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Chapter 77 - Those Who Aren't Human

The tentacles that were twining around my body were come from a giant squid monster. Certainly it has a strong binding power but I had no problem with that..... if only I was not under the sea. I couldn't move my body well here therefore I couldn't remove the tentacles and remained entwined.

Meanwhile the monsters with the lower half of a fish body, thrusted their harpoon at me. It doesn't give a damage even when their attacks hit me, but now I had completely become a sitting duck here.

I didn't receive damage from the monsters attack but there is different problem separately. I couldn’t breath because I am under the sea. I will die drowning at this rate. I keep struggling to break free but the tentacles binds me tightly.

I am about to reach my limit soon. I tried to put forth the last of my power to create a gap by spreading my arms, but it was a bad move because I was too focus on it. The moment I did it, a monster body come ramming at my face before I noticed it.

[Guhooo.....] (Wazu)

Amassed air escapes from my mouth at once. I close my mouth in a hurry but the escaped air will not return. This is bad..... I could no longer muster strength. Moreover my consciousness gradually fades..... it's really bad..... I wonder if I will die here just like this..... my vision is also getting blurred.

Damn..... I can’t do anything.....

This is the end.....

My body is losing its power.....

The remaining air leaves my mouth, rising as buble.....

When I looking at the rising buble with my blurred vision, I saw people who shouldn’t be there.....

Sarona-san..... Tata-san..... Naminissa..... Narellina.....

and..... Aria.....

No..... I can’t die..... I don’t want to die.....

Who..... Who is..... Who is trying to kill me!!

Suddenly the power came overflowing from within my body like a torrent.

My head cleared up.

I do not need air now.

[How long will I be tied by this ugly tentacle?] (Wazu)

I grabbed the tentacles from inside and tore it like thin paper. The ugly squid monster is running wild because of pain. I was freed. I looked at the surrounding monsters that are swimming and swirling around, somehow I get irritated.

[It seems that they are having a lot fun there..... Can they do the same thing in the absence of water?] (Wazu)

I emphasize my body and release a punch towards the bottom of the ocean.


Seawater around this area bounces off because of the shock from a punch I released. I think if you can see it from the sky, it seem that there is a perfect hole in the sea surface. In terms of size, it's roughly as big as two islands, will 3 islands fit the size? No, will 4 islands fit the size..... oh well.

The seafloor comes into my view, giant squid and monster with lower half of body fish are thrashing around because the surrounding seawater has gone. Other monsters are alike. Oopss, seawater returns.

[Here I comes] (Wazu)

I understand what to do like a natural thing. It's as if I knew it since the beginning. I turn my hands towards the sea surface, and when the power is used, the wave and sea water stopped on the spot. Then finally, I noticed that there is a presence of non-demon around.

The fishes which were running away until just now are bouncing around with *pichi-pichi* but the strange thing is they are in this place that the opposite direction where they running away before.

Why on earth? I thought so, but I got the answer soon. I guess they tried to help me while knowing they will get killed by monsters in an instant..... I gently smile to the fishes and praised their courage in
my heart.

[You guys should not die] (Wazu)

I turn my hands towards the fishes and activating the power. The fishes disappear from this place and returned to the open sea. I turn my eyes towards the remaining monsters here.

[Well then..... it’s time to pass an iron hammer] (Wazu)

I put my strength into my foot and stomped the seafloor with *kon-kon*. With only that, the earth is rumbling and rising. It transformed into countless spears made of soil and killed one monster after another.

I walks slowly while watching the scene and stood in front of the giant squid. It used the remaining tentacles to attack me but it didn't work this time.

I caught the tentacles that are approaching and pulled the squid forward. The squid lost its balance, fell down, and come flying at me because of the pull power. I changed my empty hand into a fist and hit the giant squid's body with full power towards the sky.


In a moment the giant squid's body disappeared from this world, clouds in the sky opened a big hole, All obstructions disappear and the sun's light shines strongly towards this place.

There was already only me who alive in this illuminated place. I looked around and found something like stairs there. I ascend step by step until reaching the sea surface.

[That’s right, will it be a problem if I don’t turn it back?] (Wazu)


As I snapping my fingers, the seawater dissolved and the place I was standing a while ago got buried with sea water again. After confirming that it was back to normal, I left  the place to return to a ship.

I lost my consciousness there.....

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