Maou-sama V2C10

Chapter 10 - Sleep Disturbance

    Having finished the so-so dinner made by Mittor, I had nothing else to do and ended up lost in thought.

The elders most likely will wake up tomorrow, and the treatment of Ur and the other two will be decided at that time. That's fine, but Ur's words are still bothering me. I haven't seen the information up to that point, I don't know if what she said was true.

Still, if it turns out that Maou-sama was actually the one responsible for the withered World Tree, does this mean they will be charged with false charge because of him? That will leave a bad aftertaste in my mouth.

I don't want to use my Demonic Eyes too much because it causes a very bad headache. However, I can't reach Maou-sama from here either. I wonder what should I do....

    When I was at lost about what to do, the magic tool for telepathic communication began to quiver. In the covert mode, it would be quivering without sound when someone tries to contact you.

This magic tool is really convenient. I can talk to Maou-sama freely since there's no one around .

"Fell, is this a good time?" (Maou-sama)

"Yes, Maou-sama. There will be no problem." (Fell)

"I was watching from distance. You were involved in something troublesome." (Maou-sama)

"Yes. I actually didn't want to get involved because I thought it was the problem between the elves and those humans. However, since I was about to be condemned, I dealt with it accordingly." (Fell)

For the time being, let's confirm it with Maou-sama. Pretending to be the elders is undoubtedly a serious crime, but perhaps they're really have nothing to do with the withered World Tree.

"I want to conform something------" (Fell)

"I know what you want to ask. This is about the World Tree, right? Yeah, I did it. I just asked a little help, but everything turned out to be like this." (Maou-sama)

Maou-sama is the one responsible for this incident, after all. But a help? To whom did Maou-sama ask for help?

"So that's how it is. By the way, to whom did Maou-sama ask for help?" (Fell)

"Uh, that, yeah, it's just an old acquaintance." (Maou-sama)

How suspicious. My intuition tells me it was a woman. Did Maou-sama ask help from that jerk? No, let's stop. I will be overstepping my bound if I ask any further. I really want to know the identity of that person, though.

"I will restore the World Tree, but to do that, I have to go to there first. Fell, this might be asking too much, but could you create a situation where you can go to the World Tree alone? If Fell goes there, I can join later." (Maou-sama)

"You can restore the World Tree? Understood. I will use it as negotiation material to get permission to go to there alone." (Fell)

"I'm counting on you. Then, see you later." (Maou-sama)

I just received another impossible task from Maou-sama. I feel that the difficulty level of this mission is getting higher and higher. I wonder if I can live up to his expectations. No, I will live up to Maou-sama’s expectations. I will complete this mission perfectly!

Then again, the stress builds up little by little. Once I completed this mission, I will indulge myself in Nia's cooking. Of course, the apples are also included. I'm looking forward to it.

"Fell, were you talking with someone?" (Mittor)

When did he...!?

"Mittor, eavesdropping is not a commendable act." (Fell)

"I came here just to check on you. Well, I did hear you mentioned 'Maou-sama', though." (Mittor)

"I asked Maou-sama if he could restore the World Tree, and he said it was not impossible. Therefore, let me go to the World Tree alone." (Fell)

I don't have Negotiation Skill, so I think it's better to tell him straight. No, it's really not because I don't want to increase my workload.

"For real!? Unfortunately, I don't have such authority. Try telling it to the elders tomorrow. By the way, telling it to Captain will only complicate the problem, so you better not." (Mittor)

"I could imagine it. Okay, I will bring up this topic when I meet the elders tomorrow." (Fell)

Now then, just as I planned beforehand, I will write a diary and go to bed after eating a bento as midnight snack.

"Say, is there a place where I can be alone? I'm a maiden, after all. I was sleeping inside the prison yesterday, but since it's being used now, I don't have anywhere to sleep." (Fell)

"That's what I came here for. Captain told me to find a room.... or rather a house for Fell tonight. Let’s go there now. I won't enter the house, but I will be outside as a watchman." (Mittor)

"Okay, I don’t mind." (Fell)

    I was guided to a certain huge tree with a door attached to it. When I opened the door, I could see the inside of the tree had been hollowed out to create a living space.

There are no windows, but the inside is bright. It seems everyday magic --- Light Bulbs, are automatically deployed on the ceiling. There's a bed, a desk, and even a bathroom. This place looks pretty comfortable for sleeping. My treatment suddenly got better, but can I really use this house? I mean, it seems the elves are going to camp outside.

    When I voiced my thought to Mittor, he told me that I should not feel bad since it was a thank you for saving the elders and an apology for the rough treatment from the captain.

Is he a Tsundere that Dia was talking about before? However, I feel that only female Tsundere are in demand. Not that I care.

"Then, I will gladly use it. Can I lock the door?" (Fell)

"Sure, I don't mind. I'll call you out loud when something happens." (Mittor)

    Having said that, Mittor went out. I locked the door, ate a bento, wrote a diary, washed my body, and went to bed.




    Midnight, I woke up because of the noise from the outside.

Who dares to disturb my sleep? I will burn them to crisp!

"Fell, wake up!" (Mittor)

That's Mittor's voice. I wonder what's going on….

"Fell, we are under attack! Are you all right?" (Mittor)

"I'm fine. I will open the door, so wait a moment!" (Fell)

I'm still in my underwear now. Let's change into my battle (butler) suit.

    I changed my clothes and opened the door. There I found Mittor with a tired expression.

"You seems to be alright. I don't know who they are, but we are being attacked from somewhere. You should be on guard!" (Mittor)

"Calm down! What kind of attack? Monsters?" (Fell)

"I'm not sure, but.... offensive magic is being fired at us from distance. Some of us got injured." (Mittor)

I see. Maybe they're Ur's companions? I will check it using search magic just in case. Hmm, let's limit the search to the humanoid creature.

    I immediately caught a response from 1 km away.

Are they shooting magic from there? I think the firepower and accuracy of magic will decrease a lot.

"My search magic detected two humanoids creature 1 km to the west from here. Is there a possibility they are elves?" (Fell)

"1 km? No, I don’t think so. This is the deepest part of Elven Forest. There should be no elves besides us within a radius of 10 km." (Mittor)

Then, there's no doubt it's them. Even so, they are pretty good for humans. Fired magic from such a long distance and still hit the target.

"I'm not sure, but maybe they are Ur's companions. Their location is around 1 km to the west from where we stand now." (Fell)

“Got it! I will tell Captain immediately!” (Mittor)

"Good luck! Then, I will go back to sleep." (Fell)

Staying up late is bad for my body because it makes me want to eat something. I can't stand hunger, and if I eat at such a time, I will gain weight for sure. Even my fighting spirit will be rendered useless. This is more terrifying than any attack.

"Are you still going to sleep in this situation!?" (Mittor)

"This is a problem between the elves and those humans. I'm unrelated." (Fell)

"But you defeated them. If it's a retaliation, you will be targeted too." (Mittor)

"You can take the credit then." (Fell)

"I don't need it!" (Mittor)

    The moment when I thought it was getting annoying, I saw something flashed in the corner of my field of vision. I immediately pushed back Mittor and jumped backwards myself.

That was close. My clothes seem to be safe somehow. Still, I should have dodged the attack, but I still felt an electric shock hit me. That was Thunder Spear, right? Even though the magic was fired from such a long distance, it was still accurate and powerful. I'm impressed.

"What was that for?" (Mittor)

    Mittor stood up as he raised a protest to me.

"I just saved you from a magic that was aimed at you, so be grateful! Or rather, I also got dragged into that attack because of you." (Fell)

I want to go back to my room soon. I think I can make myself like at home if I set a simple barrier. Yeah, let's do that.

"Hey, hey, the magic just now was aimed at you. The elven brother was the one who got dragged in."

    A muscular man who appeared from who-knows-where suddenly cut into our conversation.

Why is he half-naked in this kind of place? Does his outfit not violate the laws? Or is this considered safe because he's wearing a harness or whatever is that? Oh, that's right. I've read about this kind of people in the book. If I remember it correctly, he is what they call a macho.

However, no matter how I look at him, this guy is not an elf. Is he perhaps one of Ur's companions? He was 1 km away from this place a little while ago. Did he use teleportation? The other one.... has not move from the previous position.

"Oh, is that so? However, I'm just an outsider here. I'll pretend the attack had never happened. I'm going back to sleep, so please excuse me." (Fell)

"You're strong enough to treat Ur like a child, right? Play with me too."

I refuse. Besides, I'm sleepy now. Yeah, let's sleep!

"Got it. I will get ready first, so wait there." (Fell)

    Having said that, I went back to my room.

I didn't specify the time. He can wait forever for all I care.

    I closed the door, locked it, set a protection barrier, and getting ready to sleep.

That's right, I will also cut off all the sound from the outside. Noise is the archenemy of a good night sleep, after all.


Good night....




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