Saikyou no Butouka 2-13

Chapter 13 - Memories (in a physical sense)

     I headed to the Demon Forest while carrying a neatly packaged box containing clothes --- a birthday presents for Master.

I'm ignorant to the changes in temperature, but I've come across a lot of people wearing thick clothes recently. Seasonally, it's probably the boundary between autumn and winter now. I decided to give Master clothes that would keep his body warm as a birthday present, so that he wouldn't catch a cold.

“I hope this will make him happy.” (Ash)

     I kept running for several hours while imagining Master’s happy face. When I reached my destination, I was so surprised that I dropped the box.

"Master!?" (Ash)

     Master, Principal Phillip, and Colon-san were lying on the ground in front of the house. Not far from that place, there was a skeleton wearing yellow cloak standing.

"Ash!? Is that really you, Ash!?" (Maurice)

"Yes. It's me, Master. The skeleton over there is a demon lord, right?" (Ash)

"No, Ash! You should run away from this place immediately! Light Emperor is totally different from the demon lords you've fought so far!" (Maurice)

"Different from the demon lords I've fought so far...?" (Ash)

     I turned my attention at Light Emperor. The only thing I saw different was the color of the cloak.

"He can relive the memories of his opponents and use them to grow at the speed of light, that’s why…." (Maurice)

[Running away is pointless. I can invoke <Pursuit Experience (Relive)> at any time, after all.] (Light Emperor)

     A voice full of confidence echoed inside my head.

"I've never planned to run away from the beginning." (Ash)

"Ash, did you listen to what I just said!?" (Maurice)

I listened to everything Master said. By re-experiencing my memories, Light Emperor will instantly gain the power of "the world's strongest martial artist" that I acquired after spending years of training. This will be the hardest fight ever, and that's why I don't want to run away.

"I want to fight a strong opponent!" (Ash)

You can grow spiritually by confronting strong enemies. Through this battle, I may be able to awaken my Magic Spot. I can't afford to miss this opportunity.

"Ash, if you lose now, the world will be destroyed." (Maurice)

"Even so, I still want fight him." (Ash)

This will be the first time I go against Master's order. However, it's something that I have to do. It will get me one step closer to my dream.

"Ma-Maurice, why don't you just let him fight...." (Phillip)

     Principal Phillip said so while still lying on the ground. Colon-san who was next to him, agreed.

"If it's not because of Ash…. the world would have been destroyed already...." (Colon)

"In addition, we who lost to Light Emperor have no right to speak...." (Phillip)

     Persuaded by Principal Phillip and Colon-san, Master looked at me with a complicated expression.

"If I can’t trust my disciples at the crucial moment…. I have no right to call myself your teacher…." (Maurice)

"Master, will you let me fight Light Emperor?" (Ash)

     Master nodded vigorously.

"No matter how strong the demon lord is, the strongest in the world is you, Ash! Now, go defeat him!!!" (Maurice)

     After receiving Master’s blessing, I walked towards Light Emperor.

[Are you ready to die now?] (Light Emperor)

     Light Emperor’s voice echoed inside my head

"I won't die. Like the other demon lords, I will defeat you with a single punch!" (Ash)

[Kukukuku. You don't seem to understand the situation yet. If you can defeat me with a single punch, then I can defeat you with a single punch.] (Light Emperor)

"Still, I won't lose! Now, come at me!" (Ash)

[Very well. That confidence, I'll crush it to pieces!!] (Light Emperor)

It’s the beginning of deadly battle with the fate of the world in line, so I’m quite nervous.

Maurice Grandpa who raised me.

Principal Phillip who invited me to his school.

Colon-san who turned me back to a three-years-old with her medicine.

Felmina-san who became my rival.

Noire-san who relies on me.

Effa who became my first disciple.

Ai-chan who gave me the princess set as present.

In order to protect all the important people I've met so far, I shall not lose!

[Now, show me your memories --- <Relive> !!] (Light Emperor)


     Suddenly, Light Emperor's body shattered into fine dust. I stood still on the spot because I couldn't comprehend what had just happened.

“Wh-Why Light Emperor turned into dust!?” (Ash)

Don't get my hopes up for nothing!

I mean, why did he suddenly turn into dust?

Put some fight at least!!

     There were so many things I wanted to say, but Light Emperor was no longer in this world.

Why did this happen....

"Maybe.... No, I'm sure of it." (Maurice)

"Well, I guess that's how it is." (Phillip)

"It's hard to believe.... but there's no other explanation...." (Colon)

Everyone seems to unanimously agree on something. I wonder if they have any idea of what had just happened.

"Umm, why did Light Emperor suddenly turn into dust? I mean, I've not done anything...." (Ash)

"It's seems Light Emperor's body couldn't endure the memories of Ash's extraordinary training." (Maurice)

     Hearing that, my head stopped working for a moment.

"In other words, my memory did physical damages to Light Emperor?" (Ash)

"Indeed. You're able to defeat a demon lord by just memory now." (Maurice)

"No way. I will have nothing to do at this rate!!!" (Ash)

     The chance to awaken Magic Spot had disappeared, I fell into despair.

"Well, don't be depressed! You're a hard worker. I'm sure your efforts will be rewarded someday." (Phillip)

"You have us, too…. We will lend you a hand anytime...." (Colon)

"Listen, Ash. I'm happy to have a disciple like you."(Maurice)

     Master declared so proudly.

It’s a pity that I couldn't fight against the enemy, but it's a good thing that Master is pleased. In the future, an even stronger opponent may appear before me. Besides, fighting is not the only way to train mental strength. It's still too early to give up.

"Oh, that's right. I bought a present for Master." (Ash)

     Casting sideways glance at the yellow cloak fluttering in the wind, I picked the box I dropped.

"Happy birthday, Master!" (Ash)

     Master began to shed tears when I handed the birthday present to him.

"I am really the happiest person in the world..." (Maurice)

     When I saw my master crying happily, I felt happy too.




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