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Chapter 81 – Nude Communication

We arrived at the port town and headed to the inn with hot spring facilities in this port town to stay overnight as we have decided beforehand. The inn fees will be on Grave-san as his thanks for nursing him during the trip.

Thank you very much. Look, don’t just nod Freud, say thanks to Grave-san!

Since we are all men, we rented one room to be shared together so that a little bit cheaper. Even if we are going to stay for awhile, I don't have anything to do here in particular so I head to the hot spring.

Freud disappeared into the town saying there was something to do, while Grave-san immediately headed out because he found a woman that attracted his attention. Please calm down a bit more, these two adults.

It seems the bath turn is divided by gender and time. Good timing, men's turn just started not long ago when I came, I could enter smoothly just as it is without waiting. There were no other guest when I entered the place, I took off my clothes inside the dressing room and I leisurely soaked my body in hot water after I finished washing it.

[Fu~i.....] (Wazu)

It seems like the fatigue remaining in every corner of my body slowly dissolves into hot water, it feels really good. I heard sound of someone entering the bath as I was enjoying myself, there was Grave-san when I looked towards the entrance. He has toned body as expected of S-rank adventurer. I couldn't see him as someone who would throwing up helplessly during the trip. More importantly, please hide your front.

[Yoo~, Wazu boy!] (Grave)

[Hmm? You are early Grave-san. How about your business?] (Wazu)

[Well of course, she has become a splendid number 196!!]  (Grave)

Grave-san said so. He washed his body while humming before soaking himself into hot water. To conquered a woman in this short time.... he is an enemy of men in a way..... well, he has a good face..... his personality also isn't bad.... he paid my lodging fee..... S-rank adventurer so there is no doubt he is strong..... damn, he is perfect!!

[Fui~ hot spring bath is nice..... here, I can forget about unpleasant parts of world....] (Grave)

[You are S-rank adventurer and have a lot of wives, is there something you are dissatisfied with?] (Wazu)

[Of course!! There is no limit to human greed~ There are various things that I want to do, and various things that are going to happen..... well, this is so called life] (Grave)

[.....?] (Wazu)

What is this guy saying?

[You don’t get it? Well, Wazu will understand it in the near future..... I also needed years to come up with the answer] (Grave)

[I don’t quite understand, it sounds like an adult’s things] (Wazu)

[Hahaha!! I see, I see!! I am an adult!! Then as an adult, can I ask something?] (Wazu)

[Hmm? What is it?] (Wazu)

[I am sorry if I make a mistake but how should I explain this, I could read inside your heart sort of? It seems that you are lives in hurry, an impatient person]

[Eh?] (Wazu)

[I am still a husband of 196 wives. I have eyes that can read a people and I got such feeling from Wazu] (Grave)

Am I impatient.....? Certainly, my head is full of thought about Meru right now. Grave-san is not a bad person, he would be a reassuring ally if he wanted to cooperate. I honestly told about Meru. The reason behind this, destination, and I also told him about the peddler who dresses all black just in case.

[I see..... You are heading to hot spring town to save a dragon child? All right, I understand the situation. Then, I'll help with that!] (Grave)

[Eh? really?] (Wazu)

[No problem!! I was originally planned to go to hot spring town. Besides, aren’t we friends already?] (Grave)

[Friends!!..... right!! Thank you very much!!] (Wazu)

Freind!! It’s been a long time since someone told me that. Following Orlando, this is a new friend of mine. Honestly, I am very happy!!

[However, I feel there is something else besides this matter about Meru. Is there anything else you can think of?] (Grave)

[Something else? .....hmmm..... is there such a thing? Nothing comes to my mind in particular.....] (Wazu)

I am .....hmm.... I couldn’t think of anything.

[If nothing comes to your mind, perhaps Wazu-sama himself may be unconscious about it so that he couldn’t think of it] (Freud)

[Fumu..... I wonder if that’s the case.....] (Grave)






[.....] (Wazu)

[.....] (Grave)

[.....] (Freud)


Freud was here all of a sudden so I stood up unconsciously.

[You!! How did you come  in!?] (Wazu)

[Yes? I entered the bath normally after I washed my body normally, but what of it?] (Freud)

[No, No, I completely didn’t notice it!!] (Wazu)

[Because I am a butler] (Freud)

[.....are you trying to clean up everything with that words?] (Wazu)

[Fufufu..... because I am a butler] (Freud)

[That’s right, because butler is such a thing] (Grave)

[I don’t agree with Grave-san!!] (Wazu)

[Wazu is too concerned about the small details] (Grave)

[That’s right!!] (Freud)

[That’s not the point here~~~~~~~!!!] (Wazu)

My scream and two laughs echoed in the hot spring.

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