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Chapter 92 – The Dream Is Big

Meru and I are running back to Onsen town. Well, actually she is just sticking to my head. Meru seems happy to have seen her parents and grandmother after a long time. I stroke Meru's head while running and she is play bitting my hand that I use to stoke her in response, it's ticklish.

On the way, we take a rest in different place than before. It's because we took different route from when we came.

I wonder if I have something that attracts them.

When we were enjoying our time while basking under the sun, they (women) appeared.

[Come on!! He is alone, go get him while he's sleeping]

[Bu-But, he is with a dragon child, what if he wakes up and fights back?]

[It's allright!! Look at his face, it's just an ordinary guy you can find anywhere. Even if it comes to fighting, it will not be a big deal!!]

How rude!! But it’s just as she said. I can't deny that my face is mediocre. It seems I will never become popular because my face is ordinary.

No, it’s wrong, a man is all about the personality, you should be gentle with women.

Therefore, first of all let's show them that I am awake. Let's pretend that I didn't notice them and leave this place quickly.

I get up~! I stretch my body on the spot~! I put Meru on my head~!

I try to leave this place, but two women who came out of the woods blocked my way.

Please let me go for your own good~~!

[You, wait there!!]

[Pl-Please wa-waiiii~it!!]

Of the two women that appeared in front of me, the first one who issued a high-spirited good voice is a woman with shoulder length blonde hair, strong-minded eyes and facial features.

She wore small vest that didn't cover enough of the area around her waist, short pants and boots that emphasized her slender thighs, matching very well with her appearance. I felt a healthy beauty from her. However, she held a long sword in her hand.

On the other hand, the woman with long and fluffy-looking purple hair has gentle eyes and facial features. In contrast to her friend, she wore long pretty dress that didn't show much skin. She pointed a knife with trembling hand towards me. She looks so cute that makes me want to protect her. Both of them are young, I think they’re about the same age as me.

[Come on, first of all tell him your demand]

[Ye-Yess!! Umm..... I'm a bandit!! Give me your money~! please.....!!]

[The "please" is unbefitting. 1 point deducted]

[Uu~..... I'm sorry!!]

[Don't apologize!!]

What is this.....? Eh? What should I do?

[Come on, once again!!]

[I am a ba-bandit~! Give me your money~!]


Really, what should I do here? When I'm in trouble with how to respond, the blonde woman speaks to me.

[Sorry~!! Right now, this girl is in the middle of her 5th banditry field test. Sorry for the trouble, but can you accompany her?]

[Pl-Please, I am in your care~!!]

That said, the blonde woman winked at me and posed her hands in plea gesture while the purple haired woman desperately lowered her head. I guess I will go along with them, but.....

[It can’t be helped~! I will be your opponent if you do not mind] (Wazu)

I think that there is something that a man should avoid, don't lose just because the other party is cute. But what is this banditry field test all about?

[So what am I supposed to do?] (Wazu)

[You can do as usual]

[Well, as usual huh..... I don't have money to hand over to bandits!!] (Wazu)

When I flatly refused, the purple haired woman was surprised and shrunk back.

No No No!! I didn't mean to frighten you!! It's true!! I just did it as usual just like your friend told me!!

[Come on, it's only natural that he refused you, don't get cold feet just because of this much]

[I'm sorry~]

[You won't pass at this rate, you know?]

[I wi-will work hard~!!]

The purple haired woman pulled herself together and turning the knife to me again while acting tough, but her hand is still trembling.

[Come on, show me what you have learned. What should you do when your opponent refuses?]

[Umm..... th-then, I will take your life!! please~]

[You added "please" again..... 1 more point deducted]


Eh, what is this? She is so cute..... no, not that!! Perhaps is this my fault? I'm sorry~ I didn't plan to do that!!

[We haven't finished yet]

[Ye-Yes!! Then, this is the battle from here on. Here I come~]

She says so and the purple haired woman charges at me with her knife. Her eyes are closed.

[Whoa~ Watch out!!] (Wazu)

I instinctively avoided the knife. It was dangerous. Don't come at me with closed eyes because you’re too scared. I mean, please stop doing dangerous things.

[Stop there!! It seems your bad habit of closing your eyes hasn't been healed]

[I'm so-sorry~ I mean, it's scary~]

I was also afraid for different matter. Or rather, I think she is not suitable to become a bandit in any way.

[You are not ready yet, it seems still too early for you. You should do it over again from the training place]

[Fuee~ Bu-But I won't give up no matter what, so please don't abandon me~]

No, people have something suitable for them to do, and I think that the purple haired woman is not suitable to become a bandit.

[We will return home today. I am sorry because you had to go along with us.....]

[No, I don't mind it at all. Umm, good luck?] (Wazu)

I look at the purple haired woman  and cheer her up.

[Ye-Yes!! I will work hard!! I will do my best to become the greatest female bandit in the world!! Thanks for your support!!]
That’s absolutely impossible. I think that the role where she is being protected by people will suit her better.

Then, the blonde woman and purple haired woman went into the forest. The purple haired woman kept looked back at me from time to time before the two completely disappeared from my sight.

I think she should give up becoming a bandit because it seems impossible for her.

After that, there was no problem in particular and we arrived at Osen town by night of that day.

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