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Chapter 87 – I Didn't Say I Won't Do It

Haosui spoke in disappointed voice as if she had lost interest when she saw me checking her guild card in deep thought.

[.....So? Understand now? No one can win against me] (Haosui)

[.....Then, why do you still want to fight me?] (Wazu)

Haosui looked up at the void as she thought, slowly returned her line of sight at me and slightly tilted her head.

[.....Because there is nothing else to do?] (Haosui)

The influence of demonization..... well, that's not likely. Perhaps because she got too strong and no one around is strong enough to compete with her, she felt like losing her goal..... she just wanted to fight out of the habit.

Looking at Haosui like that, she certainly seems to have lost her spirit in life.

[.....You also can’t refuse] (Haosui)

[Why is that?] (Wazu)

[Hmm.....] (Haosui)

Haosui pointed at Meru.

[.....I sheltered that child. Took care of her. Gave her food]

I can't talk back when she brings that up..... I don't mean to refuse but I'm not sure if this is going to be safe for her.....

Because she took care of Meru, I want to save this little girl in front of me. However, I can't think of a good plan to realize it at present.

To tell the truth, I need time but I don't think I have the leeway. I don't know when the bat-like wings or other stuffs will start to grow like those people who swallowed the red ball. I think that I should not waste time any longer.

[.....I understand. I will accept it, but can you give me some time?] (Wazu)

[.....Then 10 minutes later] (Haosui)

[.....Understood. That's sounds goo----- wa-wait!! Too short!! Why only ten minutes?] (Wazu)

[.....One hour later?] (Haosui)

[That's nothing different!!! I mean, let's put it for another day!!!] (Wazu)

[.....Then, tomorrow?] (Haosui)

[Gime me more time!!] (Wazu)

[Muu ....You said a difficult thing.....] (Haosui)

[I said nothing difficult~~~!!!] (Wazu)

In the end..... we decided to fight at noon two day later..... sigh.....


For now, I have to find a breakthrough strategy during these next two days. I left the room while thinking about it. On the outside, a woman with sexy smile was looking at me.

She wore overlapped thin fabric from top to bottom, there is a thick band wrapped around her abdomen part, this is the first time I saw this kind of clothes.

Her hair was tied up to behind, there were also some golden decoration inserted in some place on those parts. The mole under her eye emphasizes her bewitching features.

Being stared at by such a beautiful woman, I involuntarily make a gulp sound. That woman slowly walks towards me.

Huh? Me? Then, she gracefully bowed and introduced herself.

[Nice to meet you Wazu-san. I am the lord of this Osen town and also Grave's wife, my name is Serena] (Serena)

Shuu~~~ I wonder why, I calmed down at once.

[Nice to meet you too, my name is Wazu. So..... Does Grave-san’s wife need something from me?] (Wazu)

[Yes, there is also request from Grave. Since the inn to stay has been decided, I came here to guide wazu-san to that place] (Serena)

[Oh I see! So, umm, I am in your care] (Wazu)

I am heading to the inn under the guidance of Serena-san. On the way, I hear a man screaming from somewhere far away.

[Did you hear the scream just now?] (Wazu)

[Yes, it seems some foolish man had tried to enter the woman bath district to peep] (Serena)

Eh.....? No..... But it was a scream.....

[Since there is no wall in this town, some people think the security in this town is lacking and they can peep at women to their heart contents. In fact, there are tremendous number of traps, invisible barrier, inhibition of recognition from outsider, etc. various means had been taken. Even if this is the southern hero, he won't be able to enter women bath district without permission. The shop that installed it said so] (Serena)

[This is really strict.....] (Wazu)

[Yeah..... when installing it that person said "Search & Destroy peeping tom" truly impressive words] (Serena)

(TL : Search & Destroy here is using English spelling)

[Search & Destroy? What is that?] (Wazu)

[Hmm, it seems something like murder on the spot when get found.....] (Serena)

[S-C-A-R-Y!!] (Wazu)

What was that scary sounding words!? I mean, I wonder what happened to the man who screamed earlier..... well, it's his own fault.


We returned to mixed bath district. I was guided to the third floor of the largest and the most luxurious inn in this district.

[Eh? Is this the place?] (Wazu)

[Yes, this is the inn I manage, I prepared the best room in this place. I am very sorry for yesterday because no room was available. Grave also said that I should prioritize customers, but I never thought you all would stay in a barn.....] (Serena)

[No, it was nothing big. I don't care about it] (Wazu)

[I feel relieved if you say so. Then, I will show you to your room] (Serena)

Upon entering the inn, the staffs bowed to Serena-san before returned to their work. There are also some customers who knew her occasionally greets her. Serena-san carefully responds while guiding me.

The room we entered is really wide and gorgeous, the room also uses furniture that seems expensive. Honestly, is is really okay for someone like me to use this room?

However, the scenery from this room was also stunning, I thought that it's really worth to stay in the room with such scenery.

On the table in the middle of such room Grave-san was drinking leisurely alone. Noticing me coming, he raised one hand to invite me.

[Yo~ Wazu!! Are you finished with Haosui? I mean, is that Meru on the top of your head?] (Grave)

[Yeah, I’m going to fight her after 2 days. Meru, that’s Grave-san my friend. Come, say hello to him] (Wazu)

[Kyuii~] (Meru)

[Ou~ I am Wazu’s friend, Grave. Best regards!] (Grave)

That's right, maybe Grave-san can teach me something to solve this problem.

I thought so and talked about Haosui's situation, the red ball, and what happened to people who swallowed it. Grave-san who heard it looked up in thought after --[Hmm....]-- he turned back his eyes at me.

[Something like that happened huh..... Sorry but I can’t think of anything. How about you Serena?] (Grave)

[Let's see, Haosui-san doesn't cause problems in particular either, on the contrary, the business is booming as a result of the challengers who came to this town. I would like her to return to normal safely if possible..... but please forgive me. I also don't know any means to help her. I can't be any help, please excuse me] (Serena)

[No, please don’t mind it. I can't come up with anything either] (Wazu)

The two couldn't help me either. I wonder if Freud knows something. He isn't here, but let's ask just in case. However, I don't know when he will come back. But even Grave-san doesn’t know anything so I don't think he would.

I am on my wit's end here. I even feel like I want to ask god for help right now.....

Hmm.....? God......? Goddess.....?

**Proofreader : Niel Dade**

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