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Chapter 82 – To The Hot Spring Town, Osen!!

We left the port town and started our journey to the hot spring town on the next day. Osen town’s hot springs district is located in the southwest direction of this town, Grave-san taught me that we need 5 days on foot to reach it.

Fish was really conspicuous when we were looking for food supplies for the journey, as expected of port town. But we abandoned the idea and purchased dried meat that would last longer instead. It seems that vegetables aren’t produced locally here.

Too bad. I could have purchased a lot fish and store it inside space-time magic if only Meru was here.


The journey to Osen town hadn't any particular problems, 2 days have passed and now is the third day. Around the noon, five men suddenly appeared in front of us while we were following the road towards Osen town.

[Stop!! Don’t move from that place!!] (bandit 1)

[What is this?] (Wazu)

[Eee, would you mind handing over all of your money and luggage to me?] (bandit 2)

It's bandits. Swords and knives, man in the center of the group who is holding a spear speaks to us. Their attires don't look like those of bandits at all, it's ordinary villagers clothes that make you feel a sense of cleanliness. Though their faces are truly bandit-like.

[I am afraid we can’t do that] (Freud)

While Freud give a polite reply, Grave-san showed me a face as if asking about what should we do. However, the other party didn't wait.

[It can’t be helped, you are going to leave this place stark naked. I Thought I would stop with luggage and money alone if you didn't refuse at first!!] (bandit leader)

It seems that bandits don't intend to take our lives, I don't know whether it's a kind or not. The five bandits approached us. Okay, battle start?

When we were preparing to intercept that attack, someone suddenly ran through our side from behind and approached the man in the center. She is a good looking woman with stout figure.

Having no time to stop when it looked dangerous, the woman who was getting closer to bandits jumped in with kicking position towards the man in the center instead.

The man in the center of group didn't avoid the kick and got blown off to the back. Eh? What does this mean?

[You!! You have a child now, why don't you work properly!!] (bandit leader's wife)

[ [ [ [Anego!!] ] ] ] (bandit 1,2,3,4)

(TL : Anego = elder sister ; Aniki = elder brother)


[No, even I wanted to do proper job, but the boss in my workplace was a nasty guy so I hit him without thinking and stopped!! Because of that, in order to earn my Angel's milk cost I became a bandit.....] (bandit leader)

[Such a stupid reason!! Do you think our child will grow up into a decent person from money that you earned as a bandit!?] (bandit leader's wife)

[No, but.....] (bandit leader)

[Don't give me stupid excuses!!] (bandit leader's wife)

They seem to be a married couple who probably just had their first baby. The father became a bandit to earn milk costs..... I want to give some money to that figure.

Although he said that it was an angel a while ago, I am curious whether their child’s name is really Angel or just a metaphor. If that is his name, it's going to be a problem in the future. Especially if their child resemble the father, further problems are likely to arise.

[By the way, what about Angel?] (bandit leader)

[I entrusted her to father, I came after listening to mother that you might be playing banditry again!! I was ashamed and couldn't tell father] (bandit leader's wife)

[What is embarrassing.....?] (bandit leader)

[Then, can you tell our daughter that she grew up from money that her father earned as a bandit?]

[..........] (bandit leader)

[A-Anego!! Aniki doesn't has other choice-----] (bandit 1)

[You shut up!! This is a problem of my family!!] (bandit leader's wife)

[Ye-Yesss.....] (bandit 1)

Oh, he was silent after a single shout. This lady wears terrible force. I wonder what we should do. I want to leave this place at once.

[You there can leave now!! Sorry because my idiot husband disturbed your journey] (bandit leader's wife)

[N-No problem.....] (Wazu)

T-Then let's get going, that's what I wanted to say but I couldn't find the two companions around. Grave-san is standing next to the woman and Freud is standing next to the man.

[It's as this lady says!! You should get a proper job to raise your child!! I agree with this lady!!] (Grave)

[Y-You.....] (bandit leader's wife)

[No, No, I couldn't accept it. First of all, it's important to earn money so that the child would grow properly. You can teach the child strictly so they don't walk in the same path as their parent later. I am on this man’s side!!] (Freud)

[Y-You.....] (bandit leader)

Huh? Are you participating? Why don't we just leave them alone? Even I don't feel like poking my nose at other people's household problems.

The remaining four bandits talked something with each other in whispern and separated themselves towards man who was called aniki and woman who was called anego, two people each. It has become a confrontation of 4 vs 4 now.

Huh? Could it be..... Eight people in front of me turned their eyes to me all at once.

[Of course Wazu is an ally of women, right?] (Grave)

[There is no doubt that Wazu-sama will choose this side, right?] (Freud)

Oops, the decision seems decided by whom I choose. All of you are cowards!! Let's try to escape.

[No, No, No, it has nothing to do with me. She said we could leave, so why don’t we go now?] (Wazu)

[Not good!! This is one of the problems that you aren't supposed to avoid by all means!! We should settle it here and now!!] (Grave)

[I agree!! This is no longer just their problem!! So, which side is right Wazu-sama?] (Freud)

I failed to escape. These guys are entering their own pace. I feel that Grave-san simply wants to support the female, on the other side Freud just favored the male’s effort.

No way, why did you shove their problem at me? what should I do now..... we are going nowhere at this rate. I exhale a big sigh and I advanced my way towards the women.

[Well then, after considering carefully I choose this side] (Wazu)

[Yoshaa~~~~~!!! That's Wazu boy for you!!! I knew he would support me!!!] (Grave)

[That's a lie~~~~~!!!!! I was betrayed by Wazu-sama~~~~~!!!!!] (Freud)

Freud reaction is exaggerating but I know it just an act. The woman camp raised their hands in joy while the man camp disheartened but of course Freud alone is different. I exhale a big sigh after talking to Freud a little.

I said to the woman --[I hope she becomes a good child]-- to the man --[Pull yourself together]-- and secretly handed out some gold coins I borrowed from Freud a while ago.

After that, since we had no more business in this place anymore, we continued our journey to Osen town again. Looking back, the woman was waving her hands greatly while the man was lowering his head deeply in gratitude but.....

I hope their child isn”t named "Angel".

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