Saikyou no Butouka 2-11

Chapter 11 – The other demon lords

     In the Demon Forest which was dyed in red by the sunset....

"What are you doing...!?" (Colon)

     Colon who just arrived at Maurice' house was confused. After all, there were a lot of broken magic wands scattered on the floor.

"Oh, Colon. You arrived faster that I thought." (Phillip)

"The hero party is complete now.... ahh!" (Maurice)

     Maurice broke another magic wand into two with his bare hands.

"It was a lot better. However, it still broke even though I haven't use half of my full power yet." (Maurice)

"I've even applied strengthening magic on them. That alone seems not enough." (Phillip)

"I guess the problem lies on their materials. I think it would only waste of time unless we make it from a harder material." (Maurice)

"However, you said that Ash-kun had defeated a red dragon when he was still twelve years old. I just couldn't think of a material harder than the red dragon's scales." (Phillip)

"I guess we're in a bind now...." (Maurice)

"H-Hey, I also want to join the conversation...!" (Colon)

     Colon who was feeling left out, barged between the two people who were sitting on the floor.

"Following Dark Emperor, Ash-kun had defeated Earth Emperor too. Therefore, I want to give him a magic wand that will never break as thanks." (Phillip)

"However, the result is just as you can see...." (Maurice)

     Having said that, Maurice and Phillip sighed. Meanwhile, Colon was dumbfounded.

"H-Hold on.... Did earth Emperor really appear...?" (Colon)

"Yeah. I heard it from Phillip just the other day. It was ten days ago, on the same day Ash-kun turned back to a three-years-old kid after drinking your medicine." (Maurice)

"Without Ash-kun, the human race would have returned to the earth by now. However, this is only the beginning of the end." (Phillip)

     Hearing the story of her two friends, Colon felt a chill on her back.

"So the other demon lord really appeared.... Does it mean the Day of End just around the corner...?" (Colon)

     Phillip nodded once and then looked at the faces of his two friends with a serious expression.

"Do you still remember the parting words of Dark Emperor before we defeated him a long time ago? [Soon, all the demon lord's will gather together to eradicate the humanity. Enjoy this brief peace while you can….] --- he said." (Phillip)

     Dark Emperor was the master of dark magic. Therefore, Phillip had a speculation that there were seven demon lords in total, the same number as magic elements. Phillip's speculation was proved to be true by the appearance Demon Lord Earth Emperor.

     The three heroes had barely managed to defeat Dark Emperor once. If the remaining demon lords kept appearing one after another, the eradication of humanity would become an unavoidable future.

     Then again, if the parting words of Dark Emperor were announced to public, although it was brief, it would break the peace that humanity had finally gained. Therefore, the three heroes had decided to take a secret measure; to raise the stronger disciples than themselves.

     However, Maurice, Phillip, and Colon were the strongest in the world. Finding a disciple who could surpass them was not easy. When the first disciple was found, nearly 50 years had passed since the subjugation of Dark Emperor.

"I had a hard time finding my successor, but my eyes were not wrong after all. In just eleven years, Ash has become the world's strongest martial artist!" (Maurice)

"I admit that Ash-kun is insanely strong.... However, my disciple is not inferior to him. Eleven years ago, when she just entered the school by recommendation, she has already surpassed me." (Phillip)

"Even my disciple.... when she was fifteen years old.... her dark magic has already surpassed mine.... In addition, she's also a top class pharmacist now.... I'm sure she can stand side by side with Ash-kun...." (Colon)

     Phillip and Colon were burning in a sense of rivalry after hearing Maurice praised Ash. Of course, Maurice didn't want to lose to them.

"But Ash is a strong and a good boy! He always celebrates my birthday every year! In other words, Ash is the best---" (Maurice)


     Before Maurice could finish his words, there was a shrill sound reverberating.

"It's not another demon lord.... isn't it...?" (Colon)

     It was the worst case of scenario. However, since Dark Emperor did really reappear in this place, that possibility couldn't be denied.

"There are a lot of Distortion of Time and Space in this forest…. I'm sure it's just some monster...." (Maurice)

     Maurice said in a casual tone to relieve Colon's anxiety.

"Just in case, should we go to check it?" (Phillip)

"Good idea." (Maurice)

     The three people went out of house while being surrounded by tension.


     The space broke about 10 meters away from them, and something came out of there --- a skeleton wearing yellow cloak.




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