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Chapter 86 – The Power Of Haosui

Haosui told me to fight with her.

[Why is that?] (Wazu)

[That’s.....] (Haosui)

From that point Haosui slowly spoke, or more like muttered about her purpose. To put it briefly, when training oneself, she realized that she couldn’t find someone who were stronger than her in the surrounding anymore. She couldn't tell the reason about why she was obsessed with strength

As she continued seeking for the greater strength, she challenged those who were said to be strong all over the place and kept being victorious, from there people started to call her Northern Hero.

People who came to challenge her has started to appear this time. She was in this town hoping to find a good opponent. In order to gather more challengers, she added a condition to become a bride of person who can defeat her. If there is a person who can win, it seems she really don't mind to marry him. But someone who could defeat her never appeared.

She spent every day with nothing but boredom, she started to wonder whether this was her limit.

One day, a peddler who dressed in black presented her a red ball that said could make her stronger even more.

Haosui who greedily seeking for strength swallowed it. She got even stronger, but no one could hold a candle to Haosui because of that.

It said that she began to spend more time with lazing around than before. She seemed to never go out from her room except when heading to the stage. It was at such time that Meru appeared. Then she heard about me from Meru.

[Heard from that child..... really strong..... stronger than her father.....] (Haosui)

[We-Well.....] (Wazu)

I'm certainly strong.

[I don't know how strong her father was..... however, I think that I was stronger..... but that child said you were stronger than me..... therefore, I won't expect it..... but fight me] (Haosui)

[Unn~~] (Wazu)

To fight such small girl, as expected that's..... but I don't want to leave her who had swallowed the red ball from that peddler alone. If I defeat her, I wonder if her body will also become cracked? I don’t want to see that.

But I don’t know the way to cure it..... what should I do..... When I was deep in thought, Haosui cautioned me.

[I'm going to win anyways..... You can understand when you see this..... see it for yourself] (Haosui)

Having said that, Haosui handed a guild card out of her clothes.

Huh? This? Where did you take it? It’s somewhat warm..... s-stop it!! It’s better to not think about it.

Her guild card was in the state which can be seen already, Haosui's status was written there so I read it.

Name : Haosui Tsurugi                              
Race : Ryujin (Demon Lord)
Age : 14

HP : 9999
MP : 9999

STR : 999
VIT : 999
INT : 627
MND : 871
AGL : 953
DEX : 538


[Battle king] Lvl.Max (Compound)

[Tactics king] Lvl.Max (Compound)

[Dragon-ization] (Unique)

[Special Magic : Dragon] Lvl.Max (Unique)  <currently unusable>

[Super Recovery] Lvl.Max (Compound)

[Body reinforcement] Lvl.7

[Total Tolerance] Lvl.8

[State Abnormal Invalidity]

[Hero] Lvl.6 <currently sealed>

[Demon Lord] Lvl.1

It cooomeees!! I can tell that her status are high but I don't know the differences compared to my status. I mean, my status are written on texts not numbers. So, let’s see the skills explanation.

[Battle king] Lvl.Max (Compound) : Can use martial techniques and handle all kinds weapons with this skill. You will be able to use variety of weapons and martial arts better. It’s possible to become the first rate weapon user or master of martial arts as the level goes up.

Huh? What is this?

[Tactics king] Lvl.Max (Compound) : Instantly understand all kinds of war situation and find the way to break through. Situation understanding, sense perception, and skills will be put on work together using this skill. Those processes will be getting faster as the level goes up. It’s become possible to make to make correct judgment based on own knowledge.


[Dragon-ization] (Unique) : Transform into a dragon with status rises significantly.

Is this unique skill of Ryujin people?

[Special Magic : Dragon] Lvl.Max (Unique)  : Magic that can only be used in dragon form. Can shoot various breath attacks as the level goes up.

My special magic [God] also seems have the same condition with this.

[Super Recovery] Lvl.Max (Compound) : Increase natural HP and MP recovery speed. The speed will be getting faster as the level goes up.

Huh? Are you perhaps never getting tired with this skill?

[Body reinforcement] Lvl.7 : Increase muscle strength, speed, etc. to assist various body movement. It will be strengthened accordingly as the level goes up and complex movements are also becoming possible.

Hmm? So why can I fight with this much power even though I don't have this skill..... it's just a guess, could it be my basic status is already so high? I am no longer a human as expected..... no, let’s stop at that..... don’t think about it too deeply.

[Total Resistance] Lvl.8 : Resistance to all kinds of attributes attacks increases. Greater resistance as the level goes up.

I don't have to think about this stuff because of VIT and MND status in my case.

[State Abnormal Invalidity] : Invalidate all kinds of state abnormality.

I want iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!! Mine is “almost invalid”, I want this skill the most!!!!!

[Hero] Lvl.6 : Those who saved the world. Status significantly rises. The status correction will further increase as the level goes up.

As expected of Hero skill..... but it has been sealed.....

[Demon Lord] Lvl.1 : Those who destroy the world. Maximal status rise correction. The status rise correction will become even higher as the level goes up and you will be able to use special skills.

Perhaps this is due to the influence of a red ball.

To put it together..... she isn’t that strong, right? But there is Demon Lord stuff on her race. She wasn’t an opponent that normal people could win. More than anything, her basic status and skills are too specialized for battle.....

Though I don't think I will lose against her.....

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