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Chapter 88 – Ask Goddesses If You Are In Trouble

That’s it!! There are the goddesses!! Because it’s the god, they should know everything. I thought so and I took out my guild card from my bosom. Grave-san called out when he noticed my sudden behavior.

[What's wrong you suddenly took out your guild card?] (Grave)

[No, just a little.....] (Wazu)

It's impossible to tell him that my guild card has turned into something like assembly hall for goddesses, so I answered him vaguely. I spelled out about the current situation and checked the guild card.

Skills :

[Sea Goddess is sleeping inside the calm ocean] : .....zzZZ .....zzZZ .....ehehe ..... It's ticklish~~~

[War Goddess is too immersed with her training and didn't notice it] : Ora! Ora! It's just started, give me more!!

[Earth Goddess is busy cultivating trees] : Fufufu..... it grows bigger and bigger~~~

[Goddess is enjoying her snack time] : Hmm, this cake tastes good!! I guess it's okay to eat this much..... but I have to exercise later.



What are you doing? These goddesses!! I always feel like they are looking after me more than necessary, but why are they ignoring me now!?

Even though I am trying to help Haosui, why is it? Don't tell me, you are not interested with her?

Even though she is a hero? Normally, it's their job to guide and help hero, right?

That’s.....? Are they angry because I occasionally leave them? I wonder if the goddesses are trying to say that they aren't such a convenient women...... no, that’s..... impossible.....

(TL : Convenient woman = Something like someone you will look because you can take advantage of her when the time of need but in normal situation she is out of sight. Even so, she is gouig to help when get asked)

Pe-Perhaps..... it was just the timing that’s bad, let's check again for the time being. I spelled out the current situation and checked the guild card once again.


[Sea Godddes is sleeping] : .....zzZZ ......zzZZ

[War Goddess is seeking her limits] : More! More! I ought to be able to do more!!

[Earth Goddess is singing with flowers] : Lalala~ ♪ Lalala~ ♪ Lalala~ ♪

[Goddess is seriously suffering] : What should I do..... I will get fat if I eat any more cake..... but..... it should be fine to eat just another one.....


I slammed the guild card to the floor. Smoke was rising from the part where the guild card had landed. Grave-san who seems to be worried calls out.

[O-Oii!! Are you okay? What happened?] (Grave)

[No..... just a little unexpected thing has happened..... but it's fine, I feel better after slamming my guild card] (Wazu)

[I-I see.....] (Grave)

Dammit..... because of the goddesses , it seems Grave-san thinks I'm a little strange in the head. Yo-Yosh, let’s calm down once. Take a deep breath..... huu~ haa~


Fuu~ I calmed down. All right, let's try once again. The goddesses surely know something. I shall continue until I get the answer, but..... it doesn't seem to work this way.

I will fight Haosui without getting any answers at this rate. That means I have no choice but to kill her..... no, don't give up, let's try again.

It's somewhat embarrassing, I don't want to do it but..... I have no other choice. I slowly calm my mind and mutter in my heart.

(Is there a goddess out there..... a goddess who will help and guide me, who got lost..... gentle, strong, smart and beautiful..... such a lovely goddess.....)

I pick up the guild card and check it again.

Skills :

[Sea Goddess woke up]

[War Goddess stopped her hands]

[Earth Goddess answers the call]

[Goddess answered in a hurry] : The tears of Millennial-Class White Dragon have high healing and sacred power. Because she is a ryujin, I think that the effect will be higher. Let her spew out the red ball, then it may be possible to save her with those tears.

The answer cameeeeeeeeeeee~~~~!!!! You were looking after me after all!! Then, you should reply from the beginning.....

Skills :

[Sea Goddess smiles gently]

[War Goddess laughs dauntlessly]

[Earth Goddess smiles]

[Goddess lifts the corners of her mouth] : Wazu-san should fall for me with this.....

Uuu, well..... thank you Goddess-sama!! I love you!!!

I thought something that shouldn't be said. The sentences in the guild card changed again.

Skills :

[Sea Goddess is ready for battle]

[War Goddess is in battle mode]

[Earth Goddess is in attacking stance]

[Goddess is ready to engage the battle] : Yeah Wazu-san is mineee~!!

Let's stop it..... Let's not think about it too deeply. Let's forget it for the time being. I appreciate it but..... I put back my guild card into my pocket quietly. Hopefully the world will not be affected because of this.....


But a new problem arises now. Where can I get the tears of millennial white dragon? I don't know such a thing. The white dragons in the mountain supposedly haven't lived that long. Meru's mother, Meral also shouldn’t have lived that long. I turn my eyes into the room vicinity while thinking about what should I do.

Is she showing interest in the flowers that decorated the room? I thought that as I watched Meru who was flying around happily.

Wait..... Meru’s grandmother, Megil is also a white dragon. If it's her, perhaps she has been living for thousand years. However, where is she now?

Meral should be know about her whereabouts. There is no other clue. Why don't we visit her after a long time? I want to know what happened to that couple, Meru should also miss them. That sounds good, let’s call Meru.

[Meru!! We are going out!!] (Wazu)

[Kyuii~~] (Maru)

Meru returns to her usual fixed position on my head in response to my words.

[Hmm? Where are you going?] (Grave)

Grave-san called out to me who suddenly was going to leave.

[Aah!! I’m going out to do some errands a little. I will be back in two days before the fight with Haosui] (Wazu)

[Should I help too?] (Grave)

[No, it’s fine. It’s something like visiting one’s parent’s home after marriage. Then, I’m off!! Please inform Freud for me] (Wazu)

[I understand. Be careful on the way!!] (Grave)

[Yeah!!] (Wazu)

I say so and leave the room, leave the inn, leave the town and head to the mountains that stand in the center of the continent.

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