Isekai Sagishi C1P1

 Chapter 1 – Where am I? (part1)

When I thought I was dead, I realized that I have returned to my 16-years-old self. I was a 36-year-old man just a moment ago, but now I’m back to being a teenager. Then, tomorrow, it looks like I’ll be dead meat. Hahaha~☆

This is not funny!

This is bad, seriously bad!

From the place where I woke up before, by following my intuition, I’ve been walking towards one direction nonstop. However, there’s no change of scenery, there’s only a vast plain that spreads before me.

Did I go in the wrong direction? I wonder if I will find a human settlement if I go in the opposite direction instead….

If I remember correctly, the average human walking speed is around 6 km/hour. I’ve been walking without a rest and I’m quite exhausted. Probably, my speed has dropped to 4 km/hour or so now. If I take the middle number, my overall walking speed should be around 5 km/hour.

I started walking when the sun was at its zenith, but right now, the sun is almost completely set. In Kanto region during this season, the sun sets around 18 o’clock, so it seems I’ve been walking for 6 hours non-stop.

In other words, since I kept walking at 5 km/hour for 6 hours, the total distance I’ve traveled so far is around 30 km.

Hey, are you kidding me? That’s the same distance from Tokyo to Yokohama…. and I still couldn’t find any sign of people around. What’s the meaning of this? There’s no sign of animals either.

How many prefectures are there…? This is not USA, right? Let’s stop thinking about the Easter Island and savanna….

Yeah, it seems God is a little sick in the head. I mean, wanting me to die after going through all the trouble of saving my life….

For instance, a big-tits beautiful girl comes to a group bind date, and although the mood between us is getting good, she tells me that she has a boyfriend, and simply joined to make friends.

What I’m trying to say here is, DON’T RAISE MY DAMN HOPES AND THEN DROP THEM!!

“Screw it! I’m so hungry……..!” (Yashiro)

The grass around here is so hard, I can’t eat it. What? Of course I’ve tried it. If I can make tempura from it…. Nah, that’s impossible.

“Ugh, it’s getting cold……..” (Yashiro)

     The temperature was warm when the sun was still out, but it dropped drastically when the sun had set. In addition, the hunger seems to have started affecting my body as well.

There’s a saying that humans can live without eating for three days or so. However, it seems that modern people aren’t that tough. For someone like me, I can’t even survive without a convenience store nearby.

Come to think of it, there were some bread crusts left in my hideout…. it’s such a waste….

“I wonder why the bread crusts came to my mind in this kind of situation…. Yeah, meat would be good….” (Yashiro)

No matter how much money I’ve got from deceiving people, the food I bought with it didn’t taste good. Somehow, I felt like I was eating gravel.

Because of that, my diet was mainly bread crusts and vegetable scraps I bought using the coins I picked up from the roadside. This was the sad story of how a man in his thirties lives his life…. but there’s no helping it.

The Chief’s “fallen coin sensor” and Landlady’s “vegetable scraps recipe” played a big role in my life.

Hahahaha…. unexpectedly, those two things are the most helpful skills I’ve learned from my foster parents.

Sigh……. I want to eat Landlady’s boiled fish and…. that’s right, I want to eat deep-fried Gori as well…. it was delicious….

Gori is the generic name of goby-like freshwater fish, that has a different name depending on the region, but we call it Yoshinobori Gori back there.

This fish has an elegant and delicious taste even though its face is ugly. If you sprinkle lemon juice on deep-fried Gori, it will give a light and fresh accent to its taste…. That dish was Chief’s favorite food…. Shit, I’m getting more and more hungry now.

“I can’t die in such a place…. dammit!” (Yashiro)

     I stood up using the little power remained in my body and started running with full power.

Maybe I’m going in the wrong direction, but if I turn back or change directions now, I feel like I lost….

Yeah, I’ve decided to go in this direction from the beginning, so I will not run away from it. You can never win if you always run away. I live by believing in myself. Therefore, don’t think too much and just run!!

     Under the darkening sky, I kept running while believing there was a bright and warm place waiting for me ahead of this. Screaming inside my head, I shook off my fatigue, hunger, and fear. Then…. finally…. I ran out of strength and collapsed.

Even though I believed in myself, the impossible is impossible.

You lose when you lose.

It’s over….

I don’t even have a strength to move my fingers….

     My heart that was beating violently due to sprinting, was gradually weakening as well.


Goodbye, World….

My eyes feel heavy….

The next time I open my eyes, perhaps I will have become a 6-year-old kid….

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