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Chapter 93 – The First Attack

When I came back, Freud was waiting at the entrance of Osen town for some reason. He bowed elegantly when he saw my figure coming.

[I feel relieved from the bottom of my heart to see you return safely, Wazu-sama. You had already disappear when I returned to the inn. I heard that you flew away somewhere to do some errands. I was really, really worried that no food could pass through my throat for these past 3 hours] (Freud)

[.....When did you have a dinner? What did you eat?] (Wazu)

[About three hours ago, I had a dish called sukiyaki. It used high quality meat, various mushrooms, and wild vegetables that had been cooked inside a pot called nabe, it was really delicious. Oh yeah, I also had hot spring eggs] (Freud)

[In other words..... because you ate a lot, you can’t eat anymore right now?] (Wazu)

[Hmm..... I guess you can also put it that way~] (Freud)

[You are the one who put it in a strange way!!] (Wazu)

It's useless to debate with him as expected. I threw a sigh and I headed to the inn that Grave-san's wife brought me to before.

When I arrived at the inn, I was guided to the same room as the first time I came here. Inside the room there were Grave-san and his wife Serena-san, elegantly drinking tea.

When he noticed me, Grave-san raised his hand and called me out.

[Ou~ welcome back~!! That was fast, have you finished your errands?] (Grave)

[Yeah, with this I may be able to do something tomorrow] (Wazu)

[Glad to hear that, then you just need to restore your energy for tomorrow’s battle!! Serena, please!!] (Grave)

[Yes~] (Serena)

After that, Serena-san prepared sukiyaki that Freud mentioned before. She also prepared meal for Meru. I am eating alone while Meru is being fed by Serena-san.

I am not envious at all~!!

After healing my fatigue inside the hot spring, I went to sleep.

The next day, I woke up early in the morning. I gently lay the sleeping Meru on my head and slowly leave the inn to take a stroll through the town.

If you look closely, although there are so many inns in this town, it  doesn't mean that there are no private houses here. Of course some people really do live here.

I just noticed such an ordinary facts right now. Certainly when I came here it was night and on the next day it was so hectic, various things happened and I couldn't look around the town properly.

I stroll around the town, of course while avoiding men bath district. I make Meru eat hot spring eggs that are being sold at the street stalls, while looking at products that are displayed in the place like open-space souvenir shops.

I am killing time before the battle that is going to be held at noon.

The time for appointment. I am standing on the stage in the center of the town. Meru is watching from the roof somewhere. There are already so many audience around the stage. I don't know from which direction Grave-san and Freud is watching from because too many people have gathered.

Haosui is standing in front of my eyes. She doesn't seem to have any motivation at all. Her both hands are lowered languidly and her sleepy eyes are directed at me. She isn't wearing those loose shirt that she wore when we first met. They were ordinary clothes that a lot neighboring townsmen seemed to be wearing.

[.....Then, shall we start?] (Wazu)

As soon as I uttered those words, even though nothing changed in her facial expressions, the power that I felt from Haosui gradually increased.

However, there is no movement from her, she’s doing nothing except observing me. When I tilted my head in confusion Haousui spoke.

[.....You can attack me first. I always give the opponent the first shoot] (Haosui)

I see. Certainly, when she fought before, it was the other party who moved first. While having the battle specialized status so high, I wondering what she is waiting for. So she is just simply handing over the first attack to her opponent.

Then, let's defeat her at once and let her drink the dragon tears..... no, wait a moment.

Inside the goddesses's conversation before, I am sure it said that she had to spew out the red ball first. Let's confirm it just in case!

[I would like to ask one thing before we start] (Wazu)

[.....What?] (Haosui)

[Can you spew out the red ball you swallowed, on your own?] (Wazu)

[.....Hmm? I don't know. I don't feel like to try spewing it out too] (Haosui)

I thought so. I was expecting this answer. But still, it's troublesome, I don't know how to get the red ball out of her. I wonder if I can fight the same way as usual? Then, what if she lost her consciousness? Hmm..... first of all, I have to fight her properly and see the situation.

[I see..... then, I'm going to attack you] (Wazu)

[Do it quickly..... I’m going to win after all] (Haosui)

What a haughty way to speak. Well it can't be helped, with her current status and all, maybe she thinks that she is the strongest among human.....

No, that's wrong. It's not that she is being haughty, she is just not interested, she doesn't feel motivated, she doesn't care anymore.

She just wants to finish this quickly because there is nobody who can defeat herself anymore. She doesn’t have expectation. Her face is rather unmotivated because she thinks that she already knows the results of this fight.

If it's so..... let's make her a little motivated.

[Well, let's start. I will go straight ahead and launch a kick towards your head] (Wazu)

[..........Why explanation-----] (Haosui)

After properly telling her about how I would attack, I quickly approach Haosui and shoot a kick while holding back towards her head. For a moment, Haosui shows a surprised expression but soon returns to her normal face.

She immediately raises her arm to block my attack while the other free hand is used to counter attack me.

I put a little bit of force on the foot I’m use to kick Haosui. She is blown off but lands normally with both feet as if nothing had happened. She focuses her eyes towards my direction. Those are her usual sleepy eyes but I can feel a little bit enthusiasm inside.

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