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Chapter 97 - Secret Talk : Guild Card Super-Conference 1

Author : This story was extracted as part of the conversation that happened inside Wazu's guild card, the MC of this story. I will send you the rough sketch of characters that appear here.

(TL : There you have it, but I couldn’t find it anywhere -_-“)

The four pillars goddesses are enshrined surrounding a circular table.

[Well, it seems everyone has gathered now] (Goddess)

The one who spoke first is the first god who helped wazu, Goddess. Pink hair with lovely body figure that is hidden under nun-like clothes. Her skin looks transparent because of her clothes made from thin fabric with high transparency. However, her important parts seem to be invisible for some reason.

※ Since it's only characters, here it's the image ※

[What is this? We were suddenly called here] (Earth Goddess)

It's Earth Goddess who opened her mouth next. Brown hair mixed with green, it's a goddess with gentle eyes. Her smile seems to be able to wrap around everything. Her clothes are so simple, her chests and her buttocks are big enough to make her clothes look like they're about to be torn apart. She supported her chests with one arm from below to emphasize the size.

※ Here it's the image ※

[Really, what are you planning?] (War Goddess)

It's War Goddess. She has deep red hair like a burning fire, sharp eyes that pierce her opponent. Although she wore a tank top to ease her movements, unfortunately her chest area is a bit disappointing, it's flat. She send a flickering gaze towards Earth Goddess and let out a deep sigh after looking at her own chest.

※ Here it's the image ※

[Did something happen?] (Sea Goddess)

It's Sea Goddess. Long hair with deep blue color like the sea. She has a slightly more grown-up appearance than earth Goddess. Slanted eyes that  look like a line of grain, because only opens up a little. Although it's inferior compared to Earth Goddess, she has a nice body like a model. She wore deep blue dress with some parts that are shining sparkling black. She’s somehow emitted erotic atmosphere.

※ image ※

Combining both hands in front of her mouth, Goddess nods and makes a proclamation.

[As soon as hero Haosui was released from the influence of the red ball, she stole Wazu-san's lips!!] (Goddess)

*rattle!!* *rattle!!* *rattle!!*

[That was enviable!!] (Earth Goddess)

[What the heck she is!?] (War Goddess)

[Even though she is a newcomer!!] (Sea Goddess)

[ [ [That wench, even though she’s just a hero!!!!!!!] ] ] (Earth, War, Sea)

Together, the three goddesses revealed their anger.

Earth Goddess bites her nails in envy.

War Goddess rushed in anger and start to hit the desk with *bashi-bashi* sound.

Sea Goddess looks mortified and seemingly planning something wicked.

Goddess is slowly observing their reactions before continuing her words.

[Well, Well, please calm down ladies. Because we can't interfere in the current state, this kind of thing happened. In fact, we being able to gather inside Wazu-san's guild card is a miracle  itself] (Goddess)

[What sort of things you are talking about!? Don't you have any hard feelings about it!?] (War Goddess)

War Goddess denounces Goddess. Earth Goddess and Sea Goddess soon follow suit. However, the expression of Goddess doesn't collapse.

[It would be a lie if I say I don't feel anything..... However, I'm in a different position than all of you] (Goddess)

[What!?] (War Goddess)

[I mean..... however you think about this,  I’m Wazu-san’s number one right now!!] (Goddess)

Because of her words, the atmosphere of Earth Goddess, War Goddess, and Sea Goddess changes to an evil one in an instant.

[ [ [Haaah!?] ] ] (Earth, War, Sea Goddesses)

Between Goddess and the remaining three pillar goddesses, sparks are scattered.

[No, No, Wazu-sama is most fond of me..... I mean, he wouldn't normally drink poisonous swamp if he didn't have the love for me (earth)!!] (Earth Goddess)

[That's wrong!! He wouldn't even think about it if he didn't have my super blessing first!!] (Goddess)

[When you put it that way.....] (Earth Goddess)

Earth Goddess goes down~

[No, that's me!! Because of his status..... he will be looking for strong opponents, won’t he? I am the right person for that!!] (War Goddess)

[War Goddess..... You actually didn't do anything in particular for Wazu-san, didn't you?] (Goddess)

[No..... I mean.... he was already strong when I found him!! So my divine protection turned into something insignificant!!] (War Goddess)

War Goddess goes down~

[Fufufu~..... I guess it's my win. Because he activated deification to protect people of the sea] (Sea Goddess)

[That's wrong. It was because he was in pinch at that time, or rather it was the sea’s fault] (Goddess)

[Fu.... fu.... f.....] (Sea Goddess)

Sea Goddess goes down~

The Goddess laughs *hohoho* with triumphed look on her face because she thinks she has won.

This is the plan of the Goddess. She gathered the three goddesses in this place with the intent to break their hearts so they wouldn't dare to meddle with Wazu again in the future.

However, Earth Goddess, War Goddess, and Sea Goddess didn't give up. They rose up and put up the last resistance.

[I will charm him with my chest!!] (Earth Goddess)

[Wazu-san can't see that~] (Goddess)

[With this muscles!!] (War Goddess)

[Maniac~] (Goddess)

[With this proportional body!!] (Sea Goddess)

[I told you already that he can't see us~] (Goddess)

[I will take all Wazu-sama's abuse!!] (Earth Goddess)

[That is your desire~] (Goddess)

[We will fight with the sunset as the background!!] (War Goddess)

[I think it's friendship that will be nurtured by that] (Goddess)

[I wonder what should I do?] (Sea Goddess)

[Let's see..... no, no, don't ask me!!] (Goddess)

The four pillar goddesses were all breathing heavily. They sat back on the chairs respectively, inhaled a big deep breath, and decide to take a break.

[How about tea, ladies?] (Earth Goddess)

When Earth Goddess made a suggestion, the remaining three pillars instantaneously raised their hands.

[ [ [ Please!! ] ] ]

After gracefully enjoying the tea time, Goddess started to speak again.

[Shall we get into the main point soon?] (Goddess)

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