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Chapter 79 - I Feel Relieved To Set Foot On The Ground

I stored the guild card and raised my body to go to where Freud is for the time being.


It huuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrttttttttttssssssss!!!

My body is screaming in pain. Even though I just moved my upper body a little, but it hurts all over. Is this because Godhood skill? It seems to be a side effect because I had just returned from Godhood state. Ughh..... it’s been a long time since I felt such a pain. I got tearful eyes a little because so much pain.

I move my body while enduring the pain to go look for Freud. It takes everything just to walk.

Freud and Grave-san were poking their noses towards the sea from the edge of the ship. They were talking to each other in positions where they could throw up any moment. I move my aching body and head towards that place.

[Wazu-sama. Is it all right to move around?] (Freud)

[Yeah, I am fine] (Wazu)

[To think that you’d suddenly faint after returning to the ship, I was really surprised] (Grave)

[I seems I made you worry.....] (Wazu)

Freud’s observing my condition. His complexion was bad but it turned into a smile. Or rather, you guys are the ones who look like are going to die.....

[However, what on earth happened? Your hair have changed a bit.....] (Grave)

[Changed?] (Wazu)

Huh? Is there something strange? I couldn’t tell because I couldn’t see it. I wonder how it changed..... I hope it doesn’t become strange. I couldn’t confirm it myself.....

[Here, look at yourself

Mirror of water shows my figure] (Grave)

When Grave-san casted his magic, a thin water around the size of face appeared from his fingertip. I understood the part that has changed as I brought my face closer to it.

Originally my hair color was pitch black, but now those black hair have turned white here and there. What to say, it seems like some kind of pattern.

[What happened to my hair?] (Wazu)

[It has been in that state since you returned here..... any idea about the cause?] (Freud)

[There is something but.....] (Wazu)

I think it's the effect of Godhood..... will it return to original?

[You don’t have to worry, isn’t it nice? I think it looks cool!!] (Grave)

[Is that so?] (Wazu)

Grave-san is so positive..... well, it seems impossible even if I want it to go back to original now. Should I keep this appearance? because I don't know the way to return it.

[By the way, how long have I been sleeping since I had returned?] (Wazu)

[Hmm? Not much time has passed, right?] (Grave)

[Let’s see, it’s not even one hour, I guess?] (Freud)

Grave-san answered lightly and Freud answered with an approximation. It seems I won't be able to move around that long after entering Godhood state. Is it going to be like this each time? I don't think I’ll face a situation where my life is in danger so often, but I have to be a little bit more careful.

After that the three of us continued chatting to kill some time. It's mainly the talk about Grave-san's harem relationship. I was terrified by the broadness of his woman preference.

Regardless of their age, it seems he’s earnestly wooing every woman he likes. From an ordinary townspeople to a knights, there is also a woman pirate from the south sea.

However as Grave-san said himself, he didn't want to get involved with royal family. It seems he was also never going after the women who have a partner.

However, are they not fighting each other with so many wives?  Or, won't he be targeted by some crazy jealous guy out there?

Apparently Grave-san's wives are in very good relationship. They established "Grave’s Wives Association" to exchange information everyday. They are also protecting Grave-san from bad insects behind the scene.

[But Grave-san you’re an S-rank adventurer, aren’t you? How is it possible, that you are in the position to be protected?] (Wazu)

[No. No. No. I'm not always wary of my surroundings. What would happen if I got attacked at such time? S-rank or not, I still can be cut by sword] (Grave)

That’s true. Perhaps I’m an exception.

[You can't underestimate the information network of my wives association!! Because they are all over the world!! Hahaha!!!] (Grave)

[I see, you are completely hidden under their butts huh?] (Wazu)

[Of course!! I am no match against my wives!! But if there is a guy who’d hurt my wives..... the death would be coming to them..... no matter who that guy is] (Grave)

The atmosphere of Grave-san who said so suddenly changed. The surrounding air became heavy. It becomes impossible to move in such intense pressure. It can be said that he is in the perfect appearance of S-rank adventurer now. Well, I'm fine though.

[I know it!! I never thought of making an enemy of Grave-san] (Wazu)

[Well, that goes for me too] (Grave)

The heavy atmosphere disappeared at once and Grave-san floated a friendly and gentle smile. There is such a person huh..... I and Grave-san shook hands firmly.

But harem.....

Well, that’s impossible for me. I don’t have a partner in the first place.


Then the three of us continued our conversation, shortly afterward the ship arrived at the harbour. At the moment of arrival, Freud jumped off of the ship and sprawled out on the ground, he began to stroke the ground like a lover.

[Haa~ wonderful, it’s not shaking!! I won’t leave you anymore!!] (Freud)

I and Grave-san were astonished towards Freud's eccentric behavior. Grave-san slowly pointing at Freud.

[Is he always like this? Even though he’s a princess’s butler? Well, I don’t mind it because he is interesting fellow.....] (Grave)

[Dunno..... I just met him recently.....] (Wazu)

For now, I tried not to think deeply about Freud. Or rather, just leave him alone.....

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