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Chapter 151 - Idle Talk : Maorin

Unlike now, I was a sickly and a quiet girl in my childhood time. I was proud of being a beastman and being Papa's daughter, but..... the fact that my body wasn't as healthy as the other children's, made me depressed more and more.

Even so, with gentle words, Papa told me to have confidence in myself. You are a beastman and a daughter that Papa proud of, he said.....

I determined to train my weak body little by little because of his words.

I couldn't do a satisfactory number of push-up in the beginning. There were also times where I got depressed because of my body couldn't move as I wanted and was crying. Still, I didn't give up. Papa and Mama also didn't give up encouraging me.

Then, as I spent my days for training, when I noticed it, I have become a child with the highest agility among the other children of the same age.

Next, when my body has become strong enough to do any kind of activities, I came to show an interest in swordsmanship. Mama seemed to have thought I would simply learn the swordsmanship of self-defense degree.

Once upon a time, Papa brought me touring the training place of our national soldier. There were some soldiers who looked really cool. The moment I saw the sight, I could see the figure of my ideal as one of them and decided to walk the path of warrior.

Mama was very angry when I told her that I'd like to learn swordsmanship in earnest. Because I was a girl, Mama told me to learn house works more than the swordsmanship. I understood that mama was worried about my future but I've made my mind.

Moreover, I thought that sort of thing was for when I have someone I love. Well, there was no one. Besides, I would accept only man who was stronger than myself.

Because Papa put his good words for me, I was allowed to seriously learn swordsmanship in condition I have to help Mama with housework properly.

Several years have passed since I began learning swordsmanship seriously. In the meantime, I've tried various weapons such as long sword and big sword. It was the twin swords that made the best use of my speed, that suited me the most.

To adjust my body in using the speed-oriented double swords, I trained accordingly. I did countless mock battle against the other beastman and life-exchange battles against monster. But of course, I would never forget to help Mama during that time.

With that being so, my strength became known among the people of beastman country, there was no single person around who could win against me anymore.

However, a different problem arisen one of those days. The men wooing me appeared from everywhere. Of course I rejected all of them because most people were weaker than me.

To be honest, there was no one who could make my heart throb. While there may wouldn't be like a story from storybook, I wanted to find and decide my future companion myself.

I was spending my days with helping Mama, training myself, and still refusing the suitors. One day, I heard a disquieting conversation between Papa and uncle Gio. There were many people who went missing form villages and towns in the south. According to the findings, apparently the cause was the people of southern country has been kidnapping them.

I ran to the south immediately. That was unforgiveable story. More than anything , I have the power. The power to fight.

I found a suspicious group on the way to the south. Group of human was doing something inside the forest sneakily. I confirmed the situation from the top of a tree and saw a number of beastmen were caught and tied up.

In anger, I beat several of them easily until a masked man appeared. I had confidence in my strength but I lost to the masked man. Tears flowed naturally with two regrets of being defeated and being unable to help my compatriots.....

[Geez..... can't you even beat a single girl? You lucky that I happened to be here..... Well, this girl is perfect for practice partner of golem.....]

The masked man said something but his voice couldn't reach my ears.....

With a slavery collar fitted on my neck, I have been brought to pass through dark passage such as a maze by the masked man, toward a vast underground space.

There were so many dolls made of stone inside there and something like battle sound could also be heard from surrounding.

[This is your new place. Well, please live long and entertain me at best!]

The masked man said so before throwing the twin sword at me and went back through the passage.

I couldn't defy him because of the slavery collar and I didn't know how to escape from this place either. I walked towards the direction of battle sound was heard.

What came into my field of vision was the figure of a beastman who loses his life by the fist of stone doll. If I look closely, a large number of beastmen's dead bodies which started to rot away, were scattered here and there.

[Such..... Such things.....] (Maorin)

I trembled with anger. I pulled the twin swords and tried to cut the stone doll. The stone doll counterattacked but there was no reason for such a slow attack to hit me.

The stone doll's attack never hit me but my attack was also never coming through to the stone doll. There was not even scratch left when I cut them with sword. Still, I didn't slacken off the grip of my swords.....

I didn't know how many days have passed..... but there was something that I understood within this time.

- The stone dolls only move for a certain time.
- Meals are dropped from the ceiling hole;
- My physical condition is being maintained to some extent.
- It seems the fight is to confirm the performance of the stone dolls.

Though I couldn't deny the feeling that I was being used for the masked man's interest, there was not much I could do as long as the slavery collar was still on my neck. During the time the stone dolls were unmoving, I collected the bodies of my compatriots and silently prayed for them.....

[I promise..... I’ll bring you all home for sure.....] (Maorin)

One day, a human fell down from the hole in the ceiling. He has white and black hair, mediocre facial features, and wore a bit dirty clothing made from monster materials.

I was delighted when that person told me that Papa was coming here. If Papa was here, I surely would be able save all our compatriots. The deceased beastmen could also be returned to their families.

While I was being pleased with the news, suddenly the atmosphere of black and white haired man changed. It seemed he was watching something just before.....

All the stone dolls in front of me were destroyed in an instant.....

The safety of all dead bodies of my compatriots was secured by something.....

Then, he brought me out of this place to meet Papa....

I kept being stupefied by the rapid events unfolding in front of me. I was flying with tremendous momentum and then entering the room along with an explosion sound. His hair had turned snow-white all too soon. I was left with the ladies who seemed to be his companions. There were only ladies in his group. I wonder what kind of relationship they have....

I caught the figure of the masked man who has defeated me. However, the masked man doesn't have hands and feet against the (former) black and white haired man. He was done in an instant.

Apparently, the ladies in front of me seem to have been hurt by these people so he was so angry.  My chest was throbbing violently in the sight of the overwhelming strong man.....

Come to think of it, Papa once told me that the beastman was easily attracted to the strong.....

He has quite cute facial features if I look carefully..... In addition, the fact that he was angry because the ladies in front of me have been hurt, left a deep impression on me..... I wanted him to be angry for me too....

Yup! I decided! He is my future husband.....

I reunited with Papa and came back to my country to return the deceased beastmen to their families. However, my heart was left with him so I returned to the country in the south after desperately persuading Papa and Mama.

To strike this feeling. To realize his strength. I fought with a man I loved.... Well, the result was clear as day.....

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