Maou-sama V1C4

Chapter 4 - Elves

Let's do our best again today! First of all, we need to make contact with humans or maybe elves. Although they're supposed to be in this forest, we have never met anyone since we came here.... are they really in this forest?

No, I'm not doubting Maou-sama. This must be part of the test, too. I want to try something, but I will ask Maou-sama's permission first.

"Maou-sama, may I use search magic? I wouldn't not know whether it's human or elf, but I can locate any living creatures around us with it.” (Fell)

"Oh!? You can do that? Sure, go ahead!" (Maou-sama)

Maou-sama seems to be surprised, but I'm sure he is just pretending. He must have been waiting for me to take the initiative.

“Well then, please wait a minute.” (Fell)

For a start, I will limit the search area to one kilometer around us.

There seems no people nearby. Let's try to expand the range a little by a little.

Okay, I detected the presence of three people about five kilometers to the east from our current position. I don't know whether they're humans or elves though. There's also a possibility that they're neither of these two.

"Maou-sama, I detected the presence of people about five kilometers to the east from our current position. Do you want to try to go there?" (Fell)

"Okay. let's go!" (Maou)




    There was nobody around when we arrived to the place where I detected the presence of people through search magic.

There are a lot of footprints. I'm sure they were doing something here before.

"They apparently have left. From the footprints, they seem to wear shoes. It's unlikely that they're monsters." (Fell)

Goblins and orcs do not wear shoes, so their feet are dirty. I've tried to make them wear shoes, but the results were not satisfactory. I wonder if they have some sort of policy about shoes.

Well, at any rate, I don't know who are they or what were they doing in this place. There seems to be nothing peculiar around here.

"Perhaps they were harvesting those." (Maou-sama)

    Maou-sama pointed his finger to the top. Looking at the direction he pointed, I saw several red fruits hanging on the tree.

"Maou-sama, what are those?" (Fell)

I've never seen something like this. Somehow, it smells good.

"Those are apple, a kind of fruit" (Maou-sama)

"This is the first time I saw this fruit." (Fell)

I once ate persimmon and it was bitter. Then again, it was still better compared to the other fruits in the demon world.

"May I try it?" (Fell)

"Yeah, go ahead. Don't mind me." (Maou-sama)

    After receiving a permission from Maou-sama, I plucked one apple and bit on it.

Delicious! What is this!? I can't believe such delicious fruit exists in the human world. I would even wage a war with the human race for this fruit!

"Maou-sama, let's take all the apple trees to the demon world!" (Fell)

"They won't be able to survive in the demon world." (Maou-sama)

    Hearing that, I fell into despair for the first time in my life.

N-No way........

Then, let's take a lot of apples at least! If I store them in my subspace using space magic, I will be able to eat them whenever I want for a while. It's really worth coming to the human world, after all.

"I feel bad for disturbing your happy time, but try to use your search magic once again." (Maou-sama)

Oops. The deliciousness of apple has made me forgot about the surroundings.

    When I used the search magic again, I detected the presence of people about one kilometer to northeast from our current position.

I guess they are the same group from before.

    I explained it to Maou-sama and we immediately headed towards that location.




"Who's there!?"

    When we arrived to that location, those people (elves) immediately pointed their bows to us.

Even though we just called out to them a bit, they look like ready to shoot us at any moment....

"I'm Fell of demon race, and this is---" (Fell)

"Demon? I've never seen one in the last few decades, but what do you want from us?"

    I was asked another question before I had a chance to introduce Maou-sama. Even though those guys were being disrespectful, Maou-sama didn't seem to care and instead beckoned me to ask about the location of human settlement to them.

I see. If Maou-sama asks it directly, the other party might be frightened. You're so kind, Maou-sama.

"Is there a human settlement around here? We want to go there." (Fell)

    The elves started discussing about something among themselves in a low voice.

I wonder what they're talking about....

"Before we answer that, what is your purpose of going to the human settlement? Are you going to destroy it?"

There's an agreement with that jerk, so we won't do such a thing. If we do that, the demon world will be in danger again.

"The demons will not attack humans except to protect themselves --- there's such an agreement. We want to go to the human settlement to establish a friendly relationship with them." (Fell)

    The elves started their discussion again.

"To tell the truth, we couldn't believe your words, but we also couldn't care less about what happens to humans."

    Then, why-did-you-ask!? I was about to shout those words, but I managed to restrain myself.

Good job, Me!

"If it's a human village, there's one in the east. If you keep walking in that direction, you will eventually find a road that's big enough for a horse-drawn carriage to run on it. You will reach that village if you keep following that road."

Oh, we heard a good news at least. It looks like we will be able to make contact with humans before long. The elves are rude but we can get useful information from them. Let's ask about the World Tree while we're at it.

"One more question, do you know the location of the World Tree? If you know, please tell me!" (Fell)

"What are you going to do after knowing the location of the World Tree?"

    The elves set their bows at us again.

I got the feeling they will really shoot us if I give the wrong answer. However, I've only heard that Maou-sama had a little business there. I will try to answer it with something appropriate.

"Hmm, sightseeing...." (Fell)

"Sightseeing? For whatever reason, we won't tell the location of the World Tree to the other race!"

Then, why-did-you-ask!? Talking with these guys is mentally exhausting.

    When I glanced at Maou-sama, he signaled me to not asking information about the World Tree any further.

Okay, the mission completed!

"I see, that's too bad, but there's no helping it. For telling me about the location of the human village, thank you very much." (Fell)

I'm a demon who can say thank you, after all. For Maou-sama, I wouldn't hesitate to prostrate myself if it was necessary.

"I've never dreamed I would be thanked by a demon. I guess there's something that comes with long lifespan.... Changing the topic, have you seen a group of four to five humans?"

"I have never met anyone other than you guys since I came to this world. However, I want to meet humans, that's why I asked about the location of their village." (Fell)

"I see. Those guys stole the blessing of the forest and we are currently pursuing them."

"What do you mean by the blessing of the forest?" (Fell)

"The apple."

"Oh, that delicious fruit? It's not fair that only this world has such a good thing." (Fell)

    Suddenly, I felt hostility from the elves.

".... where did you get the apples?"

"I got it from where you were a couple minutes ago." (Fell)

    Without a warning, an arrow was fired toward my foot.

Oops! That will hurt if it hits.

"What are you doing?" (Fell)

"That's my line! You took something from the Elven Forest without permission!"

Was that place part of the Elven Forest? Or perhaps the whole area on this side is the Elven Forest? How should I know? There was no signboard nor fence after all.

"I have no intention of stealing them and I don't know if this place is the Elven Forest." (Fell)

"All thieves always said that, but.... it doesn't matter anymore. Those who commit crimes in the Elven Forest will be judged by the Elven's laws. Your punishment is a death penalty!"

What a terrible race. Even we demons will hold a trial before deciding a punishment.

    Another arrow was fired, a direct hit course to my head. When I ducked, the arrow hit Maou-sama who was behind me.

"Ouch!" (Maou-sama)

Hey, look at what you have done! I just dodged the arrow that was fired at me. Yeah, it's not my fault that it hit Maou-sama!

    The elves were all surprised.

Maou-sama is sturdy. He is not someone who can be hurt by mere arrow. Fuhahaha, tremble in terror, puny elves!

    When I asked Maou-sama if I were allowed to teach those elves some lessons, he gave me unexpected answer.

"Let's run away!" (Maou-sama)

If Maou-sama were serious, he could obliterate the elves by using only one finger with easy. They're not humans, so it won't violate the agreement.

    When I was thinking about such things, Maou-sama started to run with a tremendous speed.

Maou-sama, so fast!

    I had no choice but started to run as well. I was about to say "I will remember this" before running away, but I stopped because it would make us sounded like sore losers.

    Several arrows were fired towards us again. I didn't want the same mistake happened for the second time, so I caught everything and then thrown them aside. The arrows were aimed at vital points so they were easy to caught.




The elves seem to have lost track of us for the time being. The apples are safe as well. Good!

"Maou-sama, why didn't we fight back?" (Fell)

"I do think that the death penalty is too excessive, but you did take their apples without permission. If we fight back, it will leave a bad impression about demon race." (Maou-sama)

"However, it didn't change the fact that I took their apples without permission. I think their impression of demon race has already bad." (Fell)

"Then, let's apologize together when their anger subsides." (Maou-sama)

I wonder when will that time come. If the elves get angry, it will last for hundreds of years, right?

    After that, we decided to call it a day and set a camp.

Today is such a long day. I will write a diary and go to sleep earlier.




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