Saikyou no Butouka 1-3

Chapter 3 - I was picked up by the great wizard

     I was holding my breath in the forest while staring at a single big tree patiently. Then, after a while, the earth around it suddenly raised and the big tree began to walk. It was a monster in the form of a tree --- Walking Wood.

     Mimicking a tree, Walking Wood would strangle the approaching living creature with its whip-like branch, and turned their corpses into its nourishment.

"Over here!" (Ash)

     In response to my cry, Walking Wood rushed towards my direction by wiggling its roots. I then put my hand in the form of knifehand and swung it sideways.


     The Walking Wood was cut into two.

Wind Blade (Kamaitachi) --- this is a wind magic that Master taught me. You normally can't use magic without a magic wand, but my teacher is not just a regular wizard. Defeating the demon lord around fifty years ago, he’s a great wizard who's praised as a hero --- Maurice Arkvald.

It's not surprising if such a great person can use magic without a magic wand, and it's not strange for I --- who's his one and only disciple, can do the same thing as well. Still though, I have never thought that I was amazing even once.

I'm by no means an amazing disciple, but the teaching method of Master that's just amazing. I said that Master taught me this wind magic, but it didn't mean he taught it directly. I learned this magic --- Wind Blade, from imitating him.

However, it doesn't mean that Master is unrelated. If you look it from the other way, Master didn't teach Wind Blade directly, but he did make me to learn it by my own. In short, Master is a great person.

Master found me lying unconscious in this forest five years ago and then picked up me. I'm ten years old now, and I keep doing this kind of training every day for the past five years.

     I approached the dead Walking Wood, held the two logs on both sides, and decided to go home.

“This should be enough.” (Ash)

     Then, after walking for some time, an open area came into my field of vision. There was a single small wooden house erected on the bare soil --- Master’s and my house.

This forest is called Demon Forest, a habitat of monsters. There's only me and Master who live in this forest. Let alone living here, ordinary people is normally avoiding this forest after all.

"I'm home!" (Ash)

     I put the Walking Wood body in the garden and entered the house.

"Oh, that was quick." (Maurice)

     Sitting on a lazy chair while smoking was my teacher --- Grandpa Maurice.

Pointed hat, magic staff, white beard and white hair. Just as his appearance suggests, he's a wizard.... I mean, a great wizard.

"I've hunted the Walking Wood just as I was told." (Ash)

"Any injuries?" (Maurice)

     Hearing that, I broke into laughter.

"Hahahaha.... of course I won't get injured. My opponent was just Walking Wood after all. I easily killed it using Wind Blade that Master had taught me." (Ash)

"I-I see. You can use the Wind Blade already. Well, you know what, that's.... amazing…." (Maurice)

     Master awkwardly averted his eyes for some reason.

"Master's teaching method is very good. Thanks to that, I can create Wind Blade in the same way as an ordinary knifehand strike." (Ash)

Originally, to use magic, you have to draw a rune with a magic wand. It's normally impossible to use magic without it.

"I want to be able to use more magic. I want to be a great wizard like Master!" (Ash)

"U-Umu. Th-Then, this is the continuation of your training. Cut the Walking Wood into small pieces to make firewood. Keep half of them in the back of house, and we will sell the rest in town." (Maurice)

Firewood made of Walking Wood is more flammable than ordinary firewood, and its fire lasts longer. It is a luxury wood, and many people in the town (limited to the rich) can easily pay a high price for firewood made of Walking Wood.

Even though they can easily get as much as they want in the forest, why are they doing something so wasteful?




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