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Chapter 94 – The Battle With Haosui

Haosui rubs her arm that took my kick. She clenched and unclenched her palm repeatedly to check its condition. While I was silently watching her situation, the audience around the stage started to make a noise.

[O~o~!! That guy, this is the first time I saw Haosui get overwhelmed by her opponent’s attack!!]

[Keep it up~!! Ordinary face man~!! ]

[Wazu-sama~!! I never thought you are a man that would kick a small girl~!!] (Freud)

[Haosui-chan~!! Today you are so cute~!!]

Just now, I'm sure I heard Freud's voice mixed with the audience. I narrowing my eyes and look around but I can't find Freud under the cover of so many onlookers in this place.

I will remember this!!

It seems Haosui finished confirming her arm condition while I was restlessly looking around for Freud. She called out to me again.

[I see..... You are indeed quite strong just as that child said..... but I am much stronger] (Haosui)

After saying that much, as if it's has been predetermined before, this time Haosui's turn to attacks me. She approaches me in high speed, she throws her fist towards my face in a casual manner.

I instinctively avoid it, but then she opens that fist and grabs my clothes. She pulls me down while her knee is approaching my face from bellow.

I cross my arms to receive it, but Haosui doesn't stop with just that, she launches her knee kick at me so many times.

I thought that her hand was still grabbing my clothes when I was receiving her knee kicks over and over, but there was a feeling of something hitting my back, I guess it was her elbow.

I fall down just as is. Riding on the momentum, I try to kick Haosui with the sole of my foot but she catches it and throws me off using her brute strength.

I rearrange my posture in the air. I land on my feet and look straight at Haosui. Her face seems to be showing a little surprise.

[.....It was a little fun. However, you can't win against me with just that much] (Haosui)

Haosui disappears from my sight and I get blown off not long after that. I look at the place where I was before, there is Haosui in kicking stance over there but soon after that she disappears again.

My body gets blown up into the air this time. There is Haosui in kicking stance like before, but her figure soon disappears again.

She appears above me who is still in the air, I cross my arms to receive her kick and my body get slammed dowm onto the floor of the stage below.

Due to the impact dust rise on the stage and a part of floor also cracks. The audience raise their voices almost instantaneous, they acclaimed Haosui.

Excuse me, I still haven't lost you know~!!

While I was cleaning my clothes from dust and debris that got stuck on it, I heard the sound of Haosui landing on the stage, she didn't move from that spot.

[I was surprised...... To think that you’d still be standing after receiving barrage of my attacks. It seems you are sturdier than I thought] (Haosui)

Well, because it seems that even the divine sword wouldn't hurt me.....

When the dust cleared up, she was staring at me as if she already knew I was there. Haosui's eyes are getting more feverish than before as if the temperature surrounding her went up. I can see the power swelling up from her eyes.

However, I'm at loss here. I wonder what was the movement that made her disappear from the last time. At the edge of my vision, it seemed like she was doing something with her legs.

Perhaps..... I guess that movement is possible because her skills are maximized for battle purpose. I am envious.

But now, I must set aside that kind of feeling. Though I'm not receiving any damage no matter how much she attacks me, it's meaningless unless my attacks reach her.

Besides, Haosui is a hero, so perhaps there may be some way or another to give damage to me.

No, she is a demon lord now. For the time being, let's prioritize catching up with her movement.

[.....Then, let’s continue] (Haosui)

Haosui approaches me again with the movement that I can’t see.

I fight a defensive battle against Haosui's barrage attack that looks like a surging wave. No, that's not exactly right.

Punched, kicked, thrown, I’m just one sidedly getting attacked since a while ago. Of course I remain intact.

However, it was worth it because I am starting to see Haosui's movements that I couldn't see at all before.

Am I getting used to it? I understand that Haosui looks like disappearing because of some distinctive footwork. This makes her able to draw near me in a moment.

Understanding that, my body could react on its own afterwards. It became possible to avoid Haosui's attacks little by little. It also became possible to follow her movements with my eyes.

I wonder what. I feel that my fighting skills are steadily rising. Perhaps, I feel like I can do the same footwork as Haosui if I want to do it.

Realizing that my fighting style has changed, I could see Haosui's face showing an impatient expression a little.

Haosui and I stand and stare each other  in the same position as when we started.

[Why doesn't it work.....? Why.....? Because I'm weak.....?] (Haosui)

Haosui murmured something as if asking herself rather than asking me.

[Useless..... the weak are useless..... why..... I don't know.....] (Haosui)

I felt that her atmosphere turned strange. I thought that my eyes were reflecting the things that I've never seen before right now.

At first, Haosui was surrounded by something like dark green mist, but now it’s steadily changing to red and black color. The center of the change was from the area around her stomach.

[The weak couldn't protect..... what..... who..... I DO-N'T KNO-W A-NY-MO-RE] (Haosui)

When all the mist surrounding her changed to reddish black, the real two small horns sprout from her head. Her nails also turn sharp and stretch a little.

However, her body isn't cracking and there are no wings growing from her back, it's different from all the people who swallowed the red ball so far. Haosui eyes which are watching me, shine dubiously.


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