Saikyou no Butouka 1-5

Chapter 5 - If it’s a red dragon, I’ve defeated one when I was 12 years old

Recently, I used to spend my days searching for a certain monster in the Demon Forest….

I kept asking Master to let me have a magic wand, like… almost every day. I’m now sixteen years old. I have the money and I can buy the magic wand by myself if I want. However, I don't want to buy it without Master's permission. I respect him and I don’t want to oppose his decision above all.

I don't know the reason but I was abandoned by my parents. Master who is not my relative, raised me with love as though I was his real grandchild. Thanks to him that I can live until now. And one day, Master gave me a new task.

"There's a legendary monster called Red Dragon, hidden somewhere in this forest. If you can defeat it, I will give you the final test." (Maurice)

“Oh, Master! If it’s a red dragon, I’ve defeated one when I was 12 years old.” (Ash)

     Hearing that, Master seemed to be somewhat shocked.

"You did!?" (Maurice)

"Have I never told you about it? Distortion of Time and Space (Abyss Gate) occurred in the forest when Master went out to the town, and a red dragon came out from it. Well, I killed it with one strike though." (Ash)


"Wh-Why did you keep silent about such an important matter?" (Maurice)

"Eh? Well, I mean, it was just a weak monster, I thought there was no need to report it." (Ash)

"........ w-well, as expected of my disciple. I've never thought you would have already surpassed me at the age of twelve." (Maurice)

"You jest, Master! I simply defeated a red dragon, there's no way I've surpassed you. Still though, so it was a legendary monster. Does it mean this is the time for the final test?" (Ash)

"O-Oh, sorry. I made a mistake, yeah. The one you must defeat is known as the legend of legendary monster.... its name is.... umm.... what was that again…. that's right, it's called Hyper Legend Monster." (Maurice)

“Does that monster live in this Demon Forest?” (Ash)

“Y-Yeah, there’s such a legend. W-Well, anyway, if you can defeat that monster, I will give you the final test.” (Maurice)

“All right! I will show you that I can defeat it!” (Ash)

     …. a month has passed since then but there was no sign of that monster.

"Well, as expected of Hyper Legend Monster!" (Ash)

The sky is getting dark. I have to go back and prepare the dinner soon. That's also one of my job after all.

     Thus I headed back to the house where I've been living for the last 11 years.

     Master was waiting in front of the house when I returned. Noticing me coming, he walked towards my direction with a serious expression.

"Master, what's wrong? If it's about the Hyper Legend Monster, I have not found it yet." (Ash)

     Master casted his eyes downwards and spoke with a shivering voice.

"Figures. You wouldn’t be able to find that monster anywhere after all." (Maurice)

"Oh, I see. Hyper Legend Monster is that rare after all." (Ash)

"You're really a good boy, Ash!" (Maurice)

"Ma-Master, are you alright?" (Ash)

"The children who were abandoned by their parents would normally grow up with a distorted personality, and even if you turned to be like that, I will never blame you. However, you.... why have you become such a good boy, Ash?" (Maurice)

"It's because I was raised well." (Ash)

"You're really a good boy, Ash! Why do you always think highly of me!?" (Maurice)

"Master is a splendid person after all." (Ash)

"Ua aaa aaa aaa aaa!!" (Maurice)

     Master fell on his knees.

"This guilty conscience really hurts!!" (Maurice)

"What's wrong with you, Master? I will carry you to your bed if you feel unwell. Please take a rest while I'm preparing something warm for you." (Ash)

"Are you trying to kill me with your kindness!?" (Maurice)

     Master finally raised his face. Ignoring me who was worried about him, Master got up unsteadily.

Master is really strange today. I wonder what's going on with him….

"Fine. Let's do the final test!" (Maurice)




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