as if something natural.

I won't say anything anymore....

"Then, depart!" (Dia)

    When Dia raised her voice, the beetle started to move.




This beetle is sure fast. The loading platform also doesn't shake too much. There's no inconvenience whatsoever.

"Various things happened this time. I'm glad we can go home safely." (Dia)

"You girls almost ruined everything, though." (Fell)

"Come on, let's not dwell in the past." (Dia)

It was yesterday! By the way, Via has been grinning since a while ago. I wonder what happened with her.

“Ehehehe…. The magic tools I created are well-received by the elves. I’ve traded them with various foodstuffs.” (Via)

Apparently, the magic tools --- the stones that create a blast when hit something, had been sold out. I wonder what will the elves use them for. Maybe arrowheads?

In any case, it turns out that the foodstuffs stored inside Yato's subspace is what Via had traded with her magic tools. I thought my slimes had taken them from the elves without permission. I'm glad I was wrong.

There's not much sunlight because we are inside the woods, but the air is pretty warm today. The loading platform was also shaking quite pleasantly --- a perfect condition for napping.

Yeah, let's take a quick nap.....

"Ouch!" (Fell)

    Anri's head hit my chin the moment I thought so. Looking closely, she had fallen asleep on my lap.

This is because she stayed up late yesterday. Now that I think about it, I feel like I haven't slept well lately. Dean group attacked in the middle of night two days ago. Yesterday, I was also busy clearing the misunderstanding after the night raid led by Anri.

"I'm going to take a nap. Wake me up when we reach the village." (Fell)

    Via, Dia, and Yato had also fallen asleep before I knew it. I was the only one left.

Yeah, I will sleep, too!

There are my slimes on guards, I don't have to worry about attacks.




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