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Chapter 85 – Reunion With Meru

I’m following Haosui. She said that she would take me to Meru. I was guided to her temporary residence in this Osen town.

It's good that she is willing to guide me..... I'm grateful..... what a nice place!! I mean, her temporary residence is in the women bath district!!

This place is normally off-limits for men, the surrounding women surely think --[why is there a man here?]-- their gaze are scraping my HP.

Please excuse me! Please pardon me! Please forgive me! Haosui brought me to this place!!

The gatekeeper at the entrance of women bath district give me an entry permit because of one word from Haosui. As expected of the world's strongest.

I don't want to admit it but I feel a little excited when I set foot on the garden of women. No, it's normal, every man surely will get excited.

But at the same time a regret feeling dominated me. Somehow, I feel out of place. I just entered but unable to stay still. I want to leave this place at once.

By the way, Grave-san told me that his wife was working here; I didn't know where he is now. Freud has gone somewhere because he has some kind of errands. So, I am the only man in this place.

I'm really sorry. Please don't stare at me with those eyes. Please!!

I am following Haosui from behind with such feelings. Not long, we arrived at her place, it seems an inn. The steam from hot spring was rising from behind the building, typical sight of inn in this town.

Haosui entered inn normally and I also followed her afterward. The inn staffs and the guests inside directed their attention at us, I couldn't calm down at all.

The inn staffs lowered their heads when Haosui passed by and the guests started to make noise. Their attitudes changed immediately after realized that I was behind her.

The surrounding have the same facial expression as if telling --[who is this man?]--. Some of them clicked their tongues. I want to see Meru and immediately leave this place. This place is not paradise at all.

Haosui stopped in front of a door of certain room then she prompted me to go inside.

Is Meru really inside?

I mean, we just met. Can I trust her? It might be a trap.... well, even if this is a trap, I have no choice but to go inside. I open the door and take a peek inside, over there..........


Meru who is being pampered by a large number of women like a king was there.

The black crystal from that time seems to have disappeared already. Meru was being taken care of by the women around her. Just opening her mouth and the women around feed her food. Her body seems to have been thoroughly polished.

More importantly, what are you doing? I mean, Meru is female, right? I can see this composition if you are a male, but why the women.....Oh I see, she is loved as a pet, right?

I wonder what this is? I’m glad that she was safe, but what should I do with this indescribable feeling.....? Before I came here..... I think Meru has been doing like this for a long time..... damn!! I am not envious at all!! DAMN IT!!!

When I immersed myself on the spot with such dark thought, Haosui pushes me from behind.

Is she telling me to quickly go inside?

I entered the room while being pushed by Haosui, Meru who saw my figure jumped on the spot, flew, and collided with my face.

I tried to spread both hands and receive Meru but she drove straight to my face as expected. She climbs up to the top of my head and with --[kyu~iii.....]-- she began to relax herself there. *peshi-peshi * she started to beat my face with her forefoot to protest because I was late to get her.

No, weren't you enjoying yourself in this place?

The women who saw this situation were looking at me with envious eyes. I am enjoying the feeling on my head after a long absence while receiving such a gaze. I suddenly noticed.

[Huh? Did you get a little heavier?] (Wazu)

[KYUIIII~~~] (Meru)

Meru protested to my murmur with beating my face rather stronger than before.

[Sorry! Sorry! You have grown!!] (Wazu)

Meru stopped hitting me, it seems she was convinced. She began relaxing herself again on my head. I stroked Meru's head. Haosui stepped forward and said to the women in this room.

[Need to talk with this person..... please go out.....] (Haosui)


The women nodded on Haosui's words and leave the room obediently while waving their hands towards Meru. There are only me, Meru, and Haosui remains in this place.

Haosui confirmed they had left the place. Haosui sit on a rag called cushion in slow movement and beckoning me to sit down as well.

[As this child said..... it seems you are her guardian] (Haosui)

[Meru said it? Do you understand her words?] (Wazu)

[Because I am a dragon descendant..... a  Ryujin] (Haosui)

(TL : 龍人 = human dragon? Sound’s weird for me so I use the original, any better idea?)

I see, the two protruded hair that stand on her head represent the horns of a dragon.

[Anything else.....?] (Haosui)

[Then, do you know what is going on now.....?] (Wazu)

[About the ball.....? I swallowed it..... understand everything] (Haosui)

She understood but still swallowed it? so why did she.....

[.....is it over? Then, main subject] (Haosui)

[The main subject.....?] (Wazu)

[Fight me.....] (Haosui)

**Proofreader : Niel Dade**

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