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Chapter 76 - Battle At The Sea

Nothing happened in particular after the pirate ship attacked. The ship sailed smoothly in the calm ocean.

[I see..... you are a butler of princess Naminissa and Wazu is the countries hero huh..... the royal family is a place full of conspiracies!! It doesn't suit me as expected. It's a good choice to no never get involved with that kind of place] (Grave)

[Certainly, I never heard Grave-sama backing up some country] (Feud)

[You bet!!] (Grave)

Freud and Grave-san are getting along well. But Freud, I wonder if it’s good to disclose a country's internal affairs so much.

[Wazu dude is quite strong to be able to defeated Fluegel, but why he is still F-rank adventurer?] (Grave)

[Well..... how should I put this, he never gets the timing to raise his rank, or something like that?] (Freud)

[F-ranked defeated S-ranked, what kind on nonsense is that!! Even I am not sure I could win if I had to fight Fluegel.  He is in the top position among the fellow S-rank adventurers if we are talking about pure strength] (Grave)

[Hou~~] (Wazu)

We were talking about such topic at the edge of ship, at the same time there was a little shake on the ship and a sound that reached my ears.

---------- *dokun - dokun* ----------

Beating tone such as heartbeat sound could be heard more clearly than ever, and it seems I am the only one who could hear it. The first thing that comes to my mind when hearing this sound was a large number of monsters will be coming.....

Though I think it's impossible, I leaned forwards my body from the edge of ship to check the surrounding ocean. Freud and Grave-san shows a puzzled look because of my action, a moment later the ship greatly swaying around. The two instantly put their faces over of the edge of the ship, switches to a position where they can vomit at any time. These guys are useless.

There is a reason for the ship swaying greatly. When I turn my eyes towards the bottom of a ship, there was a great numbers of fish that was enough to cover the ocean are single-mindedly swimming to the same direction,  as if to escape from something.....

If I turn my line of sight toward the opposite direction of the ocean where the fish were swimming, there are a large number of monster approaching to the extent can be seen even from a distance. Regardless of their aim is this ship or not, it seems they are actively annihilating the fish who couldn't escape.

I think that the ship can safely escape from this area with the current speed, but the sight of fish that were slaughtered is unpleasant to watch. Freud speaks to me with his pale face when I was distorting my face.

[Wazu-sama, it's better to not hold yourself---

*orororororororororororo*] (Freud)

[Yeah..... do what suit yourself] (Grave)

I stop rubbed their back,  I put my foot on the edge of ship and jump off to the ocean. I bolted towards direction where the monsters were while being careful not to tread on fish.

[One after another, I had enough and getting tired with it!!] (Wazu)

Using the momentum I send my punch against sea surface.


Large splashes which many times larger than human are rising and the monsters get thrown into the air. I kicks the sea surface and jump towards monsters within the air.

One monster after another gets kicked and punched while using recoil reaction to move in the air, but the monsters that got thrown into the air are insignificant compared to the number of monsters on the sea.

I clicked my tongue. When I try to send empty punch towards a sea surface to slow down the falling momentum, a flying harpoon came at me. I changed my position and crush it.

Looking at the another approaching harpoon, it seems it was made from some kind of animal bone. There were a lot of monsters from the same kinds when I looked towards the direction where the harpoon came.

The upper body is humanoid but there are back fin and scales, their lower body is similar to fish or rather it was completely fish body. Each of them are taking a stance to throw a harpoon-like bone in their hands at me.

The monsters threw harpoons all at once to me who was in the air just as it is.

The harpoons were enough to completely cover my field of view came flying. I crushed the first attack by shaking my arm. I rotated my body that's still falling and crushed one harpoon after another with a kick and a punch.

The moment I tried to arrange posture when it was near the sea level in order to move from this place along with the landing, my motion stopped for a moment. A monster rushed out of the water as if it was aimed for this time, it bites and drags me under the sea.


[Ughh.....] (Wazu)


I close my mouth with my hands, I hit the monster clinging to my body with the other available hand and retreat. I swim towards the sea level but was obstructed by a large numbers of monsters.

(Damn, my breath.....)

The monster come all at once. I try to intercept, but I can’t move my body well under the sea. My clothes absorbed seawater that made my movement get even worse.

I tried to hit them, but their movements were much faster than mine. Though no attack land on a monster, I keep hitting sea water while proceeding towards the surface. A monster approaching to bite me again, I succeeded to counter and kill it but from behind a large number of monsters came close to me, I lost to their numbers and got dragged deeper under the sea.

I am going to lose my consciousness at this rate.....

I proceed forwards aiming to the sea level again. But I couldn't move well because something restrained my foot. I turn my eyes towards my foot, a thick white tentacle was entwined around my foot. The tentacle continued to the deep sea. When I rounded my body and try to remove it, several others white tentacles surrounded and entwined around my body.

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