Isekai Sagishi C7P1

Chapter 7 – The Red-haired Beauty (Part 1)

Ginette’s special breakfasts are lined up in the church’s lounge. It’s a room that’s a little smaller than a classroom, but instead of a school, this reminds me of a kindergarten.

I was wondering if there was only a chapel inside the church, but it seems there are many other rooms too. Well, I have never come to the church until today.

The chapel was smaller than I thought, and it was so small that it would be full if there were thirty people inside. The lounge is located next to the chapel from the corridor, and there are children’s living space on the second floor.

There is a work room at the back of the lounge, something like a staff room. Bertina’s private room is further in the back, but of course the outsiders are not allowed to enter. Tsk!

There are other work rooms in the church where they make their own daily necessities. There’s also a field in the garden. Except the breakfast that is provided by Ginette, they live self-sufficiently. Since the church is located close to the agricultural area, they seem to have learned the technology needed form there.

So, basically, the place where outsiders can meddle with are only the chapel, this lounge, staff room, and kitchen.

“Is there something I can help with?” (Yashiro)

     I stepped into the kitchen while saying that, but…. Ginette was there with a good-looking man.

What!? Who is this guy? Why does Ginette seem to be having fun when talking with him?

“Oh, Yashiro-san!” (Ginette)

     Ginette who noticed me waved her hand. Then, the good-looking man slowly followed Ginette’s line of sight.

“Hee~ so you’re the rumored man.”

     A well-dressed man with a deep red hair and androgynous face. He looked like a member of visual kei band. His hair was quite long for a guy. If he was a student, the teacher would surely tell him to get a haircut. Medium stature with long and slender limbs. His slightly slanted eyes created a gentle countenance when smiling.

Well, I don’t know what kind of ulterior motive is hidden behind that smile. For now, he just looks like someone with dirty thoughts to me.

“I’ve heard a lot about you from Ginette-chan. Best regards, Oba Yashiro-kun.”

Whoa, he said Ginette-chan!? His age should be the same or higher than the current me. A guy who has passed 16 but still using “-chan” to call the opposite sex, eighty percent is a playboy while the other twenty percent is a homo. In any case, the two of us are an incompatible race.

“Hmm? What’s wrong? Is there something on my face?”

“Your face looks like a face of someone with dirty thoughts.” (Yashiro)

“You’re already being really rude on the first meeting….”

     The good-looking man’s cheeks have a cramp.

Dammit! He still looks good despite having that kind of expression. If I were doing it, I’m sure it will give a completely different feeling.

“I’m Oba Yashiro. Feel free to call me Oba-sama.” (Yashiro)

“It doesn’t feel free at all, though….”

Shut it! You should be grateful because I’ve allowed you to call my name.

“I’m Estella. My last name…. I can’t tell you because of a certain reason.” (Estella)

“Is it such an erotic last name?” (Yashiro)

“You, why do you have such a bad image about me from the beginning!?” (Estella)

Shit! He still looks good even when showing a discomfort expression. If I were irritated, people would be mistaken me as a yakuza or a loose cannon…. 

Who is an loose cannon!?

“Estella-san often comes to this church to play, and very popular with the children.” (Ginette)

Mainly with the girls, right?

“Estella-san is always nice to me, too.” (Ginette)

“That’s not true. I’ve never done anything special.” (Estella)

“Then, it means you’re a nice person by default.” (Ginette)

“Hahahaha. I’m no match for Ginette-chan.” (Estella)


What’s with this refreshing conversation!? I feel something unpleasant on the back of my throat like when I drank undiluted Calpis.

“Hey, Castella.” (Yashiro)

“It’s Estella!” (Estella)

Whoa, your face is scary! You’re going to make the girls crying, you know?

“So, that Es — something.” (Yashiro)

“It’s Estella!” (Estella)

“Estti-La.” (Yashiro)

“What’s with that strange pronunciation!? It’s Estella!” (Estella)

“Ella, for short.” (Yashiro)

“Don’t abbreviate it!” (Estella)

What an energetic guy. Oh, that, are you trying to make “Estella-kun is funny!” kind of impression, like those good-looking guys that I once met at a drinking party? How nasty!

You good-looking guys should just drink alcohol quietly. Being funny is the only and the biggest weapon of a team that couldn’t compete with face, so don’t step into that area!

“Estella, do you know the King Game?” (Yashiro)

“No, I’ve never heard of it.” (Estella)

Hahahaha…. a good-looking guy who doesn’t know the King Game!? Yes! You lost! You’ve wasted half of your life!

“Is that a game to simulate territory governance and finance?” (Estella)

“You fool, it’s a game to do naughty things to girls.” (Yashiro)

“Wh-Where did the king part go?” (Estella)

“The King’s orders are absolute!” (Yashiro)

“You, are you insulting the king or are you just ignorant, which one is it…?” (Estella)

     Estella was massaging her temple with a distorted face.

Shit! Even after I’m going this far, he still looks good.

Once I made a distorted face because of suffering from a sudden stomach ache, but the reaction of the girls in the class was only; “What’s with that funny face?”. I then was hospitalized because of appendix, and for a while, a beautiful nurse was taking care of me…. are you envious?

“Ya-Yashiro-san? What’s wrong? You’re making a funny face.” (Ginette)

“No, I’m fine…. I’ll just say it, but I wasn’t excited when I was seen by the beautiful nurse, for my honor.” (Yashiro)

“Nurse?” (Ginette)

     Ginette tilted her head while making a confused face. While on the other side, Estella was looking at me with a slightly drawn face.

“So, who is THIS person?” (Yashiro)

“You aren’t going to hide your hostility anymore, huh.” (Estella)

     Ginette looked even more confused when I asked such a question.

“This is, Estella?” (Ginette)

     Ginette had a face that was telling “I’ve told you earlier, remember?”.

I heard his name a while ago. I mean, this guy, what’s your relationship with him?

“That’s not what I meant. Or rather, what is this person doing here?” (Yashiro)

“This is a church, a place where all kinds of people are allowed to come. Is there something strange with I’m being here?” (Estella)

“There’s nothing strange, but it’s just unpleasant.” (Yashiro)

“You, I bet you don’t have much friend!” (Estella)

Shut it! That’s a matter I care about the most! This is why the good-looking guys are so….

“How to make a friend? Who knows, I’ve never thought about it. When I realized it, I’m already getting along with everyone…. I wonder why.” — That’s because you’re a good-looking guy! That’s because being acquaintance of a good-looking guy is a status! Dammit!

“This is free breakfast for the unfortunate children who live in this church. I’d like you refrain from eating it too.” (Yashiro)

“Hmm…. that’s a rather hard request.” (Estella)

That fresh-looking troubled face of him is really getting on my nerves.

“Ginette’s cooking is delicious. Once I eaten it, I can’t be satisfied with other foods.” (Estella)

“Is that so? I’m happy to hear that.” (Ginette)

Oi, don’t be happy! He’s taking advantage of you!

“Her cooking is sold in Hidamari-tei. Come with the money if you want to eat them!”

“I will do so, when I’m not busy.” (Estella)

“If you have no time to eat, just leave the money and return without eating!” (Yashiro)

“There’s no benefit of doing it….” (Estella)

Benefit? You’re born handsome and a member of winning team in life. Do you still want more? Talk about being greedy! Your tongue will be pulled out by Enma-sama in hell!

“Anyway, I’d like to eat Ginette’s cooking for breakfast. But even if I go to her shop, it’s still closed around this time, correct?” (Estella)

“Then, just put the money in front of the shop and go home!” (Yashiro)

“Like I said, I see no reason of doing that!” (Estella)

Do you need a reason? Does a good-looking guy need a reason to contribute to the world? You shouldn’t need a reason to do something for a beautiful girl!

“The store is not open yet, but you may come here if you want to eat the breakfast I made.” (Ginette)

“Yes. I will get up early every morning. I want to eat Ginette’s cooking every day.” (Estella)

“I’m happy. Every day, I will —.” (Ginette)

“Stop there, Ginette!” (Yashiro)

     I immediately stopped Ginette who almost made a horrible decision without thinking about anything.

That was a close call. One second late, and it will be something irrecoverable.

“Listen, in my country, those are words to propose a girl.” (Yashiro)

“Propose!?” (Ginette)

     Ginette raised her voice with a flushed face.

“I see…. ‘I want to eat your cooking every day‘ can be interpreted as ‘I want you to stay with me forever‘. That’s quite nifty, don’t you agree?” (Estella)

“It is a standard word that has been around since the ancient times.” (Yashiro)

“If so, your hometown is quite a romantic country.” (Estella)

You fool! It’s a national character that was handed down from generation to generation. Far from being romantic, it’s our silver national flag.

“But then, I didn’t see any problem in telling Ginette such words.” (Estella)

“Oh, that’s right!” (Ginette)

What!? What’s that supposed to mean? Could it be they already have that kind of relationship? Is this a development where this guy is also going to live at Hidamari-tei?

“I won’t give my daughter to someone like you!” (Yashiro)

“Since when did you become Ginette’s father!?” (Estella)

I mean, I would hate it! I don’t want to see a handsome guy and a busty girl are making out in front of me! I won’t allow it! I won’t allow it! I absolutely won’t allow it!

“Umm, Yashiro-san….” (Ginette)

     Before Ginette could finish her words, I took her hands and looked straight into her eyes.

“Listen carefully, Ginette…….. All Ikemen (handsome men) in the world are enemies.” (Yashiro)

“Umm, what!?” (Ginette)

Well, shit! It looks like Ikemen wasn’t translated!

“In addition, he is the type of man you shouldn’t trust the most!” (Yashiro)

He’s the natural enemy of airhead girl with big boobs like you.

“Man…? Oh, Yashiro-san, you’ve got it wrong!” (Ginette)

“What’s wrong?” (Yashiro)

“Estella-san is a girl.” (Ginette)

“Just keep your jokes around those huge boobs!” (Yashiro)

“My breasts are not jokes!?” (Ginette)

“My gender is also not a joke!.” (Estella)

Estella is a girl? Impossible.

     I stared at Estella’s body from the top to the bottom.

“Where in the world could I find a girl with chest this flat?” (Yashiro)

“Well, my bad. But there’s one here….” (Estella)

     The corner of Estella’s mouth twitched.

“Yashiro-san, it’s rude to say such things to a girl!” (Ginette)

“Do you mean I must not openly say such a painful reality to her?” (Yashiro)

“Yes. Even if you think so in your heart, it’s a good manner not to say it out loud.” (Ginette)

“I think what you’ve just said is quite terrible thing, too.” (Yashiro)

“Eh!? I-I-I’m sorry, Estella-san! I’m not good at lying!” (Ginette)

“Yeah, Ginette-chan…. I’m fine, so could you please drop the subject already?” (Estella)

     Estella who received a verbal attack without malicious intent from Ginette, was holding her chest.

“Does your chest hurt?” (Yashiro)

“The inside of my chest hurts.” (Estella)

“Has your chest deflated?” (Yashiro)

“It’s the original size! Sorry for being flat!” (Estella)

     Estelle raised her eyebrow. A faint glow floated in the corner of her eye.

“Yashiro-san! You shouldn’t talk about girl's breasts or body. That's not good.” (Ginette)

     Ginette talked to me like a mother scolding her child. She then went to Estelle and rubbing her back.

“Are you okay, Estella-san?” (Ginette)

“Well, about that…. being comforted is also somewhat making me sad on its own way….” (Estella)

“Oh, I’m sorry!” (Ginette)

     Ginette bowed her head repeatedly. Estella with a weak smile, raised her hand to make Ginette stop.

“In the first place, if you don’t pretend to be a girl, we wouldn’t be in such a confusing situation.” (Yashiro)

“I’m not pretending! I’m a girl!” (Estella)

“Judgement of the Spirit!” (Yashiro)

     I uttered such words while pointing at Estella. Estella body was covered in a pale light.

Holy shit!  I could use it, too. So I just need to say it while pointing at the target.

“Can I take this as a declaration of war?” (Estella)




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