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Chapter 96 – Idle Talk : Haosui

I have unpleasant memories. I lived with my human mother and my little sister that was the same as me, a ryujin. The three of us were on good terms and live happily despite being poor.

We had no father. Being the only Ryujin who lived in the village, moreover with unknown origin, my sister and I weren't welcomed by the people. My mother was also detested because she gave birth to such children. She never told us about our father either.

Since there was no place for us in the village, we had no other choice but decided to leave the village in the end.

Because there was nothing we could do. No matter how much I said that I would be useful for the village, nobody listened to me. The children imitated their parents and never tried to approach us.

I think that it wasn't a mistake to leave the village, it was just the timing when we left that was bad.....

The time when we left the village was exactly when the demon king’s army rampaging around the world.

Without the power to fight nor preparations, everyone would arrive at the same ending when walking in the forest.

We got attacked by monsters and ran away just like some kind of pre established harmony.

Left to the right, go to the front and back. The place where we ran as far as we could was a dead end surrounded by rocks.

We were surrounded by many monsters with no place to hide, then my mother stood up to protect me and my little sister.

Her back was trembling. But in order to protect her children from the monsters, such thing was irrelevant.

My mother was killed in no time.

I was scared of that sight, I couldn't move, my body was trembling, it was hard to breath, but I endured it while thinking about my sister who was in no better condition than me.

The monsters slowly approached us while licking with their tongues as if telling that it was our turn.

I moved to the front of my sister immediately but then get knocked off against the rocks behind and lost consciousness.

The first thing I saw after regaining consciousness was the monsters which emitted some kind of dirty laughter, trampling the already dead mother and little sister's bodies.

I screaming until no voice was coming out.

Why do we, the mother and her children have to receive this kind of treatment?

I didn't desire something disproportionate..... I just wanted to live a simple life with my mother and my little sister..... why was this kind of fate coming to us?

Why? Why? Why? Why..........?

I cursed my fate and at the same time I also started to hate the world.

In response to my cry, the monsters turned their attention at me as if finding a new toy.

At that time I thought,

I want the power..........

I want the power so I can show it to the people of the village.........

I want the power to kill the monsters who killed my mother and my little sister..........

If nobody wants to protect me, I want power to protect myself..........

I want power to protect my mother and my little sister..........

I didn't remember what happened after that.

Before my eyes, the corpses of monsters which have been twisted powerlessly into strange positions were scattered.

The first thing I realized was that there was a lot of blood on my hands. Once again I checked my whole body, it was wet with blood as if the rain of blood had fallen.

I thought that I have did it. I thought so because there was a sense of strange power overflowing from within my body.

I realized that the dragon blood which was flowing inside me was instinctively awoken.

Is this the power I wanted?

I couldn't think well with my hazy consciousness. But still, I understood what I should do at that time.

I carried my mother’s and little sister's bodies carefully to a good place with beautiful scenery which was near. I dug the soil and buried them, I made their graves.

I want my mother and my little sister to be happy if the afterlife world truly exists.....

After that I went around and trampled monsters who caught my attention. They were not the monsters who killed my mother and my little sister but still..... I couldn't forgive every one of them.

I was walking around without destination and killed any monster as soon as I found it.

In the meantime I continued seeking the power greedily. I began to learn various martial arts and weapons at random.

A few years had passed since then. People from the surroundings started to call me Hero.

I am not such a good human being.

At that time I made Osen town into my base operation. I began to feel the limits on my strength. I had been fighting against other people who were called the strong as to seek some different form of strength.

I fought again and again, but no one approached my strength,  no one could win against me.

Was this the strength I was looking for? I don't know the answer. I got tired of fighting.

One day, I received a red ball from a peddler. It said that I could gain new strength if I swallowed it.

I thought it was shady but I wanted to know the answer of the strength I have been looking for all this time, so I swallowed that red ball.

From there, I didn't know about myself anymore. I were myself, but I didn't feel like myself. I couldn't shake off the feeling that two sides of me were fighting among themselves, but I continued to fight.

There was a man who put a condition before the fight, --[Be my wife if I win!!]-- he said. When I saw the audience getting more heated up, I accepted it.

If I fought under this condition, I thought that stronger opponent than me might appear. I continued to fight under such a condition from then on.

But of course, I was really willing to become a bride of the person who was strong enough to defeat me. Because that person will also be strong enough to protect me.

I don't care about the appearance, but if possible, I want a gentle person. But no one could win against me even though I put on such a condition.

I kept fighting with such an empty feeling every day.

Suddenly a small dragon appeared in front of me. The black crystal which was capturing that small dragon disappeared naturally as if its job had ended.

I could talk with that little dragon because of the influence of dragon blood that flowed inside me.

She seemed to have been kidnaped and was brought to this place. I thought that I would protect this child for the time being.

Protect.......... I wonder what I wanted to protect..........

I talked a lot with her, she mainly talked about a certain person who she’s fond of. She said that that person is super strong, but treats her so gently.

I told her that I was stronger than him, but she insisted that he was stronger than me and got a little angry.

In that case, I will try to fight him when he comes to pick her up. I got a little impatient expecting that day to come.

That person finally came to pick her up. I gave some random excuse so I could fight with him.

On the promised day. He certainly proved that he was stronger than anyone who had challenged me so far, but I'm much stronger.

I thought so at that time.

Certainly at the beginning he couldn't follow my movements at all, he just fought a defensive battle.

However, no matter how much I attacked him, he remained unhurt. And all of sudden he could catch up with my super movement, my attacks couldn't reach him anymore.

I began to forget myself and gradually got impatient before a person with immeasurable strength in front of me.

[Why doesn't it work..........?] (Haosui)

I don't know.....

[Because I'm weak..........?] (Haosui)

That's wrong. I don't want to admit it.....

[The weak are useless..........] (Haosui)

That's right, it's useless. However, I don't know why it's useless.....

[The weak COULDN'T PROTECT..........] (Haosui)

I wonder what I wanted to protect......

I feel something hot from my stomach, an unpleasant feeling of discomfort surges.

[THE WEAK ARE USELESS..........] (Haosui)

That's right, the weak are useless. I understand it.....

[BUT I AM NOT WEAK..........] (Haosui)

I am not weak. I am strong. As long as I have the power..... the power.....

[Is this really the power you wanted?] (Wazu)

I do not remember things after that. However, I remember something about whatever attack I did, it never hurt him.

Ah, did I lose to him?

I remembered it as I acknowledged powerlessness. I wanted the power to save. The power to save my mother and my little sister. Not just the power for fighting, but the power to save someone.....

Right now, I wonder why I am in his arms..... Did he actually save me in this way? *badumb* there is a small voice coming from inside my chest.

Aah~ I want him to always look at me, I want to be his woman. That's why my body moves instinctively.....

[.....Thank you for helping me, my husband] (Haosui)

[.....Mmm?] (Wazu)

I  block his lips with my lips.

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