Saikyou no Butouka 2-6

Chapter 6 – The princess is curious

     Inside one of the room in Erstania Castle.

"T-The Demon Lord Earth Emperor really appeared!?" (Aina)

     The supreme commander of Magic Knight Order --- Aina Vermillion, was greatly shocked by the telephone report from Melnia.

     The night before, she received a report regarding the prophecy about the advent of demon lord from Melnia. With a light feeling, she then commanded Melnia to keep watch on the city until dawn, to reassure all the citizens. The thought about the demon lord would really appear had never crossed her mind.

"Does this mean that everything is already over?" (Aina)

[Yes. There are miraculously no injuries!] (Melnia)

"That's a good thing to hear...." (Aina)

     Aina swallowed her saliva before continued talking.

"Th-Then.... what happened to Earth Emperor?" (Aina)

     Her voice trembled due to tension.

[He was shattered by a single punch from a three years old boy.] (Melnia)

".... what!?" (Aina)

[He was shattered by a single punch from a three years old boy.] (Melnia)

“I’ve heard your first answer. I mean, is that some kind of joke?” (Aina)

The punch from a three-year-old is only enough to shatter a cookie. There no way the defense power of demon lord is like a cookie.

[This is true! I saw Earth Emperor shattered with my eyes!] (Melnia)

Melnia is a picturesque of serious woman. I don't think she's capable of making such a joke. In other words, Earth Emperor had really been defeated by a single punch from a three years old boy. If that's the case, the unusual one is the three years old boy in question.

"Well, anyway, may I assume that the threat of demon lord has gone?" (Aina)

[Yes! There is no doubt!] (Melnia)

     Aina leaked out a sigh of relief.

"I will report it to my father. I don't want to cause extra commotion, so keep this matter secret for the time being." (Aina)

[Yes ma'am! I will tell my subordinates!] (Melnia)

".... next, do you know the identity of that three years old boy?" (Aina)

[His name is Ash, a student of Erstadt Magic Academy.] (Melnia)

“Erstadt Magic Academy…?” (Aina)

     Aina was a graduate of that academy and it could be said that she was not someone unrelated to that place too.

It's unprecedented for a three-year-old to be accepted as a student, but if that is true, it should have reached my ear. There must be some kind of mistake.... oh well, I just have to confirm it myself.

"Thank you for your report." (Aina)

     Aina ended the call and immediately headed to her father room.

"Father, this is Aina. I bring an important news.... I will come in, okay?" (Aina)

     Aina opened the door without waiting a reply. Inside the room, an old man with muscular body --- Phillip Vermillion, was folding a magic wand.

"Do you need something?" (Phillip)

"Father, what are you doing!?" (Aina)

     Aina couldn't hide the surprise of seeing what her father did in the middle of night inside his room.

"I'm trying to make a magic wand that would never break, but it's still far from complete." (Phillip)

     While wondering why did her father try to make such a thing, Aina explained about the advent of Demon Lord Earth Emperor.

"I see. Ash-kun has become a three-years-old, huh. Still though, it looks like our debt is getting bigger. I don't think this will be the last.... Maybe the Day of the End <Ragnarok> is finally approaching.... Hmm, it looks like the three of us should get together after a long time...." (Phillip)

    From his remarks, Aina guessed that her father knew the identity of the boy.

"Are you perhaps know him?" (Aina)

     Aina could hardly understand her father's remarks, but he seemed to know Ash well.

"Ash-kun is Maurice's disciple." (Phillip)

"Oh, my. Uncle Maurice's disciple?" (Aina)

     Aina became even more interested in Ash after hearing that he was the disciple of her father's old friend.

"Father, I want to meet Ash-san!" (Aina)

"Good timing. I will go on a journey for a while, so could you take over my job in the academy?" (Phillip)

"Of course! With this, I will be able to meet Ash-san soon!" (Aina)

     Aina was a princess, but Ash was the hero who saved the world. Even though he was just a three-years-old, Aina thought that she should properly pay respect to him.

It’s better to bring some souvenirs if I'm going to see him. The children love sweets, right? Toys, picture books, and clothes, are also an option.

      While thinking about the souvenirs for Ash, Aina was looking forward to tomorrow.




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