Saikyou no Butouka 2-8

Chapter 8 – Incognito

     I went to the clothing store because all my clothes had become too big for me. You must attend the class while wearing the uniform, but I had received a permission to wear casual clothes from Erina-sensei this time.

"Welcome~ Oh, did you come to shop by yourself?"

     When I entered a clothing store with calm atmosphere, a female clerk greeted me with a smiling face.

"Yes. I came by myself." (Ash)

"How admirable~."

"Thank you very much. By the way, where is the children's clothing section?" (Ash)

"The children's clothing section is over there~. Do you want me to take you there~?"

"No. I can go by myself." (Ash)

"You are so smart~."

     Leaving the store clerk, I headed to the children's clothing section alone.

"Hmmm...... There are too many option, I wonder which one should I choose...."

     In the children's clothing department, there was a woman who was seriously choosing the clothes. Dressed in an elegant dress, her face was hidden behind a mask.

I wonder if she will go to a masquerade after this. I'm curious, but it's rude if I keep staring at her like this.

     I ignored the woman and began to look around myself.


     The masked woman was staring at me.

".... umm, do you need something from me?" (Ash)

     I threw that question as I walked towards the masked woman.

"I-I'm not a suspicious person!"

     I stared at the masked woman's face without uttering anything.

"I know it doesn’t sound convincing because coming from someone wearing mask. However, I have a good reason why I couldn't show my face in public. I hope you can understand it."

Is she a celebrity? Her fans will rush in if they find out that she is in this store, and since it may disturb the business here, she is hiding her face.

"Then again, it's rude if I'm not introduce myself. I can't say my real name, but please call me Ai-chan!" (Ai-chan)

     The woman who introduced herself as Ai-chan, crouched down to match my eye level.

"By the way, how old are you?" (Ai-chan)

"I'm three years old." (Ash)

     I told her the age of my appearance since she wouldn't believe me if I told her about my real age.

"Oh, it's perfect! I'm looking for clothes for a three-years-old child right now. Please give me some advice if you don't mind!" (Ai-chan)

"Are you really fine with me?" (Ash)

It seems I will make my three-year-old debut. I don't know if I can give useful advice though.

"Of course, there's no better person than you." (Ai-chan)

I think it's better if she asks the store clerk. However, it seems she prefers to listen to the opinions of a three-years-old child directly.

"I understand. I'll help you as much as I can." (Ash)

     Hearing that, Ai-chan smiled brightly.

"Oh my, you're so reliable. Well then, please excuse me." (Ai-chan)

     Ai-chan stared at my clothes intently.

"Hmm, baggy.... lengthy.... a skirt....  a one-piece, that's it!" (Ai-chan)

     As though received a revelation, Ai-chan went to pick up some clothes.

"This kind of clothes is trending nowadays, isn't it?" (Ai-chan)

     Ai-chan showed me a pure white dress full of confidence.

Is the three-years-old child she mentioned before, a girl?

"The one-piece dress is indeed very popular. I'm sure the recipient will be delighted." (Ash)

     I answered with a confidence.

I saw a lot of girls' clothes at Effa's house. In addition, it's similar to what the quintuplet sisters wore. I'm sure she will like it as well.

"Really? To tell the truth, I'm a little unsure, but if you say so, I will buy it. Well then, how about this?" (Ai-chan)

     Next she showed me a one-piece dress with a lot of frills. It was a cute dress like that of a princess' dress.

"Yup. The recipient will be happy for sure!" (Ash)

"Really? Then, I will buy this one too." (Ai-chan)

"If you still have the budget, maybe you can consider buying some ribbons that match the dresses." (Ash)

"Y-Yeah, ribbon is also trending right now." (Ai-chan)

If we talk about little girl, it has to be ribbon after all.

“Okay, I will buy some ribbons too…. That’s right, if it’s you, what else do you want?” (Ai-chan)

What I want, huh....

"I want clothes, shoes, and maybe some underwear...." (Ash)

"Underwear and shoes, huh. That's a blind spot. Oh, but I don't know the size...." (Ai-chan)

"If the size is wrong, it will hurt the feet." (Ash)

"In that case, I will only buy the underwear. Umm, how about this one?" (Ai-chan)

     Ai-chan picked up a brief.

That's clearly for boys. I'm sure no girls want to wear it.

"I think it's better than that." (Ash)

     I picked up a panty with animal print on it.

This is for a girl after all.

“T-That one!?” (Ai-chan)

     I nodded to the surprised Ai-chan.

"I really recommend this!!" (Ash)

"Oh, I see.... This is also trending nowadays, huh. I will buy this too." (Ai-chan)

"Yes. This will make the recipient happy." (Ash)

     In the end, she bought everything I recommended to her.

"You are really a lifesafer! I wouldn't know what to do if you weren't here. I feel like the burden has been lifted from my shoulder...." (Ai-chan)

"It's all right! The present is filled with your feeling. I'm sure it will be conveyed to the recipient." (Ash)

     Hearing that, Ai-chan smiled with relief.




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