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Chapter 78 - Growing Further

I noticed that I was still on the ship. It's a fine weather with blue sky when I opened my eyes. My body is swaying following the ship's movement. I recalled to the earlier event while feeling the sway.

I wonder what was that? It was me for certain. But, at the same time I am not sure..... I doesn't feel like myself..... it's embarrassing to remember. I want to hide my face with something now, I have an urge to roll around while shouting --[aaaaaaaaaa!!]--. No, I won't do it.

I wonder what was that really..... I felt like I used some kind of magic..... however normally I shouldn’t be able to use magic..... that’s why I couldn’t explain the phenomenon that happened in that place ..... hmm? I could feel magic power? I wonder why I could feel it? hmm..... hmm.....

Oh! That’s it. I will understand when checking my guild card, right?

But..... I am afraid to look at it.....

No!! There is nothing wrong!! I am sure it just my imagination!! I feel a chill but I am sure it just my imagination!! I won't understand unless I confirm it myself!! If I see it, I am sure I will learn various things and broaden my understanding.

I drop a little blood on my guild card to confirm my status.

Name : Wazu
Race : Human (51%..... Can he be called a human?)
Age : 17

HP : Umm..... can’t be counted anymore
MP : It's zero! For now

STR : My blow shattered the stars
VIT : Can’t be cut even with the Divine Sword
INT : Can't use magic for now
MND : It's meaningless
AGL : Please wait for the next time
DEX : God artisan..... You shouldn’t make thing carelessly

Skills :
[True - Extreme Cannibalism] (Unique)
[Abnormal Conditions Almost Invalid] (Unique)
[Godhood] (Unique) <currently unusable>
[Special Magic : God] (Unique) <currently unusable>
[Love of Sea Goddess as vast as the sea] (Unique)
[War Goddess is having fun, can’t be helped] (Unique)
[Earth Goddess is “M”] (Unique)
[Goddess has likely become a Yandere] (Unique)

Sponsored by : Goddess, Earth Goddess, War Goddess, Sea Goddess

I should have not seen it.....

I exhale a big sigh and checking the details as usual

The name has stayed as it is..... of course it’s a matter of fact

Race is bad..... it dropped with a considerable number. It said whether I can be called a human or not..... no, it still written as human race!! Therefore I am a human!!

The age has stayed as it is..... of course it’s also a matter of fact

I wonder how high is my HP..... I don’t want to think about it anymore.....

The text on MP column has changed. But what is "for now" at the end of the text? I am sure I will understand if I look at skill details.....

STR..... it changes a little if I look closely..... it shattered the stars not just break it..... it’s getting worse.....

VIT hasn’t changed. Huh? I feel relieved for some reason. I hope it stays just as it is..... for the peace of my heart.

INT also had “for now” at the end of the text. I will understand this later as well.

MND said it’s meaningless. I see, it’s meaningless huh..... people who attack me with magic are doing a useless thing.....

AGL..... it's the biggest problem this time..... sigh.....

The heck with "for the next time" !!!!!!!!!!!!

Perhaps they couldn’t come up with a good text, does this mean it has changed? Is that so?

DEX. I guess I'll follow the warning quietly or something fearful will be made.....

Well then..... It’s finally the skills turn..... It will be all right, Wazu..... Believe in yourself..... You can definitely take it.....

It would be good if that’s the case.....

[True – Extreme Cannibalism] : Conventional ability, you also can eat magical power now. The higher quality of magical power, the better its taste. For that reason, you can feel quality and quantity of magical power now.

Oh, I'm supposed to be able to feel magical power with the influence of this skill huh? But, what does eating magical power mean? It's not something that humans can do..... let's not eat as much as possible.....

[Abnormal Conditions Almost Invalid]

Unchanged. I like this skill the best. Please stay just as it is.

[Godhood] : Evolves to a being close to god. You can't activate it with your own will at present.

It's scary, I guess this explained the phenomenon from before. Will I finally turn into an in-human being?..... but close to god..... I wonder if it will be the same kind as the goddesses..... I don't quite understand..... however I couldn't control it with my own will huh? I guess this activated by itself because my life was in danger in the previous battle.

[Special Magic : God] : Creation of heaven and earth. You can cause all kinds of phenomenon. Current status, unusable at present.

I think it's a magic that I used to stop the sea water before. Current status is unusable, probably it can be used only in godhood state. Whether I can use it or not doesn't matter now. I don't have time to worry about it, especially now.

The thing I have seen so far is that I have been strengthened on the whole. Please don’t tell me that I will become even stronger than this later.....

Yoshh!! Let’s see the rest in jiffy!!

[Love of Sea Goddess as vast as the sea] : Thank you for helping my beloved people of the sea. I will repay your kindness with this body when we meet. For now, I will give you plenty of blessings as thanks.

Yeah, as I thought.

[War Goddess is having fun, can’t be helped] : I want to meet you soon and fight!! You are getting stronger again..... uughhh~~~..... I will absolutely win and make you mine!! My body feels good to touch because it has moderate muscle, so please wait in expectation!!

She is a battle maniac as the name implies. This goddess..... is that really feels good to touch..... gulp.....

[Earth Goddess is “M”] : Aah..... Uuh..... Wazu-sama cold gaze in godhood state..... merciless attack..... aaaaa..... irresistible!! Please abuse me in godhood state!!

I wonder what she is saying..... this goddess..... more importantly what is this “M” thing? I don’t really understand.....

[Goddess has likely become a Yandere] : KuKuKu..... evEryoNe..... hoW loNg aRe yoU goiNG tO mEddLe beTweEn Wazu-san anD mE? DoEs aLL-ouT-waR sOundS gOoD foR yoU?

I wonder what is this..... I don’t know the meaning of word Yandere but I feel scared for some reason..... I can feel something dangerous is approaching.....

It suddenly comes to my mind

(Goddess-sama is number one for me~)

I tried to think so and look at the guild card once again.


[Sea Goddess is sulking]  : Not fair~!!

[War Goddess is sulking] : Not fair~!!

[Earth Goddess is sulking] : Not fair~!!

[Goddess triumphed] : HO~HO~HO!!

Yup, let’s forget it.....

I put my guild card into my pocket quietly.

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